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Peter Greenstone
(Peter Greenstone)

Member Since: Wednesday, December 01 2004 @ 02:37 AM CST
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Homepage: http://www.petergreenstone.com
Location: Roxborough, Colorado USA
Song Comments: 1929
Song Votes: 854
Forum Posts: 950
Weekly Points: 0.00
Total Points: 9746.57
I'm not a professional musician by any means. By day I work as an animator and 3D artist. Over the past few years I have developed a passion for songwriting and making music. I do it all myself in my home with a pretty simple setup.

CLICK HERE to listen to my Live Webcast Performances

Collaborations with other MacJammers not in my song list:

Old Minerva (w/Sil-VER)
Space Elevator (w/Sil-VER)
Confessional (w/Katchoolik)
King Of The Hill (w/Sil-VER)
Safety Word (w/Sil-VER)
Derailed (w/Alimar)
What's Wrong With This World (w/atwood1956)


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Peter Greenstone's Songs (38)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
02.09.13 Iridium Flare (2013 Re-Release) 0.00 (0) 3140 (6) Rock 07.09.13 Active
05.13.12 To Nothing 0.00 (0) 2443 (9) Cinematic Soundtrack 06.06.12 Active
05.12.12 Solitario (CD version) 0.00 (0) 2238 (6) Alternative Rock 06.06.12 Active
07.01.09 From Nothing 9.67 (3) 5291 (22) Cinematic Soundtrack 07.29.11 Active
08.17.08 Betweeness 9.11 (7) 5886 (16) Acoustic 07.29.11 Active
06.03.08 Broken Symmetries 9.79 (12) 4619 (22) Alternative Rock 05.17.11 Active
11.26.07 Define Yourself 9.66 (8) 6978 (21) Acoustic Rock 04.28.08 Active
04.24.07 Subdivide 9.58 (10) 5440 (27) Rock 05.02.08 Active
04.07.07 Hold On 9.08 (20) 7398 (52) Acoustic Rock 03.09.08 Active
03.15.07 Sea Of Green  (---) 5366 (21) Comedy-Satire-Parody 07.20.09 Active
12.30.06 Bruised And Broken (demo) 8.47 (9) 4863 (20) Acoustic Rock 08.18.08 Active
12.24.06 With Me 9.09 (20) 5511 (25) Rock 06.16.08 Active
09.11.06 House Of The Rising Sun (LIVE) 8.51 (17) 11953 (38) Blues (traditional) 06.29.09 Active
08.17.06 Grow Up (LIVE) 8.86 (21) 6307 (33) Folk-Rock 01.21.07 Active
07.10.06 Justify This (CD version) 8.94 (13) 7148 (25) Alternative Rock 05.14.09 Active
05.15.06 With Me (live demo) 8.75 (19) 5906 (35) Acoustic Rock 07.07.06 Active
01.29.06 The Last Migration (CD version) 8.29 (14) 4565 (20) Classical 08.13.06 Active
01.24.06 Fishing With Slimmie  (---) 5604 (23) Comedy-Satire-Parody 04.08.07 Active
11.23.05 Jive Turkey 8.11 (18) 8455 (35) Rockabilly 03.13.07 Active
11.05.05 Emmet 9.27 (55) 11680 (101) Acoustic 08.31.08 Active
10.22.05 Annabel Lee (Edgar Allen Poe) 8.20 (24) 19473 (31) Spoken Word-Poetry 07.01.07 Active
10.13.05 H o n e y (with iG.STUDIO on sax) 8.35 (28) 6805 (56) Rock & Roll 06.21.08 Active
09.12.05 The Years (collab w/Katchoolik) 8.30 (37) 7374 (47) Ballad 12.01.09 Active
08.21.05 Whisper Evermore 8.13 (34) 7138 (51) Ethnic-International 06.21.08 Active
08.09.05 The Pain Game 8.21 (32) 24131 (58) Alternative Rock 08.07.09 Active
07.27.05 Jellyfish In A Stolen Hovercraft 8.00 (22) 8028 (48) Comedy-Satire-Parody 07.29.11 Active
07.21.05 Stars On My Ceiling 8.77 (39) 9110 (80) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 03.15.10 Active
07.20.05 Somewhere Over Greenland 8.69 (32) 8141 (47) Alternative Rock 03.15.10 Active
07.16.05 Schrodinger's Cat 8.51 (25) 5813 (39) Alternative Rock 08.16.09 Active
07.11.05 Defending Democracy (U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd) 8.01 (30) 6717 (45) Rock & Roll 04.21.09 Active
06.23.05 No Matter the Weather 8.14 (24) 8061 (34) Alternative Rock 06.21.08 Active
05.23.05 Lost On The Waves 8.55 (40) 6549 (52) Alternative Rock 06.21.08 Active
05.03.05 Person Or Persons Unknown 8.29 (35) 6632 (44) Alternative Rock 08.23.05 Active
04.22.05 The Thermos Song (Glorified) 7.81 (32) 36360 (39) Comedy-Satire-Parody 07.29.11 Active
01.04.05 Mosquito 7.78 (30) 7456 (32) Acoustic 07.29.11 Active
01.03.05 The George Bush Connection 7.64 (16) 5061 (12) Comedy-Satire-Parody 07.29.11 Active
12.29.04 Irene 8.06 (44) 9475 (53) Rock & Roll 07.29.11 Active
12.01.04 For the Last Time 6.87 (13) 4189 (16) Alternative Rock 07.29.11 Active
Favorite Songs (346)
Title Artist Date Genre
Fire & Sound (A Song from the Cold War) Tom Atwood 06.09.10 Folk (contemporary)
XY mikkinylund 10.07.09 Pop (Alternative)
Gypsy Heart The Fritters 09.17.09 Acoustic Rock
Yr Wake brentmiles 08.27.09 Shoegazer
The river tmcfate 07.13.09 Acoustic
The light in your eyes mikkinylund 07.02.09 Pop (Alternative)
The Princess Cake mikkinylund 06.07.09 Pop (Alternative)
Broken obbster 05.18.09 Rock
The Black Umbrella (Ver 2) mikkinylund 02.28.09 Pop (Alternative)
Keep Looking for Jesus (MJRF) Tom Atwood 02.13.09 Folk (contemporary)
Happy Birthday MacJams (featuring Jon Anderson of YES; and Tobin Mueller) Alimar 02.09.09 Progressive Rock
Throw Your Shoes jiguma 12.16.08 Alternative Rock
Yuletide Joy (MacJammers Ensemble) MacJammersUnited 11.25.08 Holiday
Close Your Eyes w ledeb + Jim Bouchard jiguma 08.28.08 Acoustic Rock
Toad Hall (the return) Jim Bouchard 08.20.08 Ambient
Toad Hall Jim Bouchard 08.17.08 Ambient
To This Heart pablatone 08.13.08 Acoustic
MINES OF MIRAK by davajonah jiguma 08.13.08 Alternative Rock
Overthruster 72 springclock 08.11.08 Alternative Rock
Comfortable Rut-remix Jim Bouchard 08.10.08 Alternative Rock
Amish Landscape Tom Atwood 06.27.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lead With Your Heart (with Fran Dagostino Band feat. Futzpucker) aclarke 06.16.08 Rock
Curve Variations Jim Bouchard 06.01.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
A PROPHET IN DISGRACE Barretok 02.18.08 Blues (contemporary)
september sky jonx 01.23.08 Alternative Rock
Without You aclarke 12.09.07 Folk (contemporary)
The Gentle Maiden/Planxty Fanny Powers Brian Weiland 06.12.07 Celtic
FOLLOW THE BLACK LINE (w Alfalpha) jiguma 05.18.07 Acoustic Rock
Private gazing moorlandt 04.28.07 Downtempo
BLUE POOL (w Anne Cozean, kevmikwa, alfalpha and Ms jig) jiguma 04.25.07 Acoustic Rock
PERFECT STORM Scott Carmichael 04.21.07 Acoustic Rock
No Better Day V2 Scott Carmichael 04.09.07 Folk (contemporary)
Can't Complain (w/ Komrade K) TobinMueller 04.09.07 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Ajusta o mic (remake w/Craft) Sil-VER 04.06.07 Alternative Rock
After All (w/Jim Bouchard) ledebutant 03.30.07 Folk-Rock
sleep morningcup 03.27.07 Acoustic
Funeral Shimky 03.22.07 Downtempo
Nobody Special madelineb03 03.14.07 Acoustic
What Do You Care eleveneyes 03.14.07 Alternative Rock
The Loneliest Ghost slumbering 03.05.07 Romantic
Sail on moorlandt 03.04.07 Folk (contemporary)
WELL ENOUGH ALONE jiguma 03.01.07 Acoustic Rock
I'm Dreaming Again Nolan 02.28.07 Acoustic
Dreamgirl pengui 02.25.07 Alternative Rock
When The Future Comes (w/ Twon, Alimar, Audiocracy) TobinMueller 02.01.07 Progressive Rock
Waiting for the Other dchapman 01.03.07 Rock (instrumental)
Rites Of Passage mizieya 01.03.07 Experimental
Simply Fine Ed Hannifin 01.02.07 Folk (contemporary)
Smile Gav 12.30.06 Acoustic Rock
Somehow moorlandt 12.30.06 Downtempo
Twas the Night Before Xmas at MJ jgurner 12.23.06 Holiday
Snow Is Falling Hannah 12.21.06 Other
Bond (It takes only a second) jesushairdo 12.17.06 Acoustic Rock
Before There Were Gods TobinMueller 12.14.06 Acoustic
I Wanna Wrestle You Sumo Sisters 11.30.06 Rock
nothing's left inside moorlandt 10.17.06 Downtempo
Soldier Bill BoiAfrica 09.12.06 Acoustic
Headful Of Smiles (Massimo Ferrusi feat jiguma) Sil-VER 09.12.06 Alternative Rock
North Shore Waltz (Simply Fine version) Ed Hannifin 09.10.06 Folk (contemporary)
Dominique Bonka 09.02.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Minister's daughter (w/Didge-ache & 'The Winch') apb 09.02.06 Folk-Rock
100 Mile Block Bonka 09.02.06 Acoustic
Acoustic Rush thetiler 08.28.06 Acoustic
Saturnine Organic Jim Bouchard 08.27.06 Acoustic Rock
Guantanamo Vacation w Cydniko jiguma 08.16.06 Acoustic Rock
Boy QUEENROYAL 08.17.06 Jazz (vocal)
Use This Cori Ander 08.16.06 Acoustic
Coastal Daze jiguma 07.17.06 Acoustic Rock
Steppin' Out (piano trio) composerclark 07.08.06 Classical
Starts With I pooey 07.06.06 Acoustic
Angel Eyes jiguma 07.01.06 Acoustic
new life (mvh & Scott C Scott Carmichael 06.24.06 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Two Legs(Resolution) Hectorious 06.20.06 Alternative Rock
Pop Song crickets at war 06.01.06 Alternative Rock
warmongers JOAN 05.24.06 Alternative Rock
decor v.2 jonx 05.19.06 Alternative Rock
Your Brown Eyes (Simply Fine Version) Ed Hannifin 04.30.06 Folk (contemporary)
Mockingbird(Jonx/mcboy) Mcboy 04.23.06 Acoustic Rock
Lost Youth aclarke 03.27.06 Rock
Ghost Of You jesushairdo 03.24.06 Alternative Rock
Forsaken (W/Ronnielong) Sil-VER 03.24.06 Industrial
The Agency We Did Not Use BareKoala 03.11.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Skinny Sheila Bio Skinny Sheila 03.10.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
The Naming of The Band BareKoala 03.10.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
These Days Tom Atwood 02.26.06 Folk (contemporary)
Unobtainable Remedy (v2.1) Nolan 02.24.06 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Questions (W/Aclarke) Sil-VER 02.23.06 Rock
Hadron Collider Theisovian 02.23.06 Downtempo
Songs About You snowdragon 02.21.06 Rock & Roll
Goodbye Tom Atwood 02.20.06 New Age
Make Me Smile! jiguma 02.20.06 Acoustic Rock
Interboro iG.STUDiO 02.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
damelou ticojohn 02.14.06 Acoustic
Striped Sweater aclarke 02.03.06 Children's Music
Behind the Bars jmogielnicki@wes 02.02.06 Acoustic
rebel ticojohn 02.01.06 Acoustic
MY RELIGION v4.0 eleveneyes 01.29.06 Alternative Rock
Kalimba Sunday Tom Atwood 01.29.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Tern (2006) Pie 01.29.06 Rock
Fantasy Alannah 01.27.06 Acoustic
Last Dance composerclark 01.08.06 Classical
Unfaithful (W/Aclarke) Sil-VER 01.08.06 Rock
Mommy and Daddy Don't Get It (w/ thepeep & Sunbeam) Mackie 01.06.06 Rock & Roll
I thought I saw you smile Mokus 01.03.06 Alternative Rock
Never Alone Tom Atwood 01.03.06 New Age
Everybody Party Now PeaceGirl 01.02.06 Pop (mainstream)
The Scene Moe Train 01.02.06 Punk-Grunge
sEASONAL aFFECTIVE dISORDER jmt 12.29.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
Daybreak (Tom Atwood collab) Mystified 12.23.05 New Age
Jhonny Silva mandolinquent 12.21.05 Ambient
snow 1956 Tom Atwood 12.20.05 New Age
lime jonx 12.19.05 Alternative Rock
I Saw You There 1981 Tom Atwood 12.10.05 Folk (contemporary)
Parallel Remix(W/Fairy Beth) Sil-VER 11.26.05 Pop (mainstream)
fall away with me (collab w/themasses) krismacqueen 11.25.05 Alternative Rock
mianjel ticojohn 11.25.05 Acoustic
Up in the Air thethirdperson 11.25.05 Alternative Rock
The Lonely Road (Deserve This) aclarke 11.24.05 Folk (contemporary)
The Tide w/ Jim Bouchard macgalver 11.18.05 Folk (contemporary)
The Wild Rover (Macjams Pub Jam!!) ronnielong 11.15.05 Folk (contemporary)
The Blue Elephant Song dane 11.15.05 Acoustic
Photograph jesushairdo 11.11.05 Alternative Rock
15 Days In Scunthorpe(w/the bawdies) caroline 11.05.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Transmission(w/I. SPIKE) Sil-VER 11.05.05 Rock
Caroline's House of Shiny Lights (w/The Bawdies) caroline 11.05.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Las Lluvias Argentinas jmogielnicki@wes 11.03.05 Acoustic
American Plain Tom Atwood 11.03.05 Classical
Catch A Girl ronnienotch 10.29.05 Hip Hop-Rap
Poe--The Bells (w/TAtwood) Mystified 10.28.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! mikkinylund 10.28.05 Punk-Grunge
(Ziti's) Answers (w thetiler sittin' in) snowdragon 10.26.05 Blues (traditional)
Coventry Carol Noel Project 10.26.05 Holiday
Not Thinking About You syddavis 10.25.05 Pop (mainstream)
Waiting For The Sign I.G.M. 10.19.05 Other
emission (w/the tiler) Stun Nutz 10.19.05 Other
What Remains jschultz76 10.12.05 Alternative Rock
Chasing Shadows II Tom Atwood 10.11.05 Folk (contemporary)
Small Piano Pieces on Two Themes and a Lyric rik 10.11.05 Classical
In Haste..v1 thetiler 10.04.05 Folk (contemporary)
The Kind of Lonely (collab w/Cori Ander) Ed Hannifin 10.03.05 Folk-Rock
i love you too mikkinylund 09.27.05 Rhythm and Blues
Taking My Breath Away SBS 09.27.05 Alternative Rock
Alzies Garage btransue 09.14.05 Ethnic-International
Prayer without Words rik 09.11.05 Classical
Cat's Walk ziti 09.10.05 Rhythm and Blues
18 Games (A Lament) Tom Atwood 08.29.05 Folk (contemporary)
450 Miles Samba iG.STUDiO 08.25.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Lady of the Lake (w/ Mystified) TobinMueller 08.24.05 Classical
IN TIME spot 08.23.05 Acoustic
You Will Do fosod 08.23.05 Alternative Rock
How Many Times dchapman 08.23.05 Pop (mainstream)
Hymn (from America) Tom Atwood 08.22.05 Classical
HLD JOAN 08.19.05 Alternative Rock
The Song Of This World Ed Hannifin 08.17.05 Folk-Rock
Roundup® the World Tom Atwood 08.14.05 Folk (contemporary)
como todo deve ser mandingu 08.09.05 Pop (mainstream)
the piano man mikkinylund 08.09.05 Folk (contemporary)
SlimGirlThat MacJammersUnited 08.08.05 Open Collaborations
Morning Walk (Tom Atwood collab) Mystified 08.05.05 New Age
In tune with you thoddi 07.28.05 Indie Rock
America Tom Atwood 07.27.05 Classical
How I'd Love 2.0 eleveneyes 07.25.05 Alternative Rock
evergreen brb 07.25.05 Alternative Rock
Mr Rove. Willywagga 07.25.05 Folk (contemporary)
When Katie Plays The Ends 07.25.05 Alternative Rock
Every Day Another Reason Ed Hannifin 07.24.05 Folk-Rock
anna see you JOAN 07.22.05 Alternative Rock
The Welcome Song Cori Ander 07.22.05 Folk (contemporary)
Yahoo Girl syddavis 07.22.05 Folk-Rock
The Girl Wants Me syddavis 07.22.05 Folk-Rock
I Cannot Feel The Vibe BoiAfrica 07.21.05 Folk-Rock
Love Is What We Seek bronco 07.20.05 Folk (contemporary)
On the Edge (Mcboy collab) Mystified 07.19.05 Alternative Rock
robin hood mikkinylund 07.13.05 Alternative Rock
Grace (Ziti w/Mystified) Mystified 07.12.05 New Age
In Between Tom Atwood 07.10.05 Folk (contemporary)
london's burning mikkinylund 07.07.05 Alternative Rock
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? collab. JOAN caroline 07.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
Sorry Now jschultz76 07.03.05 Alternative Rock
What's Wrong with This World Tom Atwood 07.01.05 Folk (contemporary)
zazz (horny mix) v2 Stun Nutz 06.28.05 NUjazz
Carpet-Bomb Revenge benjhannah 06.25.05 Punk-Grunge
Git Along Little Dogies (collab with Bronco & Mando) snowdragon 06.25.05 Country-Western
oK2b3 btransue 06.23.05 Funk
All Over Town jenny dove 06.22.05 Pop (mainstream)
Just Like a Little Girl jenny dove 06.22.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Shame jenny dove 06.22.05 Pop (mainstream)
Heroes Die lv14 06.21.05 Emo
Blue Sun ziti 06.17.05 Blues (traditional)
An Error Thinly Tom Atwood 06.17.05 New Age
Traveling Blind eleveneyes 06.15.05 Alternative Rock
Tyler O'Toole (remix of One Bad Dude) Joanna 06.10.05 Spoken Word-Poetry
A safe and happy man magic matt 06.09.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Memories TheBoogieMan 06.09.05 Classical
Some thoughts are hard to die pan 06.08.05 Ambient
sebago mikkinylund 06.06.05 Alternative Rock
Ophelia's Song pan 06.06.05 Dance-Club
Our Enemy UberCoolKungfu 06.05.05 Industrial
Jakuzure Frog jesushairdo 06.05.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Improvisation for Nino #1 btransue 06.01.05 Classical
Rebsie's SOS mandolinquent 05.28.05 Folk (contemporary)
peace dream (dream piece) ziti 05.28.05 Alternative Rock
Mary Says Andy Taylor 05.27.05 Pop (mainstream)
IN MY TIME eleveneyes 05.26.05 Alternative Rock
Rebsie and The Man Next Door mandolinquent 05.24.05 Folk (contemporary)
the best day of my life Andy Taylor 05.23.05 Alternative Rock
I Sail On (arr: Troy) TobinMueller 05.23.05 Progressive Rock
haleigh, haleigh fox296 05.23.05 Alternative Rock
Were You Sent To Rescue Me? Andy Taylor 05.23.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Molly Brown d_cavins 05.23.05 Pop (mainstream)
happiness jonx 05.23.05 Alternative Rock
Jazz Praise Syncopatient 05.23.05 Jazz (instrumental)
julia jonx 05.21.05 Alternative Rock
long division jonx 05.20.05 Alternative Rock
burn mikkinylund 05.20.05 Alternative Rock
Victim dchapman 05.18.05 Hard Rock
Shenandoah Mystified 05.15.05 New Age
Exurban Prayer Tom Atwood 05.14.05 Folk (contemporary)
addict listen 05.14.05 Pop (mainstream)
I wanna be yours CR 05.12.05 Rhythm and Blues
The Life I'm Dying For Nolan 05.11.05 Alternative Rock
isn't real jschultz76 05.10.05 Alternative Rock
i love your body (larry) fox296 05.10.05 Folk (contemporary)
found jonx 05.09.05 Alternative Rock
jitterspook Stun Nutz 05.09.05 Experimental
Haftarah-boom-dee-ay! Cantor 05.06.05 Ethnic-International
lover lay your lies on me twonicus 05.04.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
fresh green in summer WorldJazzProject 05.04.05 Jazz (instrumental)
plates and pieces jonx 05.04.05 Alternative Rock
clap mikkinylund 05.03.05 Rock & Roll
You Can't Buy It BlackLily 05.03.05 Pop (mainstream)
Washington Breakdance fosod 05.03.05 Dance-Club
*Spiritualized*(Collab. with FAIRY BETH) Sil-VER 05.01.05 Dance-Club
Derailed MacJammersUnited 04.28.05 Progressive Rock
Message of hope (i need) Ete 04.27.05 Alternative Rock
Daniel Sadberry Ete 04.27.05 Alternative Rock
The Song of The Sinking Woman (Rebsie's SOS) mandolinquent 04.24.05 Folk (contemporary)
Let Me Play (w/ McBoy and BBarner) TobinMueller 04.21.05 Jazz (vocal)
Tristezza (Miss Chaos Remix) MissChaos 04.19.05 Downtempo
Summer Place (remix w/kcsaito) Tom Atwood 04.19.05 Jazz (instrumental)
shoestring jonx 04.19.05 Alternative Rock
I Believe spot 04.19.05 Hip Hop-Rap
Another Lullaby Swanny 04.18.05 New Age
best is yet to come JOAN 04.18.05 Alternative Rock
Summer Place (collab with kcsaito) Tom Atwood 04.18.05 Jazz (instrumental)
58 Days Dead End 04.18.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Mozart Jazz Collaboration John Stebbe 04.14.05 Jazz (instrumental)
chemicals jonx 04.13.05 Alternative Rock
The Road to Emmaus Tom Atwood 04.13.05 New Age
angel of small noises jonx 04.11.05 Alternative Rock
Common Bones Tom Atwood 04.08.05 New Age
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen John Stebbe 04.07.05 Jazz (instrumental)
I Sail On TobinMueller 04.05.05 Piano
Larger Than Life Tom Atwood 04.03.05 New Age
Where Should i send this letter wautz 04.01.05 Folk (contemporary)
See You In Your Dreams spot 03.31.05 Rock & Roll
Cold December Nolan 03.31.05 Alternative Rock
Tristezza Mystified 03.31.05 Classical
new/Myrtle thetiler 03.30.05 Folk (contemporary)
Like An Angel thetiler 03.30.05 New Age
Take My Hand Tom Atwood 03.29.05 Inspirational (contemporary)
spring Cori Ander 03.27.05 Classical
Adam Sandler (Bakanofuri) jesushairdo 03.27.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Fire In The House (Remix) Syncopatient 03.26.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
And I will cry JHarley 03.24.05 Alternative Rock
Three Loops Tom Atwood 03.23.05 New Age
Hide And Seek Truth42 03.22.05 Pop (mainstream)
Mixed Nuts MacJammersUnited 03.18.05 Other
Has Been crickets at war 03.17.05 Alternative Rock
Mother (Legacy) Pie 03.16.05 Rock
Lullaby (new version) basco 03.15.05 Pop (mainstream)
Ode To GarageBand SlimGirlFat 03.14.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Closure packosmokes 03.12.05 Industrial
Last Days of Perfection basco 03.11.05 Pop (mainstream)
(new)Tiler's Suite thetiler 03.10.05 Classical
Say It Now Leebo 03.07.05 Pop (mainstream)
The Ballad Of A Breakup Leebo 03.07.05 Other
Pretty Stupid jschultz76 03.05.05 Alternative Rock
I'll be gone Ete 03.04.05 Alternative Rock
Shivers Joshosh 03.04.05 Pop (mainstream)
Conversation syddavis 03.02.05 Folk (contemporary)
•Nowhere too fast-Take 2 algabatz 03.01.05 Alternative Rock
spin away mellowhappy 02.28.05 Alternative Rock
Blue Drifts gudkarma 02.28.05 Blues (traditional)
Cakeless mandolinquent 02.28.05 Pop (mainstream)
Redwing Tom Atwood 02.28.05 New Age
That bird flew away Ete 02.27.05 Rock & Roll
I need no one tonite Ete 02.26.05 Rock & Roll
The never arriving bigidea 02.25.05 Alternative Rock
Need Everyone jschultz76 02.25.05 Alternative Rock
BioHeaven legato 02.22.05 New Age
Row, row, row your boat breezer 02.21.05 Experimental
Take it all away mellowhappy 02.17.05 Alternative Rock
Water Tom Atwood 02.17.05 New Age
Pick Of The Plant syddavis 02.16.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Beyond a Dark Horizon (Remix) Cantor 02.13.05 Rhythm and Blues
Summer Song peeg 02.12.05 Alternative Rock
Vickys Song Iseae 02.11.05 Pop (mainstream)
Finale (from Redwing Suite) Tom Atwood 02.11.05 Folk (contemporary)
Goes on without you jschultz76 02.11.05 Alternative Rock
Man Next Door revisited mandolinquent 02.09.05 Folk (contemporary)
My Wish MiMi 02.07.05 Ambient
sea Cori Ander 02.05.05 Classical
Fire in the Mountain jmogielnicki@wes 02.02.05 Folk (contemporary)
showroom mikkinylund 01.30.05 Alternative Rock
It Went Like This... syntopicon 01.23.05 Comedy-Satire-Parody
the singer had so much to say (redux) macintard 01.22.05 Experimental
Photographer's Lament Tom Atwood 01.21.05 Folk (contemporary)
Getting Up jschultz76 01.21.05 Alternative Rock
The Caravan thetiler 01.18.05 Folk (contemporary)
FZ Z293 01.18.05 Blues (traditional)
caminar ticojohn 01.18.05 Latin
Broken String (analog) Tom Atwood 01.18.05 Classical
My CG Animated Life jesushairdo 01.17.05 Alternative Rock
ONCE IN A WHILE eleveneyes 01.17.05 Alternative Rock
Voice of Suburbia legato 01.16.05 New Age
Can't Wait public_buildings 01.14.05 Rock & Roll
Ya-hoo Girl syddavis 01.14.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Lions' Den thenewgrey 01.07.05 Alternative Rock
Memory (Featuring Alimar) SlimGirlFat 01.05.05 Ambient
Clay Street Blues (Live) Tom Atwood 01.03.05 Folk (contemporary)
No End Tom Atwood 01.03.05 Folk (contemporary)
Keep Looking for Jesus Tom Atwood 01.02.05 Folk (contemporary)
Chasing Shadows Tom Atwood 12.31.04 Folk (contemporary)
Mother Pie 12.22.04 Rock
Ain't No Way Stun Nutz 12.21.04 Other
seSienta ticojohn 12.21.04 Latin
Falling Pie 12.20.04 Rock
Building Boats in the Basement satoriday 12.19.04 Alternative Rock
Zoetrope satoriday 12.19.04 Alternative Rock
ROOTWATOR eleveneyes 12.10.04 Alternative Rock
Free Samples twiddlebug44 12.01.04 Comedy-Satire-Parody
The Night Is Warm Again Nolan 11.27.04 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Pearl jesushairdo 11.15.04 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
The Youngest and The Brightest jesushairdo 11.12.04 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
**Ice Jungle** Sil-VER 11.09.04 Dance-Club
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 fosod 11.08.04 Alternative Rock
The Flight Of Owen Pauly-G 11.10.04 Pop (mainstream)
lunazul ticojohn 10.31.04 Latin
AlwaysAWay eleveneyes 10.13.04 Alternative Rock
Doorway [Collab] MissChaos 10.10.04 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Special Relativity StevoMac 10.09.04 Rock & Roll
positiva ticojohn 09.05.04 Latin
Unwashed Mcboy 08.04.04 Rock & Roll
One Bomber Blues-vocals (collaboration) packosmokes 06.29.04 Open Collaborations
Scooby/DC packosmokes 06.15.04 Comedy-Satire-Parody
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Music Background Growing up I learned some basics about analogue recording and editing from my father who had a studio for doing commercial audio production. Tape and razor blades. A former Motown DJ (WKNR Keener 13), my father also exposed me to a lot of great music that inspired me. I actually used a clip of him on his show back in about 1967 in the intro of "Schrodinger's Cat", the first track on my album. I've been playing guitar and singing for quite a long time but only in the most casual way, that is until about 2001 when I started making a more serious interest in writing my own songs and producing them. But it wasn't until about 2005 that I found Garage Band and really started working hard on learning to arrange and record.
Music Skills I know the "brown note".
Music Hardware G5 2.5x2, Taylor acoustic guitar, Westbury electric guitar, Audio Technica MB4000C condenser mic, M-Audio Firewire 410, Line 6 POD, ART tube preamp/compressor, bamboo flute, tin flute, Yamaha classical guitar, Yamaha 12-string guitar
Music Software Garage Band
Keywords dark, singer, acoustic, symphonic, irony, guitar, writer, Simig, album, introspective, moody, vocals, pencil tool


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