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(Jim Good)

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I used to play bass in a three-piece New Wave band back in the 80's.
I quit to stay in college when we started to travel.
Twenty years later, I'm back at it.

I'm self-taught for the most part, but I do hang around with real musicians from time-to-time. I play live once a month or so with a cover band. We only play for charitable events, or donate our fee to charity. We tell ourselves that means we don't have to practice.

Please provide me with constructive criticism. My goal is to record an EP or CD within the next year or two for charity. I’d like it to be a “radio ready” production. So I need a lot of help.

In return, I will rate and comment on songs where I feel I offer something. I will always leave a comment if I vote. I will tell you how I voted in my comment. I will comment on your song but not vote if I have a song on the weekly charts (removes conflict of interest issues). I will be encouraging but honest.

If anyone wants to sample, derive, add to, re-record, etc. any of my songs - have at it. If you want access to my GB files, let me know.

Thanks for listening.
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Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
01.31.05 Take Me There 7.06 (13) 4466 (6) Alternative Rock 02.14.05 Active
01.04.05 I Lied 7.36 (14) 3493 (18) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 01.25.05 Active
12.17.04 Why Do I Fall In Love? 7.64 (16) 4473 (16) Folk (contemporary) 01.21.05 Active
12.05.04 Raise Up Your Hearts 7.69 (13) 3575 (12) Rock & Roll 04.18.05 Active
11.27.04 One Voice 7.36 (11) 3908 (13) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 01.15.05 Active
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