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Member Since: Friday, February 16 2007 @ 11:18 PM CST
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Location: Seattle, WA
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I'm a songwriter, guitarist and singer. I currently work with a buddy producing songs with a rotating cast of others (his MacJams site in the favorites, pengui, is where our collaborative works usually go). We're trying to make it more of a band situation. I also post some of my own stuff here. Mostly I do indie-pop in a post-punk vein, but I can play in a variety of styles, and like styles ranging from acoustic to world, electronica, techno-punk, traditional blues & country, etc. I'm open to collaborations, sitting in for live shows, studio work.
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Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
09.14.07 Godsend 8.75 (2) 2578 (5) Alternative Rock 03.13.08 Active
09.04.07 Now 9.19 (4) 2809 (7) Acoustic Rock 09.07.07 Active
02.21.07 Snap 8.31 (4) 2369 (14) Indie Rock 04.12.07 Active
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Music Background Many years guitar playing, some bands, but none of any note. Never toured.
Music Skills Mad ;)
Music Hardware 1990 Fender Strat Ultra, 1986 Fender Contemporary Strat, 1968 Fender Twin-Reverb (blackfaced), Line 6 Flextone II, Ovation Celebrity electro-acoustic, M-Audio Ozonic keyboard/MIDI interface, Shure SM58 mic.
Music Software GarageBand, stuff for the keyboard I'm only starting to use
Keywords indie, diy, post-punk, pop, rock, collaboration, guitar, songwriting, lyrics, guitar, singing, vocals