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(Gerry M Lowther)

Member Since: Saturday, July 14 2007 @ 06:10 PM CDT
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Hi, my name is Gerry and I'm an old fart(senior 60 plus) who loves the blues.I used to play in a band in the 70's and did a lot of garage/basement jammin.Because of marriage/family and job my music got shoved to the background.My daughter is 28 and grown up now and my wife has long since exited ,so now music is creeping back into my life.I discovered Macjams about a year ago and almost feel as though I know some of you and your music styles and tastes.I am just now rekindling my blues passions thanks to MacJammers and their postings.
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Music Background Played in bands in the 70's (mostly blues and rock).Play bass guitar and noodle with guitar and keyboards (not well but I enjoy myself).
Music Skills Bass guitar..Vocals(blues)..noodle with many instruments,none well,but I do have fun
Music Hardware Vox Delta 4 bass, Fender Jazz bass ,Fender Precision Jr.,Gibson EB3 bass (restyled body/headstock),orig hardwear,Fender Strat.(mex.), Fender mini Strat.,Ovation Acoustic,Fender bass amp , Washburn practice amp.,shure mic's both SM57 and SM58.
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