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2008 MJers include some re-registrations as well as some MJers bands from the "real world". It was also the year of some migration from iComp:
saymme; JasonGoodman; ILoveVariousArtists; BeardedMonkeys; garner_smake; WeAreNotPerfekt; Rik_Berryere; Rocha Malhada; Miller-Schletty; Bob6stringer; Kenta_and_Linda_Rocks_together; Dadai.2; Char; lyDeeCynthius; The_Nightshade_Syndicate; Cadman; mowguy3; rabittwhole; floppysurprise; edpdx; Mckenzie; sschedra; cloudfactory; guygrooves; magnatone; HolleyHall; evolvweb; apocafunk; AbstractVision; micmac; PDRSTAR; DeathArrow; thiscausticautumn; Richard_Schletty; 12parsecs; catsoundspub; lupiroz; Savage_Beast; richardhowardjones; HenriROGERsoloandbands; PickQuickRecords; Elevator_Funk; kassia; BenedictJames; shavingronaldscar; ramonaji; dlb; PrototypeEightyOne; AcetyleneJukebox; Go_Turtle_Go; Konscious; Enigmachina; Acherus; Remark80; MarkHolbrook; Soundhound; Barretok; Gamborg; Zagar; Lightman-; Jarvoid; Soulman4270; radiocurly; jlbowler; EEFliess; NIghtshadeSyndicate; NomadicMind; FlatRock2; dirigent; egobandit; woofer3; Skean; LunaTrick; hazardouswonderdukes

I'll include 2009 here:

SISTERS; DWH; ShadowsOrcas; frozenhedgehog; ivwill4; bitfeld; Hauck; AlexSanchez; leap4rog


Mark Holbrook:

"Well I've been called much more than that but this one for some reason really got me:

Over the last four years I've gained more weight than I had hoped but about four years ago I was within about 10 pounds of fighting weight at about 225 or so and had been working out a lot on weights and in the studio. I definitely wore smaller pants than I am now... (sigh)

I walked into this health club to see about a weekly membership and got directed to this little blond girl who was obviously all about appearance as she had everything exactly right and took several good looks up and down me to see what kind of shape this "old man" was in.

I got the approval slight smile (I wouldn't get it now unfortunately) but she began to take down the information and asked, "Employment?" and I replied:

"I'm a professional nerd"

She started to write it down and stopped then stared at me with her mouth open... "Nerd?" she asked? I nodded happily and she shook her head and said, "I've never ah... er... actually seen a nerd in a health club before..." I just smiled. She continued "So Mr. Nerd... what do you do for a living?"

The fact that she had enough of a sense of humor to roll with it made me only want to play more and I said, "I research ways to become even more nerdy for a major fashion firm". She stopped... looked at me and said, "You aren't serious are you?" I laughed and said no... She looked relieved and said, "you really had me worried... I hate nerds!"

So after that I took on the official personal label of Nerd. I like it. I now officially put it in for all "Employment:" questions on any form. Life is too short to take too seriously!"

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bobbabledee(MJRF2010) egobandit 02.03.10 Psychedelic
Rain Song (MJRF2010) richard13 02.01.10 Pop Orchestral
San Carlo Bay (MJRF2010) scaustrita 02.01.10 Latin
Speed of Light (MJRF 2010) EEFliess 01.31.10 Rock & Roll
I don't like this (good bye world) (MJRF) Skean 02.14.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Super Duper (MJRF) Skean 02.13.09 Art Rock
We play online (MJ RS er.. MJRF!) ;o) BrunchandChewy 02.09.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
My Ring (MJRF) MyFakeIdentity 02.05.09 Trip Hop
She Brings the Sun Inside (MJRF) FlatRock2 02.04.09 Acoustic Rock
Legacy for the Living (MJRF) awigze 02.03.09 Children's Music
North Atlantic Remix (MJRF) Kicbal 02.03.09 Electronic
Wilde Horse (MJRF) Skean 02.02.09 Hard Rock
fine fine fine (MJRF) egobandit 02.01.09 Alternative Rock
Being a Friend (MJRF) Skean 01.31.09 Funk
For My Little Somebody (MJRF) scaustrita 01.22.09 Latin Pop
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