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Welcome to my world!

My name is Denny and have been writing music for a few years now, in my own time, around my other-life, which keeps the food on the table and the roof over our heads.

My musical dreams began back in 1997 when I decided to leave all that I knew and travel to Australia in search for the perfect wave. With my surfboard under my arm and my guitar over my shoulder, I embarked into the unknown. The journey took me deep into the rainforest of North Queensland and even further into the lives of an Aborigine community who lives there. I was solemnly introduced to my soul and my spirit in an abrupt change of my reality, which unfortunately was not as pleasant as one would have like to have dreamed it to be.

I presently live half my life in a country of major conflict as I attempt to make a positive imprint in this world. I gather knowledge and of course "cash" from my sincere efforts. I have learned too much of hate, revenge, death and mass murder, and still, I continue to seek love, compassion, gratitude and peace in our day. I continue to learn day by day as I voyage through this adventure we call life. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of what it is I see.

I work with another half when I produce music - some of you already know him from this site (c4rson). I write and play guitar, to the best of my ability, then add lyrics and loops. Its the sent of to c4srson in the, "City of Doubt" for review, editing and his professional production. He is my mentor and I am honoured that he has allowed my work to go onto his label, “Big Room Records”.


STK (AKA - Denny)
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05.02.07 It's Real 8.25 (3) 2777 (6) Art Rock 05.06.07 Active
05.01.07 Magdalene 8.75 (4) 3368 (8) Art Rock 05.03.07 Active
05.01.07 The Final Rabi 8.13 (2) 3037 (9) Art Rock 05.02.07 Active
05.01.07 Novena Song 8.25 (1) 3365 (7) Rock 09.21.09 Active
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Music Background I met a guy called c4rson when I was ten years old and I insisted that he taught me how to play the guitar. In those early days I followed him around looking up to him, defining my personality, from this anarchist, punk rocker. I never managed to become too much like him in that sense, but did become a rebel in my own right and gained the knowledge of chords and rhythm. Six years later, I took the most bizarre route to my youth and joined the Marines!! Years later, I decided leave the authoritarian institution and headed out to the world as a free spirit. I did just that and I have never looked back. I bought an old Fender acoustic guitar in Spain which never left my clutches for three years. I memorised Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York and even bought and old cardigan, grew my hair long and shaved from time to time. I busked around Australia from Adelaide in South to Surfers Paradise in Queensland in the North. I had a few gigs in Surfers and then headed futher north, never to play on the streets again. I learned to play the didgeridoo and began to live in the world of spirit with the Aborigine people. From there my music became my soul. You can hear the fallout of that experience in my first album, "Too Much Information" then came, "Still Unknown" and finally, the unfinished work of, "The Album of the Tyrant". c4rson and I called ourselves "Silent Spirals" in those days and now we are to be known as "STK". I have just caught up with this site and am a virgin - so to speak. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you as I begin to build my fan base and join your networks and become a member of your fan base. See you all soon. Denny - STK Last day of April 2007 www.silentspirals.ukf.net
Music Skills Rhythm guitar, didgeridoo, song writing, Garageband (learning).
Music Hardware Les Paul - Jimmy Moon Semi Accustic 2003 - Didge - Gabriel on Drums!!
Music Software Garageband
Keywords Rock, God, Jesus, Peace, Universe, The Secret, Love, Marraige, Money, Abundance, Law, Rules, Day, Night, Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, Sun, Moon, Earth, Ocean, Surf, beach, Midnight, Noon, See, Hear, Touch, Smell, Taste, Hands, Feet, Ears, Fingers, Toes, Body, Sweat, Sex.