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(Leila Aldridge)

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I was a classicaly trained pianist and vocalist (though cigarettes have negated 90% of this training) at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada. I my dad bought me a guitar when I was 16 and that became my primary mode of music for many years, untill I met my husband. He's introduced me to the beautiful world of electronics. I was part of his band [U-D-R] for quite a few years. Now he's in the Army, we're stationed in Germany, and I spend alot of time at home doing nothing. We used Logic for a long time, but he didn't really teach me how to use it, and I'm not willing to spend 8 years getting to know the program as he did, so in comes Garage Band and Iseae. I write all my music my self, and then he comes along and produces it. It's a wonderfull combination of tallent I think.
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