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Member Since: Wednesday, January 03 2007 @ 03:58 AM CST
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Homepage: http://www.simmerud.com/
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
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I am a Melody Maker making melodies.
MrBajen's Songs (3)
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01.18.07 Fluctuations 9.23 (13) 3887 (10) Classical 01.22.08 Active
01.15.07 Pearls before swine 9.25 (14) 4478 (16) Classical 12.26.07 Active
01.05.07 Put a peephole in my brain 8.44 (8) 3147 (11) Rock 01.23.07 Active
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Music Background I used to be in a band as guitarist/drummer but got more involved in composing rather than performing. Nowadays I compose music in my office together with my PowerBook.
Music Skills Guitar, violin, bass, piano, harmonica, percussion. I also do arrangements for other artists, like adding a string quartet to someone else's chorus. But I'm a lousy singer...
Music Hardware Fender Stratocaster, Peders acoustic steel-stringed guitar, Yamaha CG-110A acoustic nylon-stringed guitar, Hohner Chromonica 260 harmonica, Hohner blues-harp (tuned in E), a handmade violin with no name (perhaps I should call it Lucy?). Phonic MM1202 mixer, MBox, Beyerdynamic mic, Sony ECM-MS957 stereo mic, Harman/Kardon soundsticks.
Music Software Pro Tools 7, Reason 4, Finale 2007, MAX/MSP.
Keywords simmerud, hold your horses bob, classical, contemporary, eam, experimental