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A 20 year old girl coming from the depths of London decided that she'd have to make music otherwise her little head would explode. Ideas came in 2005 and now in 2006 she is doing something about it. Her journey somewhat difficult, she strives and tries and doesn't care if you don't like her music (to a certain extent) cos she hasn't got the right equipment so she says: "I'll do what I can, make what sounds I can on whatever I've got right now, and I'll have to be content with it." She favours the slightly angry sound, mixed with hip-hop and punk and thats what drives her brain, a constant stand against all things "NORMAL", her socks are odd, her hair is odd and so are her clothes and way of speaking. She adores mind altering substances and is rarely seen out of the company of one in particular...
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05.28.06 Somatically Correct 8.58 (3) 2101 (6) Electropop 03.09.07 Active
05.28.06 Dolly's Anger 8.00 (1) 1510 (3) Electropop 03.09.07 Active
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