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(Stephen Coleman)

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From an army base in Nuremberg, Germany birthed, Stephen Coleman, a musician, artist, and photographer. Music ran in the family and he was introduced to many different genres as he grew up. One of his main influences musically was his cousin Ross Lara and he still is to this day. Ross introduced him to electronic music at a fairly young age and Stephen was immediately hooked. They eventually became a duo called SECTR 24. They released a full length CD in 2009 called “A Tattooed Melody.

Years went by before Stephen started producing his own music and honing in on his talents. He had been classically trained on piano when he was 8 years old until his teacher got sick a year after he started. He decided from then on he was going to make the best of his musical abilities on his own. When he was 15 he was introduced to his first Mac and his first chance at breaking the boundaries of music. From Garageband and loops to Reason and programming, he finally was able to show the world his style and his passion for the music. His goals are to make it in the underground hip-hop scene and to be in the Grammy’s with his cousin within the next 2 years.

On the flipside, Stephen also found a piece of himself as an artist. His uncle Eduardo taught him how to express himself with any type of art. So he grew in all aspects of the arts and became the person he is today.
SEAC99's Songs (13)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
08.01.12 60 Days (Feat. Dave Cook of My Favorite Highway) 0.00 (0) 1780 (3) Ballad 08.03.12 Active
03.14.11 Secret Love 0.00 (0) 1563 (2) Hip Hop-Rap 03.14.11 Active
03.12.11 You Are Loved (Feat. Ashley Sailer) 0.00 (0) 1862 (4) Hip Hop-Rap 03.13.11 Active
03.10.11 Circles & Squares 0.00 (0) 1766 (3) Electronic 03.12.11 Active
06.26.07 What Now? 8.70 (5) 3215 (14) Acoustic Rock 09.30.07 Active
06.17.07 Flying Air Central (Procast Mix) 7.83 (3) 2606 (5) Trance 07.01.07 Active
06.12.07 Breeze (Breaks Mix) 8.00 (1) 2915 (7) Trance 07.01.07 Active
05.20.07 In The Rain (With You) 8.25 (1) 2345 (3) Alternative Rock 05.27.07 Active
04.16.07 Electronic Passion (Tahiti Klubbin' Edit) 8.71 (6) 3794 (14) Trance 04.22.07 Active
03.25.07 Salem (Original Re-Edit) 8.61 (7) 3550 (7) Trance 09.28.07 Active
03.19.07 Emerging Silhouette (Original Mix) 8.50 (2) 2711 (4) Trance 03.25.07 Active
03.14.07 Your Heart (Procast Formation Mix) 8.65 (5) 2926 (4) Trance 07.01.07 Active
01.05.07 The Bells (Original RMX) [Non-Commercial Mix] 8.25 (4) 2894 (8) Trance 03.23.07 Active
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Casualties of Faith (Remix) dreadmon 01.18.07 Rock
NM-4 phile WiFiWalrus 12.27.06 Trance
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