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(Ian Chapman)

Member Since: Sunday, July 23 2006 @ 10:05 AM CDT
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Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire United Kingdom
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I have been in the Christian faith ever since submitting my life to The Lord Jesus Christ some 39 years ago. Life had took on a new meaning and I knew my sins had been dealt with once for all! My songs are a reflection of what The Lord means to me. I'm sure that there are some songs here to speak into your situation. I always consider myself to be A. S. S. B. G. That is - A Sinner Saved By Grace! Perfection is something I'm NOT but one day soon, when I see Him face to face, I shall be like Him. Praise God! I'm married and we are grandparents. My wife is also a born-again Christian.
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08.10.06 He's the One 7.75 (2) 2245 (3) Gospel 09.22.06 Active
07.24.06 I'm in Heavenly Places With You 8.00 (1) 2928 (4) Gospel 03.21.11 Active
07.24.06 The Mysteries Of God 8.00 (1) 3044 (8) Gospel 07.08.07 Active
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Music Background I spent about six years in folk clubs in and around Rotherham. Even after going to guitar lessons for two years, I learned more in the folk clubs by listening to other artists then perfecting my own style. This style is still with me as I sing Gospel songs and Praise and Worship songs.
Music Skills I know the basic chords and I do an arpeggio style, using just my pick. I can do a limited amount of soloing but I find that it is not essential to my style of playing. Perhaps I can learn some new technique to enhance my playing skills. Watch this space!!!
Music Hardware CF Martin Guitar, Crafter Electric Mandolin, Line 6 Spider II 15W Amplifier, My voice! (Croak!)
Music Software Garageband V3.02
Keywords Ian, Chapman, CF Martin, Apple iMac G5, Mandolin, Folk clubs, Jesus, Christ, Christian, Born Again, Rotherham, U. K., England, Great Britain