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(Marc Supsic)

Member Since: Thursday, June 14 2007 @ 11:48 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.marcsupsic.com
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
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I loved music as a child. I took violin lessons for a few years, until my parents divorced when I was thirteen. I then sold my bicycle to buy a guitar, 'cause I wanted to rock. I formed a band and recorded in quite a few studios. We tried for years to get the elusive record deal, had some small-time success, got played on radio and did a single for a little record label.

I stopped doing the band thing in 2001, and decided to try recording my own material. The biggest adjustment was, and still is, singing lead vocals. I am basically a guitarist who sings.

I Released the album Two Sides in 2002 and immediately was nominated as Top 50 Unsigned Artist for Dick Clark and Coca-Cola's American Music Awards.

I have a small Mac-based setup in my house and have just completed a second album, The Universe Is Burning. Visit www.marcsupsic.com for more info and song samples. Thanks!
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07.03.07 Feel Me 8.75 (2) 2457 (5) Pop (Alternative) 09.12.07 Active
06.25.07 Mother Mary (Say Goodbye) 8.75 (2) 3781 (8) Indie Rock 09.12.07 Active
06.19.07 Day By Day 9.00 (1) 2325 (4) Pop (Alternative) 09.12.07 Active
06.17.07 The Universe Is Burning 9.00 (1) 3198 (6) Pop (Alternative) 12.05.07 Active
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Music Background Violin lessons for a few years, starting at age ten. This was a great foundation for understanding melody, harmoy and theory. I stopped taking lessons but continued playing violin in the High School orchestra. A music theory class in 12th grade really helped pull it all together for me. I bought a guitar and taught myself to play, learning a lot of chords and riffs from friends and local musicians. I was recording ideas for years, on a basic tape recorder (that's all we had back then). Eventually I joined/formed several bands and made many studio recordings over the years. Along the way I picked up other instruments like the banjo, mandolin, bass, and piano. I fell in love with recording music and produced a few of the band albums we did. I definitely have carried all of that experience into my own projects, and I continue to to build my writing, scoring and recording skills. I just started singing on my own albums a few years ago. Of all my skills I have to say this is the one that needs the most work. I'm always learning. In all, I just hope to be able to make some cool CDs and put them out there in hopes of reaching some like-minded people.
Music Skills Guitar, Bass, Piano, Violin, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals, anything else I can get my hands on. Mouth Harp, Nose Flute, Pots and Pans. Whatever makes noise!
Music Hardware Audio-Technica ATA4040 Condenser Mic, Equitech CAD condenser mic, BlueTube Pre, M-Audio MobilePre Interface, many different instruments that I've amassed over the years. My Brain (or would that be software?).
Music Software GarageBand 2.0.2 with Orchestra Jam Pack Spark XL (for Mastering)