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Jim Bouchard
(Jim Bouchard)

Member Since: Thursday, February 12 2004 @ 10:48 PM CST
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Homepage: http://jimbouchard.bandcamp.com/
Location: , MA USA
Song Comments: 1520
Song Votes: 431
Forum Posts: 2019
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Total Points: 15592.88
I was here a lot and now I'm not. I decided that being active on MacJams was an enormous distraction for me and wasn't something conducive to my musical life. It's a site that can absorb a lot of time! This is obviously just a personal decision for me, and I'm not making any sort of value judgement on others that happily post their music here, but after a time, just having my music here got very counterproductive for me. I've currently just disabled my music on the page here until further notice but in the meanwhile I've been cleaning up a lot of the old stuff and remixing and making some new music and posting it on my bandcamp site that you can find above. The bandcamp site allows for much higher resolution downloads so if you are looking for more thought-out and higher quality versions of my songs, you might find them there. Thanks for visiting my page and taking the trouble to read all this!
Jim Bouchard's Songs (3)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
07.07.09 Your mind has a mind of its own 9.13 (2) 2078 (10) Jazz (vocal) 07.11.09 Active
04.19.09 Dip Down Godammit 9.63 (2) 3148 (19) Ambient 01.08.12 Active
01.05.08 No Need to Knock (the door's open) 9.49 (7) 5077 (17) Jazz (instrumental) 11.22.08 Active
Favorite Songs (300)
Title Artist Date Genre
Enough Estella 11.03.11 Acoustic
Blind Love (piano solo) magnatone 06.15.11 Piano
Attempt at Mahavishnu john Mclaughlin Style sentinal 03.27.10 Experimental
Borborygmus MMI 03.15.10 Ambient
Breaksha's Legacy spitlogic 03.14.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Winter's Breath (MJRF 2010) Mystified 02.12.10 Ambient
Merton's Prayer (work-in-progress with Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 02.05.10 Folk-Rock
soon (MJRF2010) Cori Ander 02.05.10 Fingerstyle Guitar
Este Momento (w/blaky smith) Estella 01.18.10 Folk (contemporary)
Test Simon 01.08.10 A Cappella
Too Many Times jibes 01.06.10 Folk-Rock
Transmission Obsidian 01.02.10 Hip Hop-Rap
Another Day for 3 Friends awigze 12.24.09 Piano
It's Been A While thetiler 11.25.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Organic blue tadashi 11.25.09 Blues (contemporary)
Yours K.I.S.KISMET 11.20.09 Experimental
Here Again Rondo2287 10.20.09 Pop (mainstream)
Melody of Your Love rsorensen 10.09.09 Downtempo
Daybreak Tea_ammy 10.07.09 Pop (mainstream)
Now I Know grizzle 09.21.09 Pop (Alternative)
Boot Dragger's Waltz johnwhitehead 09.11.09 Bluegrass
ghost fish sonic_magpie 09.01.09 Ambient
And The Clown Sings Happy Swing! mikkinylund 08.29.09 Pop (Alternative)
Crystal Meditation LIOLI 9 Henke 08.22.09 Ambient
Asleep Last Night - LIOLI9 awigze 08.21.09 Jazz (vocal)
WHAT R U WAITING 4 (LIOLI 9) SISTERS 08.21.09 Electropop
Glorious Noise (LIOLI 9) richard13 08.21.09 Pop Orchestral
Incomprehensible Muttering Acherus 08.11.09 Ambient
Be My Girl (So I Can Be Your Man) rsorensen 07.04.09 Indie Rock
Stop...Anytime Now Raquielle 07.03.09 Experimental
BLUTO AND OLIVE SISTERS 06.28.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Just my Luck (w/Thoddi) ktb 06.14.09 Rhythm and Blues
Too Much Sunshine SmokeyVW 06.13.09 Pop Orchestral
Everything I Learned About Life I Learned From My Video Games (w/ Elevator Funk, AJ and Shannon) awigze 06.13.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
River at Night (Jonk/Tokai) ktb 05.25.09 Ambient
I Never Climbed a Mountain Moviz 05.20.09 Ballad
Shark Attack jiguma 05.19.09 Rock
Reasons Why guygrooves 04.28.09 Hard Rock
Good Morning Scott Carmichael 04.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
I STEP OUT SISTERS 04.13.09 Samba
Sword Swallower grizzle 04.08.09 Rock
Loving Sedna be_silent_galileah 03.29.09 Acoustic
Albert MannequinRaces 03.11.09 Indie Rock
Falling Stars Forgotten Kicbal 03.11.09 Trip Hop
Power to Love ziti 03.07.09 Shoegazer
Primordial Reckoning awigze 03.03.09 Experimental
America grizzle 02.21.09 Pop (Alternative)
Tranquility Base 1.02 (w/Bud) michael2 02.21.09 Ambient
I Love My Mac mjrf daphna 02.10.09 Pop (Alternative)
02.09.2009 (Numeral Mix) mikkinylund 02.09.09 Alternative Rock
Såren läker (MJRF) Cori Ander 02.08.09 Acoustic
Techno Stupify (MJRF) DeputyDoofy 02.05.09 Dance-Club
C'Mon Get Ready LIVE (MJRF) psexnyc 02.04.09 Acoustic Rock
Tianjin New Year Fireworks bbarner 02.02.09 Ambient
Your Brain's Ears on Music sonic_magpie 01.23.09 Ambient
The Giant Jackrabbit (Mikey_d) ktb 01.11.09 Rock
Ice Come Back? SmokeyVW 12.28.08 Twentieth Century
Love Comes in Any Shape Sumo Sisters 12.14.08 Rhythm and Blues
Dimwitted with Paul F Page and Rebsie DWL 11.23.08 Showtunes
An Offering to The MacJams Community awigze 11.19.08 Open Collaborations
Invention #16 (by WildlifeAnalysis w/DrewKorp) ktb 11.15.08 Rock
Five Extra Ears (W/SonnyJim) Skean 11.10.08 Experimental
LOST but not least sonic_magpie 10.26.08 Other
Futurewhore The Orbiting 10.23.08 Electropop
Crystal Land Scott Carmichael 10.11.08 Folk-Rock
Demo 1.1.1 NolanRoughies 10.14.08 Acoustic Rock
Financial district: tumbleweeds at twilight (interlude) Komrade K 10.02.08 Film Scoring
Sunrise Nolan 09.30.08 Acoustic Rock
Rapunzel (LIOLI8) The Orbiting 09.27.08 Pop (Alternative)
Wish It Would rain michael2 09.18.08 Experimental
Cumulus Parichayaka 09.18.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Innocence rsorensen 09.13.08 Acoustic Rock
I'm Still Here sonic_magpie 09.06.08 Ambient
Sitting on the Side of a Mountain rsorensen 09.06.08 Indie Rock
Stolen (and if I ever find you I'll break a Dell over your skull) MissChaos 09.06.08 Downtempo
These Odds (w/alfalpha and Jim Bouchard) rsorensen 09.04.08 Indie Rock
OBEY! perceptualvortex 08.27.08 Other
Carry Me Home Mckenzie 08.19.08 Acoustic Rock
In the end of life we will Kenta_and_Linda_Rocks_together 08.15.08 Ambient
Piano's Play michael2 07.23.08 Alternative Rock
OPEN SEASON (In God's Name) J.A.Stewart 07.14.08 Pop (Alternative)
I Need Gasoline (folk-psych) michael2 07.08.08 Psychedelic
All Gone Doadars Uncle 07.05.08 Art Rock
Stella Too michael2 07.04.08 Acoustic
more than one - x files mix (with the orbiting) sonic_magpie 07.01.08 Experimental
Amish Landscape Tom Atwood 06.27.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Wake Up Remix (w/Orbiting) michael2 06.19.08 Alternative Rock
Suomi Finland mikkinylund 06.19.08 Alternative Rock
spirit moves sonic_magpie 06.16.08 Other
Tunak Tunak Tin Alannah 06.07.08 Ethnic-International
Darkwaterside Komrade K 06.04.08 Folk (contemporary)
Seriously Frolicking Macaudion 05.20.08 Pop Orchestral
Picture that my beloved daughter drew Tadashi Togawa 04.26.08 New Age
Narração do Sutra do Lotus CeXa 04.22.08 Experimental
The Vein Popper ziti 04.09.08 Blues (contemporary)
Freefall Z293 04.06.08 Rock (instrumental)
Planxty Irwin GuitarJanson 04.02.08 Acoustic
Caoidh Sandaidh (Sandy's Lament) seathach 04.01.08 Celtic
Industrielle #2--Subterranean Mystified 03.31.08 Other
Wake Up (LIOLI7) The Orbiting 03.31.08 Pop (Alternative)
For the Siamese Guitarist HOKEY POKEY 03.26.08 Romantic
Sitcom Psychedelica (Woodstock after-party) TobinMueller 03.26.08 NUjazz
What I Feel paddler 03.25.08 Pop (mainstream)
Darlin Don't Ya Fade paddler 03.23.08 Pop (Alternative)
Poor Wayfaring Stranger WeAreNotPerfekt 03.18.08 Acoustic
In Your Arms Again droop 03.17.08 Pop (mainstream)
Swing Axe (w/PV) ktb 03.15.08 Rock (instrumental)
WILD Alannah 03.08.08 Downtempo
Everytime ynot 03.06.08 Pop (mainstream)
Today droop 02.10.08 Pop (mainstream)
Do For Love jiguma 02.07.08 Alternative Rock
The Angels seathach 02.04.08 Celtic
Mnemonic [reprise] stellalucia 01.30.08 Art Rock
Rapplistory daphna 01.13.08 Pop (Alternative)
You Ain't Sweet Enough droop 01.07.08 Other
I Will Move On dreadmon 01.04.08 A Cappella
Got The Body But Not The Soul thetiler 12.30.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Caught In The Current (v2) - feat. BBarner & Komrade K TobinMueller 12.11.07 Ethnic-International
Alpha Knock (W/Le Debutante) michael2 12.03.07 Experimental
WALK AWAY jiguma 11.27.07 Acoustic Rock
Circles The Orbiting 11.25.07 Pop (Alternative)
North Star Rising paddler 11.22.07 Acoustic
Crazy Moon jiguma 10.29.07 Acoustic Rock
Waxing lyrical apb 10.21.07 Pop (Alternative)
A Revolution by Night Komrade K 10.09.07 Acoustic
Glimpses Scott Carmichael 10.05.07 Folk-Rock
Charlene (hectorious/edhara collab) edhara 09.24.07 NUjazz
Duality(thoddi/myst/steveL) Mcboy 09.08.07 Ambient
Fall Down King (Mcboy/RCAndrews) RacerX 08.29.07 Blues (contemporary)
I had to marry you (with Rebsie and a cast of MJers) DWL 08.29.07 Showtunes
THINGS MUST CHANGE w thoddi, Anne Cozean, Alfalpha, Ms jig jiguma 08.02.07 Rhythm and Blues
Gartan Mother's Lullaby ceilidh 07.25.07 Folk (traditional)
Minstrel Boy (with Rebsie) DWL 07.25.07 Open Collaborations
Soul Of Love ( V4C01 ) CosmicDaniel 07.26.07 Open Collaborations
Om sommaren sköna Cori Ander 07.15.07 Acoustic
Paper Cranes The Orbiting 07.13.07 Electropop
who you see Scott Carmichael 07.11.07 Jazz (vocal)
Adios brb 07.05.07 Acoustic Rock
In The Garden (w/Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 07.01.07 Pop (Alternative)
The Last Few Leaves of Autumn (w/ I. Spike) Mystified 06.21.07 Pop Classical
Sigh Co. (with Linda Courtien) SecaMode 06.16.07 Pop (mainstream)
Our Sun Set onesweetworld 06.15.07 Downtempo
Tango Macabre Magritte 06.10.07 Tango
Concrete and dust Komrade K 06.09.07 Middle Eastern
God Already Blessed America Ed Hannifin 05.23.07 Folk (contemporary)
Options B Frogmorton 05.09.07 Experimental
Then the Rain guitapick 05.04.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Flames Grow Tall michael2 05.01.07 Folk (contemporary)
BLUE POOL (w Anne Cozean, kevmikwa, alfalpha and Ms jig) jiguma 04.25.07 Acoustic Rock
We Are The Ones TobinMueller 04.24.07 Children's Music
What Now? stacey 04.13.07 Jazz (vocal)
Neon Tiki (Remix) dreadmon 04.11.07 Pop (Alternative)
Olives and Honey (Jim Bouchard mix) Magritte 04.09.07 Showtunes
The lights across the lake (w/vox) Mystified 04.08.07 New Age
Whatday Gav 04.02.07 Acoustic Rock
W.I.P Coalesce 3 Pie 04.01.07 Pop (mainstream)
Sea breeze from the east Tadashi Togawa 03.27.07 Ethnic-International
My Soul Alannah + thomasa Alannah 03.18.07 Blues (contemporary)
Foot of the Bed guitapick 03.17.07 Children's Music
Olives and Honey Magritte 03.17.07 Showtunes
Cuckoo Song paddler 03.15.07 Folk (contemporary)
Junior Stop Playing With That Thing bronco 03.10.07 Blues (contemporary)
The Loneliest Ghost slumbering 03.05.07 Romantic
Tanya's From Prague davajonah 03.05.07 Ambient
Sail on moorlandt 03.04.07 Folk (contemporary)
WELL ENOUGH ALONE jiguma 03.01.07 Acoustic Rock
I'm Dreaming Again Nolan 02.28.07 Acoustic
Sedgefield Idyll Komrade K 02.28.07 Ambient
Walking Out The Door jesushairdo 02.26.07 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Poison (Miss Chaos + Regina Zernay) Random 02.18.07 Electropop
Just Do It (SISTERS & Sonny Jim) Random 02.17.07 Psychedelic
Nataraja (w Vac) perceptualvortex 02.06.07 Dance-Club
C'est Mon Dada mikkinylund 02.06.07 Pop (Alternative)
mister paxeden 01.31.07 Swing
Lost Inside of Me K.I.S.KISMET 01.20.07 Experimental
Naar de maan flo 01.19.07 Children's Music
Butterflies and Dragonflies guitapick 01.18.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
To McBoy: 2 Peas in a Chili Pod TobinMueller 01.16.07 Piano
on the wind. Tadashi Togawa 01.14.07 New Age
Sweets for my babe (w/Dadai) thoddi 01.13.07 Funk
Did They Dream Us bronco 01.07.07 Ballad
Through it all w/Mimi/Mcboy&Thoddi Macaudion 01.06.07 Art Rock
Capture onesweetworld 12.29.06 Pop Orchestral
What Happened to Outpost Five? perceptualvortex 12.23.06 Psychedelic
White daybreak Tadashi Togawa 12.14.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Water Vole Rag Komrade K 12.14.06 Acoustic
Thistle The Orbiting 12.09.06 Electropop
A health to the seeds (with Rebsie) Komrade K 12.07.06 Folk (contemporary)
I Wanna Wrestle You Sumo Sisters 11.30.06 Rock
Go To Sleep (bibanova collab) Mystified 11.29.06 Acoustic
Fran's House ziti 11.27.06 Rock (instrumental)
Crush Joshosh 11.26.06 Alternative Rock
F.I.L paddler 11.17.06 Pop (mainstream)
Starts With I v2.0 pooey 11.15.06 Acoustic
Drache Wildcat 10.30.06 Ambient
Boiled Sweets DWL 10.24.06 Pop Orchestral
Forget-me-not Cori Ander 10.02.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
KTB,ZITI,HECTORIOUS- Don Juan ziti 09.28.06 Rock (instrumental)
Pocket Lizard (Arr. by Pooey) pooey 07.02.06 Classical
Sutra of Buddhism Tadashi Togawa 06.28.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Wrong Side of Sunrise Frogmorton 02.27.06 Folk (contemporary)
These Days Tom Atwood 02.26.06 Folk (contemporary)
Tjautjas Thompa 02.20.06 Folk (contemporary)
Medway Mud Shuffle/George's Farewell to the Whitehouse Komrade K 01.18.06 Bluegrass
Four Days in January Tom Atwood 01.06.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dog Leg Left ziti 01.05.06 Rhythm and Blues
clothesline jonx 01.05.06 Alternative Rock
chucka chucka woo woo springclock 01.03.06 Electropop
snow 1956 Tom Atwood 12.20.05 New Age
lime jonx 12.19.05 Alternative Rock
Marche Militarie 2005 Cori Ander 12.16.05 Fingerstyle Guitar
People Beyond Blue jiguma 12.13.05 Acoustic Rock
Perillon Theme ziti 12.07.05 Rock
my camera (3:56) macgalver 12.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
Complain sky shoes 12.02.05 Alternative Rock
Envy game Tadashi Togawa 11.28.05 Jazz (vocal)
Doing The Eggshell Walk jiguma 11.28.05 Rock
Fantasy on a Midwinter Theme ragurner 11.27.05 Classical
Cori Ander Remix: Gläns över sjö och strand II (Shine Over Sea and Shore) Noel Project 11.21.05 Holiday
Space Elevator(W/pgreenstone) Sil-VER 11.17.05 Dance-Club
A Bird Flies By The Window dane 11.16.05 Acoustic
The Wild Rover (Macjams Pub Jam!!) ronnielong 11.15.05 Folk (contemporary)
The Blue Elephant Song dane 11.15.05 Acoustic
House of Cards (...When I Sing) TobinMueller 11.04.05 Folk-Rock
Poe--The Bells (w/TAtwood) Mystified 10.28.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
Goodbye Dreams, Hello Brick BlackLily 10.24.05 Acoustic Rock
Lamb and calf's dances Tadashi Togawa 10.24.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Hard Times Doadars Uncle 10.23.05 Folk (contemporary)
CenterPede thetiler 10.17.05 New Age
The Kind of Lonely (collab w/Cori Ander) Ed Hannifin 10.03.05 Folk-Rock
A Day Away Boris the Bull 09.29.05 Folk (contemporary)
Home2005edition thoddi 09.24.05 Rhythm and Blues
Let Loose Blues Cori Ander 09.15.05 Blues (contemporary)
cloud seeding macgalver 09.14.05 Alternative Rock
Cat's Walk ziti 09.10.05 Rhythm and Blues
My Bucket's Got A Hole In It snowdragon 09.09.05 Blues (traditional)
Chelsea & Westminster [with Rebsie] mandolinquent 09.08.05 Folk (contemporary)
Do I Know Him (w/ Tobin) Emily Rohm 09.03.05 Showtunes
Refinished Business (Mungo's) Mystified 09.02.05 Experimental
i love you mikkinylund 08.26.05 Alternative Rock
450 Miles Samba iG.STUDiO 08.25.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Polska Från Medelpad Cori Ander 08.22.05 Folk (traditional)
Wayfaring Stranger ziti & mystified ziti 08.13.05 Open Collaborations
Buain a' Choirce [with Rebsie] mandolinquent 08.01.05 Folk (contemporary)
America Tom Atwood 07.27.05 Classical
Breath Joanna 07.26.05 Folk (contemporary)
Mr Rove. Willywagga 07.25.05 Folk (contemporary)
When You Left TobinMueller 07.24.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
The Welcome Song Cori Ander 07.22.05 Folk (contemporary)
I Cannot Feel The Vibe BoiAfrica 07.21.05 Folk-Rock
Stars On My Ceiling Peter Greenstone 07.21.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Cori Ander's Rag Tom Atwood 07.20.05 Folk (contemporary)
tex the rex listen 07.20.05 Children's Music
Somewhere Over Greenland Peter Greenstone 07.20.05 Alternative Rock
In the Garden (Remix) ledebutant 07.15.05 Pop (mainstream)
*King of the Hill* Collab W/Pgreenstone Sil-VER 07.07.05 Dance-Club
American Fanfare Tom Atwood 07.05.05 Classical
Dontcha Preach at Me (w/Ziti) snowdragon 07.01.05 Blues (traditional)
You MiMi 06.30.05 Pop (mainstream)
Up In the Sky ledebutant 06.29.05 Lo-fi
And from that silence.... Mystified 06.21.05 Classical
Stranger (version 1) jiguma 06.19.05 Acoustic
Clarinet Song 4 bbarner 06.15.05 Latin
Pictures in Heat (with Rebsie) mandolinquent 06.13.05 Folk-Rock
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands thetiler 06.13.05 Folk (contemporary)
Tyler O'Toole (remix of One Bad Dude) Joanna 06.10.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
After All ledebutant 06.09.05 Acoustic Rock
Guoktelogiovcci Thompa 06.09.05 Ethnic-International
every daughter BlackLily 06.09.05 Folk (contemporary)
sebago mikkinylund 06.06.05 Alternative Rock
gum (my 7 year old sings) woodguy32 06.05.05 Children's Music
Setting Sun krismacqueen 06.03.05 Alternative Rock
Pokey's Blues ziti 05.17.05 Blues (traditional)
I Won't Go...(collab w/ JimBouchard) Emily Rohm 05.16.05 Alternative Rock
addict listen 05.14.05 Pop (mainstream)
Broken String Tom Atwood 05.11.05 New Age
We'll See fairymagic17 05.01.05 Pop (mainstream)
*Spiritualized*(Collab. with FAIRY BETH) Sil-VER 05.01.05 Dance-Club
I Won't Go Softly Emily Rohm 04.27.05 Alternative Rock
tango mikkinylund 04.27.05 Other
sweethearts jonx 04.27.05 Alternative Rock
Clarinet Song 3 bbarner 04.21.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Larger Than Life Tom Atwood 04.03.05 New Age
Stones in a Pocket ragurner 04.02.05 Progressive Rock
Tristezza Mystified 03.31.05 Classical
291 Georgia listen 03.07.05 Alternative Rock
Deanu Majja Thompa 03.23.05 Folk (contemporary)
Water Tom Atwood 02.17.05 New Age
The Song That Saved The World BlackLily 02.13.05 Experimental
On and On (3) Mystified 02.13.05 Folk (contemporary)
Valentine for Macjams MiMi 02.11.05 Pop (mainstream)
Vickys Song Iseae 02.11.05 Pop (mainstream)
My Wish MiMi 02.07.05 Ambient
Ol' School Playa bjack 02.03.05 Rhythm and Blues
Beyond That Fence thetiler 01.17.05 New Age
Forever in Time Normal 01.17.05 Ambient
Queen Crimson (a collaboration) Suzanne 10.22.04 Progressive Rock
Sadness Xept!c 08.25.04 Classical
Mood Noir slackandsteel 07.30.04 Other
Dreams II (w/ Emily Rohm) TobinMueller 06.25.04 Showtunes
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