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What are you supposed to write in this box? Sh*t about me I suppose. Okay, here goes...for the last ten years I've made my living as a comedy writer based in the UK. Done radio, a LOT of greeting cards captions / gags / poems, and am now currently developing a sitcom with BBC Scotland.
Been playing keyboards since I was 12, (I'm now 34, boo-hoo). My Dad bought me a Bontempi fan-driven reed organ that sounded like a Boeing 747 starting up when you switched it on, and I was immediately hooked. Dad taught me the chords of C, F, G, and A minor, and told me those were the only chords I'd ever need! Not strictly true Dad, but thanks for the advice!

Through my teens and twenties I went through the usual succession of bands that never made it 'due to artistic differences', in other words we completely sucked arse.

The last band I was in was back in '97, I enjoyed a couple of fun years with those guys, but no real urge to join another group now. I'm at my happiest in my ickle home studio, writing songs for myself and family when I get the chance.

Heavily influenced by the genius that is Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy, also composer Jobie Talbot, and little-known two-album wonder 'Jellyfish'.

Umm...that's about it. In the infinitely remote chance that there are any record execs reading this who'd like to use any of my stuff, please feel free to point your cheque-writing fingers at your keyboard and email me!

Well, I've bored you enough.


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09.16.19 Hope 0.00 (0) 110 (3) Hard Rock 09.17.19 Active
06.06.18 Race To The Bomb (instrumental) 0.00 (0) 481 (4) Cinematic Soundtrack 06.11.18 Active
10.05.08 Bang Bang 9.67 (3) 4137 (7) Pop (Alternative) 10.07.08 Active
09.24.08 Oddbox 9.25 (2) 3195 (6) Pop (Alternative) 09.26.08 Active
11.26.06 Pirate Shanty 8.33 (3) 6541 (2) Children's Music 04.20.07 Active
03.07.05 Say It Now 8.37 (58) 10782 (45) Pop (mainstream) 09.22.06 Active
03.07.05 The Ballad Of A Breakup 8.13 (28) 17987 (31) Other 04.09.09 Active
08.16.04 Be A Bad Lad 7.44 (8) 4115 (10) Showtunes 03.08.05 Active
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L.O.S.E.R. twentyforseven 09.19.05 Hard Rock
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