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My roots are from Iowa and my love of music came from my mother who would haul the family into open-mic clubs to sing when we were on vacations. The Bitter End in the Village circa early 1960-something, was the most fun. I’m not sure what the audience thought about this folk singing family from Iowa. Dave Van Ronk played the set after us and his rendition of “Get Your Hands Off her” made quite an impression on this 12 year-old. My mother’s energy was irrepressible.

Music permeated most of my early years: BA in music at Colorado College, studied English folk musicology with Maud Karpeles in London, did graduate studies in composition & conducting at the University of Iowa and moved to Palo Alto, CA in 1973. Wrote jingles & scores through the 70s, open the Music Annex Studios in Menlo Park, started a music library and generally had a great time. I had the fortune to work with great players and artists like fellow MacJamer Pat (Futz) Feehan, Will Ackerman, Michael Hedges, Paul Potyen, George Winston, Mimi Ferina to name a few.

Things got even better when my wife told me she was pregnant … with twins! The time had come when I needed to get home before 2AM so I sold the studios, music library and joined the technology world here in Silicon Valley. Broadcast news became my new focus working with companies like Basys, Avid, Harris, and Pinnacle. After my son’s graduated from college and we stopped writing tuition checks to USC and UCLA I went to the attic to get out my old guitars again. Sadly, their neglect had ruined them causing me to buy a beautiful Taylor 914. I rationalize this extravagance to my family saying that it was so I could make them a Christmas CD of my tunes. The first two-song CD was titled “At It Again”. This year’s CD “At It Again, Again” is late … what is the next holiday I can hang it on? And so my friend Pat Feehan introduced me to MacJams. That’s my story but don’t hold me to any of the dates. Are we having fun!
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02.16.09 The Girl Over There 10.00 (1) 2437 (8) Acoustic 09.21.10 Active
01.30.09 Time And Again 9.00 (2) 2100 (4) Acoustic 02.06.09 Active
01.23.09 By And By 9.55 (5) 4141 (43) Acoustic 12.08.09 Active
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By And By Harn 01.23.09 Acoustic
Track4 What Jessie Heard BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
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Music Background Studied violin, viola, piano, guitar, spoons and composition.
Music Skills I vaguely remember how to read music, play guitar poorly, sing even worse and know a little bit about recording ... but that doesn't stop me from trying (apologies to my friends).
Music Hardware MBox 2, small 2-channel Mackie 402 mixer, some undistinguished mics, parchment & quill
Music Software ProTools LE 8