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Composer living life in Southern California. I believe music can tell a story, and that is how I approach my compositions.

January 2013
Looking forward to another great year at MacJams! The projects just keep getting better and more fun! I also have some music available at Kompoz.com, which is another music collaboration site - check it out!

February 2014
This is going to be an exciting year, filled with all kinds of great music. Our Sigmund's Strangedream Project now has its own Facebook page - check it out:
(Sigmund's Strangedream Facebook Page)
Please stop by and "like" us!

My latest collab projects::
Never Let Anybody Know - Franciscus Henri and Philip18 - copyright Franciscus Henri (Albert Music)

Dirty Hands - rok41

Better Believe - rok41

Politicians Say - davisamerica2, with a bunch of other cool cats!

Sheep - rok41 with strangedream

Is Theory Ever Real? - Feel. with rok41

Floydian Caravan - sammydix

Questions - PeterB7858 w/ Mark Holbrook

Man in Black - Franciscus Henri, with Philip18 - copyright Franciscus Henri (Albert Music)

Lost - rok41, with Sammydix

Nobody's Fault But Mine - Pablatone

It's Just As Well - Rok41, with Gaylen75 and Steve Ritter

That Sexy Smile - Gaylen75, with scofugate, ktb and bassjam04

Terrible Hands - Gaylen75, with scofugate, ktb and bassjam04

COTES - rok41, with SammyDix & Steve Ritter

Suffer - Gaylen75 w/scofugate, ktb and rok41

Because Because - rok41 w/ strangedream & awigze

The End (Train Home) - Neilh79 w/ Symphony101, Finkeldink & Loob

Bad Man - Rok41 w/ alackbass and ktb

Walking Down the Street - mvh9591

Make Amends - Tonestones w/ Strangedream and Awigze

Tattooed Scars - Ravens w/ rok41 and scofugate

Take It Outside - alackbass w/ D. Jordan, Andrew's students, Gaylen75, five extra arms and scofugate

Inspiration - Tonestones with Strangedream

Embrace - Gaylen75 with KTB and Scofugate

If I Go - Alackbass with Gaylen75 and kevmikwa

Abby's Gotta Dance - davisamerica2, with, well, a lot of very talented guys (and gals)!

Kilimanjaro - Rok41 with Paddler

Forgive Me, I - Ravens, with alackbass, kevmikwa, symphony 101

Not What She Seems - rok41

Loading Zone - davisamerica2, alackbass, rok41, paddler, ktb, kevmikwa

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my musical offerings!


All songs copyright 2008 - 2014 by Sigmund, unless noted otherwise
Sigmund's Songs (30)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
03.05.17 Running with the Wind by Peter B, feat rok41  (---) 2795 (26) Folk-Rock 02.01.18 Active
05.15.16 No Pain - feat. Strangedream & Rok41  (---) 2482 (32) Rock 02.06.17 Active
04.10.16 Chasing Shadows - Feat. PeterB7858, Rok41 & Scofugate 0.00 (0) 3193 (46) Folk-Rock 05.10.16 Active
04.27.15 A Little Light, feat. strangedream, rok41 & alackbass  (---) 3977 (51) Acoustic Rock 11.19.15 Active
03.08.15 Devil Wind by Peter B - feat. PeterB7858 & rok41  (---) 3181 (41) Acoustic Rock 04.25.15 Active
06.04.14 Born to Do - feat. strangedream, rok41, scofugate  (---) 4863 (75) Rock 02.12.15 Active
09.07.13 End Tunnel Light - feat. strangedream & rok41 0.00 (0) 4469 (65) Indie Rock 05.05.14 Active
03.15.13 Under Your Bed - feat. strangedream, rok41 & Steve Ritter 0.00 (0) 4244 (72) Rock 09.04.13 Active
11.02.12 The End w/ strangedream & rok41 0.00 (0) 3892 (73) Pop (Alternative) 06.17.13 Active
07.06.12 Carry Me Down - feat. strangedream and rok41 9.67 (3) 4946 (71) Rock 12.03.12 Active
03.30.12 Everything Changes w/ strangedream & rok41 9.65 (5) 4865 (77) Pop (Alternative) 06.25.12 Active
12.02.11 Who's Gonna Love Me - w/strangedream, rok41 & kevmikwa 9.39 (9) 5304 (101) Rock 04.13.13 Active
08.26.11 Better Off Broken (w/strangedream, rok41, kevmikwa) 8.48 (10) 5997 (130) Rock 03.09.14 Active
06.04.11 Karma Ride (w Gaylen75, rok41 & scofugate) 9.21 (7) 5704 (101) Rock 03.23.14 Active
02.11.11 Moon Called Mars w/ Rok41 and Kevmikwa 8.96 (7) 5520 (137) Rock (instrumental) 02.08.12 Active
10.10.10 But Seriously (w/ rok41) 8.86 (7) 5324 (93) Rock (instrumental) 01.28.12 Active
08.05.10 50 Golden Years 8.00 (4) 3826 (75) Rock (instrumental) 05.15.11 Active
05.18.10 Love of My Life 8.85 (5) 4323 (98) Cinematic Soundtrack 04.15.13 Active
03.01.10 So What's 96 in Rio? 8.25 (3) 4028 (61) Cinematic Soundtrack 05.15.11 Active
11.29.09 Cloudy Sunday 8.33 (3) 5001 (84) Cinematic Soundtrack 05.15.11 Active
10.11.09 End of a Season 8.70 (5) 4056 (52) Cinematic Soundtrack 05.05.10 Active
05.17.09 Soaring at Torrey (mvh3591 master) 8.80 (5) 4644 (55) Cinematic Soundtrack 02.09.11 Active
04.26.09 August Evening (mvh3591 master) 8.63 (4) 4601 (48) Cinematic Soundtrack 08.11.09 Active
03.22.09 Aerodynamic! (mvh3591 master) 8.75 (5) 4558 (37) Cinematic Soundtrack 03.27.10 Active
02.25.09 Groovy Glidin' (Master by MV9591) 9.56 (4) 4381 (22) Cinematic Soundtrack 10.02.10 Active
02.06.09 Mystic Breeze (Mastered by mvh9591 9.14 (7) 4038 (31) Cinematic Soundtrack 11.15.09 Active
01.29.09 Autumn in October 9.17 (3) 3238 (14) Cinematic Soundtrack 04.27.09 Active
01.23.09 Soaring Fever 8.81 (4) 3419 (16) Cinematic Soundtrack 11.15.09 Active
01.10.09 Scale Soaring 8.75 (4) 3374 (22) Rock (instrumental) 03.03.12 Active
01.01.09 Soaring Through the Mist 9.13 (4) 3696 (22) Cinematic Soundtrack 09.29.10 Active
Favorite Songs (1000)
Title Artist Date Genre
Autumn Leaves (Philip Gardner and the Hounds) groovehounds 01.21.19 Jazz (instrumental)
Dreaming of the Past (w Sam) PeterB7858 05.31.18 Acoustic Rock
In Deep FrankAxtell 05.28.18 Rock (instrumental)
For You To Decide Vic Holman 11.26.17 Rock
Kilimanjaro - 2017 rok41 11.10.17 Rock (instrumental)
Baile (Got To Do It) w Scautritas and Happy Cane sammydix 04.28.17 Funk
Lethe (Song Of Er) Calchas 04.21.17 Progressive Rock
Sailing Away (w Sam D) PeterB7858 04.02.17 Acoustic Rock
a dream in 3 parts richard13 03.07.17 Ambient
Mind's Eye Warren Smith 03.06.17 Alternative Rock
No Dogs Barking tmcfate 02.28.17 Acoustic Rock
Explorers Calchas 02.21.17 Folk (contemporary)
Lifeline PeterB7858 02.18.17 Acoustic
Toe Tapper Philip18 02.03.17 Jazz (instrumental)
Fan The Spark Calchas 02.01.17 Rock
Maps PeterB Sam Mix sammydix 01.30.17 Acoustic Rock
Apsaras Inspired gadzooks 01.14.17 New Age
we may be dreaming Parichayaka 12.10.16 Ambient
Running With The Wind PeterB7858 12.05.16 Acoustic
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) and Variations magnatone 11.16.16 Pop Orchestral
Breathe in... Breathe out... Philip18 08.12.16 Acoustic
Looking Like The Real Thing jiguma 08.07.16 Rhythm and Blues
Friends with the Devil gadzooks 07.14.16 Funk
Closer To Fire paddler 06.24.16 Folk (contemporary)
Gentle Stream PeterB7858 06.08.16 Fingerstyle Guitar
Deliverance Road PeterB7858 05.17.16 Folk (contemporary)
The Chillin' Room gadzooks 05.16.16 Rock
the greats are gone egobandit 05.13.16 Psychedelic
Independence sammydix 05.13.16 Progressive Rock
Wait For Me philonnie 05.12.16 Acoustic
Fluke Warren Smith 05.11.16 Romantic
Congratulations On Your Purchase Sudra 05.09.16 Other
Love Is Blurred - (c) Connie Orlando 2016 ConnieO 05.09.16 Other
Gotta Get Outta Here jobu 05.07.16 Funk
SLEEPLESS IN MOROCCO Bowman 05.04.16 Cinematic Soundtrack
Harpo and Amelia grah3am 05.01.16 Bossa Nova
I'm Coming Home w/ DavisAmerica and Particledots awigze 04.21.16 Open Collaborations
Pull Up Yo Pants!/Gadzooks sammydix 04.08.16 Funk
In Coram Fields Franciscus_Henri 04.07.16 Ballad
Monumental Landscape mystrag 04.02.16 Rock (instrumental)
TORE ME UP - PBGB featuring Dawson Graham jiguma 03.27.16 Blues (contemporary)
Water Under The Bridge (GSB) PeterB7858 03.22.16 Acoustic Rock
Pure Music paul f. page 03.08.16 Piano
Make it Right- solo mix1 AllenDean 03.06.16 Heavy Metal
Red Sky At Night (GSB) PeterB7858 02.23.16 Acoustic Rock
Free Yourself (with Scofugate & Rok41) hackneybloke 02.18.16 Acoustic
whats so funny egobandit 01.16.16 Alternative Rock
Zephyr (with Rok41) Philip18 01.15.16 Smooth Jazz
Wind Dark River gadzooks 12.07.15 Acoustic
Face Down Again fasteddie 11.15.15 Hard Rock
Algorithmic Solutions Doug Somers 11.12.15 Electronic
Before The Wind PeterB7858 08.25.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
First Light (solo piano) magnatone 08.14.15 Piano
Tongue Tied Gaylen75 08.06.15 Alternative Rock
A Certain Melancholy paul f. page 08.04.15 Piano
Dyin' In My Hand. Dennis James 08.03.15 Rock
Vivian davisamerica2 07.27.15 Ballad
MR. PURCELL IS HERE Bowman 07.19.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Summer (Promenade) (WIP) Henke 07.14.15 Cinematic Soundtrack
Can't Forget Moses 07.11.15 Acoustic Rock
They Let You Down Bob Rodgers 07.05.15 Rock
So I Drink Gaylen75 07.05.15 Alternative Rock
I Just Dont Understand it with Phil18 Franciscus_Henri 07.01.15 Pop Classical
Divided We Stand jgurner 06.24.15 Rock
Three bud 06.24.15 Rock (instrumental)
Corn Whiskey MarkHolbrook 06.21.15 Folk (traditional)
Lennon's Inconsequential Latin Affair/Grah3am sammydix 06.20.15 Alternative Rock
Summer Seas with Gadzooks and Rok41 Philip18 06.16.15 Latin Jazz
Terra Nova grah3am 06.14.15 Progressive Rock
Arctis II Les_Kloo 06.14.15 Progressive Rock
Man In The Street (with PeterB7858 and Jiguma) Philip18 05.29.15 Rock
NO REFUND egobandit 05.23.15 Psychedelic
Another Monday gadzooks 05.23.15 Acoustic Rock
On The Up PeterB7858 05.17.15 Fingerstyle Guitar
The King has left thoddi 05.17.15 Blues (contemporary)
Key To The Highway Jarvoid 05.15.15 Blues (traditional)
I'll Not Wait No More Bob Rodgers 05.15.15 Pop (Alternative)
Late At Night gadzooks 05.13.15 Other
148 paul f. page 05.08.15 Piano
Payin' The Piper w/Awigze Charday 05.08.15 Progressive Rock
Dandelion Gaylen75 05.04.15 Alternative Rock
"Stranger Than Fiction" abzwork 04.29.15 Jazz Fusion
Mondays Trooper7 04.29.15 Rock
Bad Steward Take 1 & 2 Daugrin 04.26.15 Blues (contemporary)
There Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens! michaeljayklein 04.25.15 Swing
Angel gadzooks 04.23.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Finger on the Switch Les_Kloo 04.21.15 Progressive Rock
I Know Vic Holman 04.21.15 Indie Rock
Swallow Garni 04.19.15 Gothic Rock
Sock Drawer grah3am 04.18.15 Rock (instrumental)
Sausage Factory Jam groovehounds 04.18.15 Alternative Rock
Gentleness paul f. page 04.16.15 Piano
Fools&Angels(Philip,Neil) PeterB7858 04.15.15 Acoustic Rock
Kingsdown hackneybloke 04.14.15 Acoustic
Damn I Love Them Shoes groovehounds 04.11.15 Rock
One Hundred Forty-Six paul f. page 04.08.15 Piano
Then There's You groovehounds 03.26.15 Pop (Alternative)
zombies ste 03.26.15 Pop (Alternative)
Fools and Angels PeterB7858 03.24.15 Acoustic
Bio-Duck Narad 03.24.15 Ambient
ODE (We are the music makers) with Phil18 Franciscus_Henri 03.19.15 Folk (contemporary)
Sweet Life W/Awigze Charday 03.19.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
IT HAS TO BE ARRANGED jiguma 03.16.15 Electropop
Holding On Bob Rodgers 03.16.15 Rock
A Dozen Dozen paul f. page 03.14.15 Piano
Romanian Folk Tunes H3nry 03.10.15 Classical
I've Tried Everything (I Know) debmac 04.21.15 Country-Western
Sprinkles grah3am 03.08.15 Rock (instrumental)
One Side of the Story Philip18 03.06.15 Acoustic
Neon Warning Sign W/Awigze final mix/master Charday 03.04.15 Rock
Saturn winds (nasa) egobandit 03.03.15 Art Rock
The Stars Love You Vic Holman 03.01.15 Alternative Rock
One Hundred Forty-Two paul f. page 02.25.15 Piano
SHINY LOVE w Anne Cozean jiguma 02.24.15 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
The Watchers Les_Kloo 02.23.15 Progressive Rock
Place to Stay with alackbass FEEL 02.21.15 Ballad
Love The Orbiting 02.14.15 Pop (Alternative)
Long Day 2015 (w/awigze) rok41 02.14.15 Jazz (instrumental)
A Gift From Mexico with Davisamerica2, Sisters and Richard and Dan Marris DWL 02.11.15 Acoustic
Away From Me groovehounds 02.11.15 Alternative Rock
She never let anybody know with PHIL18 and SIGMUND Franciscus_Henri 02.09.15 Acoustic Rock
Red by Gaylen Sharp Gaylen75 02.09.15 Alternative Rock
And Now... Vic Holman 02.08.15 Rock
Dirty Hands (w/Sigmund) rok41 02.07.15 Rock
I Have a Photograph (with Rok41) Philip18 01.30.15 Acoustic
Angel bud 01.29.15 Rock (instrumental)
So I Drink Gaylen75 01.19.15 Electropop
The Bird Sings /ramonaji Les_Kloo 01.13.15 Art Rock
Tender (with Mike Huntingford) Philip18 01.11.15 Smooth Jazz
Standing On The Brink (w/ Mosaica) Symphony101 01.11.15 Ballad
One Hundred Twenty paul f. page 01.11.15 Piano
Rhapsody For The Elephant In A Room With A View Alimar 01.01.15 Classical
ONE ON ONE KCsGROOVE 12.24.14 Rock
Mean Miss Teacher alackbass 12.23.14 Blues (contemporary)
Solo guitar -modern art version of Eleanor Rigby thetiler 12.12.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Cherish Parichayaka 12.09.14 Other
From Night Till Dawn XMaramena 12.03.14 Film Scoring
Take Your Time Philip18 11.30.14 Jazz (instrumental)
dark wave Mystified 11.29.14 Surf Music
Etude in D PeterB7858 11.27.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Empty Space w/Cedrick Barnes FEEL 11.26.14 Bluegrass
Chores! Chores! Chores! alackbass 11.26.14 Blues (contemporary)
Rock Me Narad 11.24.14 Rock (instrumental)
The Lonely Man (acoustic) Bob Rodgers 11.23.14 Acoustic
Horizontal Zero Vic Holman 11.19.14 Alternative Rock
OLD PAINT with PHIL18 Franciscus_Henri 11.05.14 A Cappella
Blood Red Moon jiguma 11.03.14 Acoustic Rock
Bucket of Suds w/Cedrick Barnes FEEL 10.31.14 Funk
For A Moment Llarion 10.15.14 Jazz Fusion
Waiting In The Rain Bob Rodgers 10.15.14 Reggae
My One And Only (Speakeasy Sway) Gaylen75 10.15.14 Alternative Rock
End Credits (extended version) Parichayaka 10.14.14 Film Scoring
Rock My Way (Back To You) w/MikeHuntingford Charday 10.14.14 Rock
Rabbit Line Observes Crows Daugrin 10.14.14 Experimental
Stalks Like An Animal Vic Holman 10.11.14 Blues (contemporary)
Running For The Border (Full version) Fire_Angel 10.11.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Chorale paul f. page 10.11.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Up a green hill VicDiesel 10.09.14 Native American
Breaking Barriers Moviz 10.09.14 Art Rock
Norwegian Wood Groovehounds Style groovehounds 10.09.14 Rock
Mallacoota Musing PeterB7858 10.03.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
New Guit Cori Ander 10.03.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
Better Believe (Sigmund) rok41 09.26.14 Rock
Progress rduroche 09.25.14 Electronic
Not For Sale (The Speakeasy Sway) Gaylen75 09.23.14 Alternative Rock
Smile sammydix 09.19.14 Funk
My Brother FEEL 09.18.14 Acoustic Rock
Ambivalent Vic Holman 09.15.14 Psychedelic
The Anchor (by the Speakeasy Sway) Gaylen75 09.15.14 Alternative Rock
Dum dee dum dee dum egobandit 09.13.14 Alternative Rock
I'm On Yellow alackbass 09.08.14 Jazz (vocal)
Staircase To The Moon PeterB7858 09.05.14 Fingerstyle Guitar
disappear carbon 09.01.14 Shoegazer
Gone Girl echoroom 08.30.14 Pop (Alternative)
My Name (by the Speakeasy Sway) Gaylen75 08.27.14 Art Rock
Isn't It Strange gadzooks 08.27.14 Acoustic
To Be With You PeterB7858 08.19.14 Folk (contemporary)
MARY JANE 2 KCsGROOVE 08.12.14 Rock
Dream For Dream w Anne Cozean jiguma 08.07.14 Acoustic Rock
Porcupine Lodge (Sanctuary) FrozenEntropy 08.06.14 Hard Rock
Melancholy Mood (Missing Jamie) Charday 08.03.14 Solo Instrument
Blue Sky Bossa Philip18 08.02.14 Latin Jazz
Dad's March 2014 Doug Somers 07.31.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Looker / with davisamerica, Roxylee, FEEL, jgurner, scofugate, & awigze davisamerica2 07.30.14 Blues (traditional)
NIKOS Bowman 07.20.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Lady Loves To Dance (with Norm Grimmett) Philip18 07.15.14 Jazz (instrumental)
I'm Ready groovehounds 07.12.14 Blues (traditional)
FEEL with Emily Rohm and Cedrick Barnes FEEL 07.11.14 Funk
'Merica jgurner 07.01.14 Alternative Rock
SoloMe-o’s First 5 Macjam Uploads FEEL 06.21.14 Other
The Calm Before dantimmermans 06.03.14 Electropop
Come To Me Philip18 06.02.14 Acoustic
eve pablatone 06.01.14 Acoustic
A Wall gadzooks 05.29.14 Psychedelic
Looking Out For Love Vic Holman 05.27.14 Rock
Simply Put paul f. page 05.25.14 Piano
Spinning w/Ravens Garni 05.25.14 Gothic Rock
health and safety woofer3 05.24.14 Alternative Rock
CWS Parichayaka 05.15.14 Electronic
The Kid Who Wanted To Be A Cowboy [FINAL] Alimar 05.15.14 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sometimes Confused Vic Holman 05.11.14 Art Rock
Politicians Say / with Loob, Sigmund, Rok41, Damiengh and Wendy Stephany davisamerica2 05.09.14 Political
HOW DO THOUSANDS? by Brett Ralph jiguma 05.07.14 Acoustic Rock
The Black Guitar PeterB7858 05.06.14 Acoustic
F**K gadzooks 04.30.14 Rock (instrumental)
Fragments of Memories Vic Holman 04.26.14 Alternative Rock
The Island PeterB7858 04.25.14 Acoustic
Independence sammydix 04.25.14 Progressive Rock
The Captain grah3am 04.24.14 Folk (contemporary)
HOTRS MarkHolbrook 04.23.14 Ballad
Aquarium FEEL 04.22.14 Rock
Sheep (Strangedream, Sigmund) rok41 04.18.14 Alternative Rock
Gethsemane Again TobinMueller 04.18.14 Progressive Rock
As Harrison Said DWL 04.17.14 Pop Orchestral
Going Going Gone (Vocal) announcer 04.07.14 Rock
Is Theory Ever Real-Rok41-Sig FEEL 04.07.14 Rock
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Doug Somers 03.30.14 Easy Listening
Floydian Caravan/Sig sammydix 03.29.14 Psychedelic
Jade paul f. page 03.22.14 Piano
Spanish Dancer bigdaddycee 03.18.14 Jazz (instrumental)
Sixty-Three paul f. page 03.14.14 Piano
microbrute 1 bud 03.13.14 Electronic
Long Long Winter w/rok41 Vic Holman 03.10.14 Pop (Alternative)
Another Day (w Philip18) PeterB7858 03.01.14 Acoustic
Inverloch Morning (with Rok41) Philip18 02.28.14 Smooth Jazz
Sweet Life Charday 02.27.14 Funk
Spance pnjcic 03.08.14 Rock (instrumental)
Aereo Marino_Experiment 03.08.14 Rock (instrumental)
Decent Girl lengold 02.24.14 Other
Questions (w Mark Holbrook and Sigmund) PeterB7858 02.22.14 Rock
Homestead/with Roxylee,John Kaplan,Guygrooves,Jiguma,Scofugate davisamerica2 02.22.14 Country-Western
Leave Me Alone groovehounds 02.17.14 Blues (contemporary)
Have It All rok41 02.15.14 Rock
Preguntas sammydix 02.14.14 Latin
4 D Glasses Daugrin 02.08.14 Experimental
Glass Piano paul f. page 02.05.14 Easy Listening
01-25-14 mvh9591 02.05.14 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
You're My Friend Bob Rodgers 02.04.14 Acoustic
A Man in Black (There's more to Life) with SIGMUND and PHILIP18 Franciscus_Henri 01.31.14 Acoustic Rock
SOME DAYS WILL BE LIKE THAT jiguma 01.30.14 Rhythm and Blues
Right on Time 2014- feat. David McNair aclarke 01.28.14 Rock
Yawn Hammer grid stalker 01.26.14 Psychedelic
Rust'n Bone gadzooks 01.26.14 Folk (contemporary)
The Lady (WIP). Fire_Angel 01.25.14 Classical
Long Way To Go (v2) PeterB7858 01.24.14 Acoustic
Thank You, featuring David McNair on drums grah3am 01.22.14 Rock
Shimmer paddler 01.20.14 Electropop
God Rest Her Soul FEEL 01.20.14 Gospel
Skinny Boys:Skinny Girls echoroom 01.12.14 Electronic
Lost (Sammydix, Sigmund) rok41 01.11.14 Progressive Rock
Roly Poly Ford w/Sloparts,Guygrooves,Awigze,Rgpaddler davisamerica2 01.11.14 Folk-Rock
HighGain AllenDean 01.06.14 Rock (instrumental)
You Love Her Man Gaylen75 01.05.14 Alternative Rock
Book of Lies RobJVM 01.05.14 Progressive Rock
Open Jam @ MacJams/Tadashi tadashi 01.04.14 Blues (contemporary)
I'm Tired Of...! Vic Holman 01.03.14 Art Rock
What could go wrong? Philip18 01.02.14 Folk (contemporary)
Open Jam @ MacJams alackbass 01.01.14 Open Collaborations
White Christmas gadzooks 12.21.13 Holiday
O Christmas Tree (w/lilmom) rok41 12.19.13 Holiday
Life On The Loop To Loop Gaylen75 12.17.13 Art Rock
The Cartoon Animator LSP2 Doug Somers 12.17.13 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Cheap Tricks (LSP2) sschedra 12.06.13 Rock & Roll
Heart Song magnatone 11.21.13 Piano
Ninety-Three paul f. page 11.12.13 Piano
Pushing Buttons with Anne Cozean FEEL 11.11.13 Folk-Rock
Birth SRC2013 Doug Somers 11.03.13 Twentieth Century
Waiting rok41 11.01.13 Rock
This is who we are Philip18 10.24.13 Acoustic
Long Shadows Vic Holman 10.19.13 Alternative Rock
Colossal Seed Parichayaka 10.17.13 Electronic
The Old Man DWL 10.13.13 Political
Metal Surfin sammydix 10.12.13 Rock & Roll
You're So Delicious Bob6stringer 10.12.13 Acoustic Rock
Ornamental Featherweight echoroom 10.06.13 Acoustic Rock
Legacy #5 (NEW STRINGS!) Llarion 10.05.13 Smooth Jazz
oddball ste 10.05.13 Pop (Alternative)
Beautiful Day PeterB7858 10.01.13 Acoustic
Green Song richard13 10.01.13 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Jump Right In jiguma 10.01.13 Acoustic Rock
scarlett and blue pablatone 09.27.13 Acoustic
Repercussion Mosaica 09.24.13 Latin
In My Life Llarion 09.23.13 Folk (contemporary)
Don't Wish Your Life Away (H4 Demo) alackbass 09.22.13 Acoustic
THE MAN FROM LARAMIE Bowman 09.21.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Everyone In Between Vic Holman 09.20.13 Alternative Rock
Say (Spitlogic/Davis2 mix) davisamerica 09.19.13 Psychedelic
Life's a Trip with rok41 FEEL 09.15.13 Rock
Right For Me Gaylen75 09.11.13 Alternative Rock
It's All Good alackbass 09.08.13 Blues (traditional)
The King Of No Man [FINAL, w/download] Alimar 09.07.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Penny for your thoughts Parichayaka 09.05.13 Solo Instrument
The Koolaide Mix (A Barry and John Production) Reinholt56 09.03.13 Ambient
The Far Sky Ex_Silentio 09.02.13 Ambient
Sleep (w JScott and Alannah) Alannah 09.02.13 Other
Pulse echoroom 09.01.13 Pop (Alternative)
Down-N-Out Llarion 08.30.13 Jazz (instrumental)
Rolling on egobandit 08.30.13 Alternative Rock
Syzygy II w/VicDiesel sammydix 08.30.13 Ethnic-International
Theres a prog in my Soup 2 ShadowofNine 08.30.13 Progressive Rock
Pearl Wave Narad 08.30.13 Piano
Improv. 22 August paul f. page 08.27.13 Piano
BAD PLUMBING BLUES (w Grathy) KCsGROOVE 08.27.13 Blues (contemporary)
Song of the Morning (with Franciscus Henri) Philip18 08.26.13 Acoustic
Something in my Heart hackneybloke 08.26.13 Acoustic
Petroglyph Rock VicDiesel 08.24.13 Native American
oosh ste 08.21.13 Reggae
Legacy #5 (New Recording) Llarion 08.21.13 Smooth Jazz
Legacy #5 (2003 Recording) Llarion 08.20.13 Smooth Jazz
The Fourth Mood Fire_Angel 08.18.13 Piano
UFO Narad 08.18.13 Electronic
806 DrToasty 08.17.13 Ambient
Mustang Plains VicDiesel 08.17.13 Native American
YearBook (vicmix) davisamerica 08.15.13 Art Rock
I Mellow Tone Moviz 08.15.13 Jazz (vocal)
Long Way To Go PeterB7858 08.14.13 Acoustic
New: Sunrise Over the Rhone Complete - Avignon Suite Doug Somers 08.06.13 Twentieth Century
Swimming in the Circuits /carbon Les_Kloo 08.05.13 Progressive Rock
No Dancing Please lengold 08.05.13 Other
THE DECIDERS Bowman 08.03.13 Classical
Piano Vrs Piano(s) MarkHolbrook 08.01.13 Piano
An Old Irish Blessing Mystified 07.29.13 Folk (contemporary)
The Song of the Lost Fire_Angel 07.27.13 Ambient
Samba Del Sur (with Rok41) Philip18 07.26.13 Latin Jazz
Dragonfly paddler 07.25.13 Piano
Razorhed-LIVE AllenDean 07.22.13 Hard Rock
Walking With Moon Waves Skean 07.21.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
I Have Dreamed Moviz 07.20.13 Ballad
Ce Matin — Awakening paul f. page 07.20.13 Classical
Dark Matter (promo/demo version) Reload 07.19.13 Progressive Rock
Tonight LisaHawbaker 07.18.13 Dance-Club
Monstra City egobandit 07.18.13 Progressive Rock
The Haunted Llarion 07.17.13 Easy Listening
NOTHING IS FOREVER Bowman 07.14.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
You Are Philip18 07.10.13 Acoustic
Don't Tell Me We Know w/ Saltaireguru77 Symphony101 07.08.13 Rock
I Have Been Deceived TobinMueller 07.08.13 Jazz (vocal)
Five Million Years (remix) echoroom 07.07.13 Alternative Rock
Eighty-Four paul f. page 07.04.13 Piano
Across Gibraltar Llarion 07.03.13 Smooth Jazz
BILLY (Won't Be Waking Up At All) jiguma 07.03.13 Acoustic Rock
As The World Passes By (Speakeasy Sway) Gaylen75 07.01.13 Art Rock
Wire Vic Holman 06.29.13 Alternative Rock
Two Friends Philip18 06.26.13 Smooth Jazz
Sunrise Over the Rhone - Avignon Suite - WIP Doug Somers 06.26.13 Classical
Glad I Found You (with Bitfield & Scofugate) Moviz 06.24.13 Latin
I Like Your Style groovehounds 07.08.13 Pop (Alternative)
WEST OF KHARTOUM Bowman 06.23.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
OUT HERE AND STRANDED - featuring Mandy Siegel jiguma 06.22.13 Rhythm and Blues
Embryo Llarion 06.20.13 Smooth Jazz
Where Has it Gone by Jerry Quinn w/ Ryan, Jeff, ktb & Loob alackbass 06.20.13 Blues (contemporary)
In My Deepest Thoughts Skean 06.18.13 Experimental
Dad's March 5 2013 Doug Somers 06.12.13 Twentieth Century
Wave Goodbye magnatone 06.12.13 Piano
INTO THE BLUE jiguma 06.12.13 Acoustic Rock
Coulda Shoulda gadzooks 06.11.13 Pop (Alternative)
Lacy / w davisamerica, awigze, Sisters & rok41 davisamerica2 06.11.13 Ballad
Close to the Bone by Jerry Quinn alackbass 06.10.13 Rock & Roll
They Must Vic Holman 06.09.13 Alternative Rock
Dignity TobinMueller 06.09.13 Blues (contemporary)
The Wish Granter Symphony101 06.05.13 Progressive Rock
I Remember Christmas Eve Llarion 06.03.13 Smooth Jazz
Coming Home (MJCC2013) Philip18 06.02.13 Acoustic
Caroline Knows by michael2 (MJCC2013) w/ rok41 & The Kiddoze alackbass 05.31.13 Acoustic Rock
Travellers Blues (MJCC2013) gadzooks 05.31.13 Blues (contemporary)
Freedom Rings (MJCC2013) FEEL 05.31.13 Rock
Find Yourself (MJCC2013) MarkHolbrook 05.31.13 Acoustic Rock
Hey, Cool Water (MJCC2013) PeterB7858 05.30.13 Acoustic
Adagio in G minor-Albinoni MidiOrleans 05.24.13 Baroque
You Got It Going (by Speakeasy Sway) Gaylen75 05.21.13 Art Rock
Autumn Falling PeterB7858 05.19.13 Acoustic
Sweet Isolation echoroom 05.19.13 Alternative Rock
Darkest Skies Vic Holman 05.17.13 Art Rock
Dead Roads MartynAndrewPRice 05.17.13 Alternative Rock
My Funny Valentine SylviaD 05.16.13 Ballad
Weak by Speakeasy Sway Gaylen75 05.14.13 Rock
A Fly gadzooks 05.12.13 Other
no illusions egobandit 05.10.13 Alternative Rock
King Kong pablatone 05.08.13 Folk-Rock
Raindrops Prelude 867-5309 05.06.13 Piano
A Sad Goodbye (Julia's Song) ShadowofNine 05.05.13 Other
Eclipse Narad 05.04.13 Experimental
Close to Midnight w/ alackbass, rok41, paul f. page, & KyasheMusic Philip18 05.03.13 Acoustic
I Want Emoticon FEEL 05.01.13 Rock
The Walls Of Jericho Narad 04.30.13 Film Scoring
Crystal paul f. page 04.29.13 Piano
We Can't Let It Go Bob Rodgers 04.28.13 Country-Western
Sister Cappelli Lennon714 04.28.13 Psychedelic
Syzygy One sammydix 04.27.13 Ambient
Take It Back gadzooks 04.27.13 Rock
Falling For Witchita Matt_Reynolds 04.26.13 Jazz (instrumental)
The Long Way (w/ Saltaireguru77) PeterB7858 04.25.13 Rhythm and Blues
Brother Can You Spare A Dime thetiler 04.24.13 Folk (contemporary)
Frozen Man (by James Taylor) TobinMueller 04.23.13 Ballad
Someone Is Jealous Of You Vic Holman 04.21.13 Alternative Rock
Wandering Blues johnwhitehead 04.21.13 Bluegrass
News Is Gonna Break jiguma 04.15.13 Reggae
Muddy Fields/ w DWL & rmarris davisamerica2 04.14.13 Acoustic Rock
Room FEEL 04.14.13 Rock
Lonely Generation Symphony101 04.14.13 Alternative Rock
Weaving WharmtonRise 04.13.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
An Eventful Walk. Fire_Angel 04.13.13 Piano
The Best Is Yet To Come (MJ Dead?) SylviaD 04.09.13 Jazz (instrumental)
The Beach glennkav 04.07.13 Rock
Going Home - w/ Vic Holman Symphony101 03.25.13 Alternative Rock
The Game rok41 03.23.13 Rock
Roll with it Feter 03.18.13 Open Collaborations
03172013 aka St Patty's Day Jazz 90 bpm SCJohnson59 03.17.13 Open Collaborations
THE KING'S MEN Bowman 03.17.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Why am I? kingkenny 03.16.13 Alternative Rock
Funky Loop VicDiesel 03.16.13 Funk
Seventy paul f. page 03.15.13 Piano
To The Stars (with Rok41) Philip18 03.15.13 Acoustic
Down With You Aemyn 03.15.13 Metal
Just Ain't Worth a Song (2 Track) alackbass 03.14.13 Blues (contemporary)
Can't Explain Vic Holman 03.13.13 Rock
burning hitler woofer3 03.13.13 Acoustic
Fifty Fathoms Deep PeterB7858 03.12.13 Jazz (vocal)
RESONANCE w/Symphony 101 bud 03.09.13 Electronic
Nothing Special Gaylen75 03.08.13 Acoustic Rock
Firestorm Parichayaka 03.07.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Addiction w/Stephanie Garni 03.07.13 Pop (Alternative)
01-15-13 Not sure where it's taking me. mvh9591 03.05.13 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
01-15-13 mvh9591 03.05.13 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Nobody's Fault But Mine w/ Sigmund pablatone 03.04.13 Blues (traditional)
Street People (Anomalous w/Alannah) Alannah 03.02.13 Rock
Nine Long Days Bob Rodgers 03.02.13 Blues (contemporary)
PULSE w/Sisters bud 03.01.13 Other
Hyper-Reality thetonething 03.01.13 Electronic
Hold On Moviz 03.01.13 Pop (Alternative)
The Rush(in) -demo (The Rapscallions) Cheese Pantz 02.28.13 Rock (instrumental)
Tonight gadzooks 02.19.13 Alternative Rock
Fading In the Dark (using the alackbass tune "Orphan Changes") Philip18 02.16.13 Acoustic
Equator Medley Parichayaka 02.12.13 Ethnic-International
Slab City DWL 02.12.13 Alternative Rock
Orphan Changes alackbass 02.10.13 Open Collaborations
The Rest FEEL 02.07.13 Rock
Let me tell you- Miguel´s trio jordifiol 02.07.13 Rock (instrumental)
Past:Present kingbee 02.07.13 Acoustic
ballad-Miguel's trio jordifiol 02.04.13 Rock (instrumental)
Planet tadashi 02.03.13 Jazz Fusion
allot about egobandit 02.01.13 Alternative Rock
There and Back richard13 02.01.13 Experimental
Doors.. Soundhound 01.31.13 Hip Hop-Rap
San Antonio Nights (with Rok41) Philip18 01.23.13 Latin Jazz
LINCOLN Bowman 01.21.13 Classical
Waiting By the Clearance Rack (At Ann Taylor Loft) alackbass 01.19.13 Country-Western
Weather with Emily Rohm and Steve Cole FEEL 01.18.13 Rock
Why Do I Remember? / With DWL & Davisamerica davisamerica2 01.17.13 Country-Western
Stan's Tune gadzooks 01.14.13 Rock (instrumental)
One More Friend Philip18 01.10.13 Acoustic
The Second Coming Of Prometheus ShadowofNine 01.08.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
Winter Henke 01.08.13 Cinematic Soundtrack
They Don't Lie Les_Kloo 01.08.13 Progressive Rock
Rumbles of Discontent Fire_Angel 01.06.13 Electropop
Out Here and Stranded jiguma 01.04.13 Rhythm and Blues
Back...Look Way Back ShadowofNine 01.01.13 Rock & Roll
Time Of Mourning Fire_Angel 12.30.12 Piano
Someone Else's Blues alackbass 12.24.12 Rock
12:12:12 mvh9591 12.21.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Philip18 12.21.12 Holiday
Where Can You Be Hiding, Ralph a capella PaulaMunk 12.20.12 Experimental
Happy Holidays(MJ Card) davisamerica 12.20.12 Holiday
O' Tannenbaum (w/SylviaD) rok41 12.20.12 Holiday
When the End Was Near (Doom2012) alackbass 12.14.12 Blues (contemporary)
InfraUltra Les_Kloo 12.12.12 Progressive Rock
Do You Hear What I Hear? SylviaD 12.11.12 Holiday
When You Thought We Weren't Looking (remix) alackbass 12.08.12 Blues (contemporary)
You Tonight.... Soundhound 12.07.12 Downtempo
NOVEMBER KCsGROOVE 12.02.12 Acoustic Rock
When You Thought We Weren't Looking alackbass 12.01.12 Blues (contemporary)
Seventy-Four paul f. page 11.30.12 Piano
The Angel Sleigh Moviz 11.29.12 Holiday
RazorHed AllenDean 11.27.12 Hard Rock
Memories of Marrakesh gadzooks 11.26.12 Rock (instrumental)
Home gcjjones 11.22.12 Acoustic
Milky Way Over a Starlit Lake Doug Somers 11.13.12 Ambient
The End (of the world) gadzooks 11.11.12 Acoustic Rock
Bad Blood by The Speakeasy Sway Gaylen75 11.07.12 Alternative Rock
Monkey Hammer five_extra_arms 11.05.12 Electropop
When We Were Band Diego_B 11.15.12 Acoustic Rock
Silver Tongues and Golden Boys Vic Holman 11.02.12 Art Rock
The Edge PeterB7858 11.02.12 Acoustic
Boys and Girls Can't Be Friends cwispas 11.02.12 Alternative Rock
I See Your Face Before Me SylviaD 11.02.12 Pop (Alternative)
Lucien's Cat by Skean and awigze awigze 11.01.12 Experimental
It's True Moviz 11.01.12 Pop (Alternative)
Hilltop Haunted Mansion HALLOWEEN2012 Doug Somers 10.31.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Nostalgia (duo with Maria Puglisi) jordifiol 10.30.12 Ballad
Now I Know Where My Enemy is Sleeping Franciscus_Henri 10.30.12 Acoustic Rock
let me be egobandit 10.26.12 Art Rock
Can't Rise Up Char 10.26.12 Open Collaborations
Catalina Sun (with Rok41) Philip18 10.25.12 Smooth Jazz
Big Car - No Shoes jiguma 10.25.12 Blues (contemporary)
Fields of Light Parichayaka 10.24.12 Piano
SUN CHASER Bowman 10.21.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
I'm Me (Scene #3) TheAvalancheSuperband 10.28.12 Acoustic Rock
A Meeting Of East and West Fire_Angel 10.13.12 Piano
Rollin' Thunder NeonMadman 10.09.12 Rock
Homeless musichead 10.05.12 Rock
Through My Window Gaylen75 10.01.12 Alternative Rock
Until You Join Me There alackbass 09.29.12 Acoustic
How Did We Let This Happen? (with Songwriterz) Philip18 09.28.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Then There Were Four (with Scofugate) Moviz 09.28.12 Art Rock
Unrequited Love Songwriterz 09.27.12 Electropop
EchoboxReload ElaDevine 09.27.12 NUjazz
Grace (Sisters/VicHolman/awigze mix) davisamerica 09.22.12 Art Rock
Legend paul f. page 09.17.12 Classical
A Lame Tame Crane alackbass 09.16.12 Children's Music
I Found Love Moviz 09.16.12 Latin Pop
Curtains of Curiosity Vic Holman 09.15.12 Acoustic Rock
The Summit ShadowofNine 09.15.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Road Home Philip18 09.14.12 Acoustic
synthopolis 0x01 ic42 08.29.12 Electropop
Real Eyes FEEL 08.28.12 Rock
Wonna Gets Back My's Love Blues sammydix 08.21.12 Other
Driving Through Plutonium Les_Kloo 08.20.12 Progressive Rock
A More Deserving Man (Woodstock 2012) alackbass 08.10.12 Acoustic Rock
It's Just as Well (Gaylen75, Sigmund, Ritter) rok41 08.05.12 Rock
Resurrection of Life (w/ Loob, Rok41, Symphony101, Gadzooks) neilh79 08.05.12 Funk
I Can't - With James Holliday, Chris Flyn, Mike Watkins, Matt Smith speedonl 08.05.12 Indie Rock
Sixty-Six paul f. page 08.02.12 Piano
B E A U T I F U L lengold 07.30.12 Other
Bill Grogan's Goat alackbass 07.22.12 Children's Music
Tomorrow by Saltaireguru77 w/ lholden Symphony101 07.20.12 Alternative Rock
"Centurions" abzwork 07.19.12 Jazz (instrumental)
bent/K.I.S.KISMET tokai 07.19.12 Trip Hop
Uprise Aemyn 07.18.12 Metal
Every Night, Every Morning CrazeeFlootGrrl 07.18.12 Dance-Club
Burnin" gadzooks 07.17.12 Acoustic Rock
The World is Dew Les_Kloo 07.17.12 Art Rock
Bring Us Back Again (Jones M Remix) Songwriterz 07.16.12 Dance-Club
"Voodoo Secrets" evolution 2 abzwork 07.15.12 Ethnic-International
Sing by Jerry Quinn alackbass 07.14.12 Acoustic Rock
That Sexy Smile w/KTB/Scofugate/Bassjam04/Sigmund Gaylen75 07.09.12 Rock
Get Real FrankAxtell 07.09.12 Hard Rock
The Yard Bent_Axis 07.06.12 Rock
Rock ( At The Top of The Park) Ann Arbor ,MI Feter 07.05.12 Rock
Native Urge Featuring Sammy Dixon scaustrita 07.04.12 Funk
Underground Gaylen75 07.04.12 Electropop
Time is a Healer gadzooks 07.03.12 A Cappella
This Pleasant Land Fire_Angel 07.01.12 Film Scoring
DONUTS DON'T GROW ON TREES barryboomer 06.30.12 Children's Music
A7 by the Seashore bud 06.29.12 Ambient
There'll Be No Loving by Jerry_Quinn w/ Ryan, Dad, ktb, gadzooks, scofugate alackbass 06.29.12 Country-Western
Silence Of Darkness w/ Vic Holman Symphony101 06.28.12 Alternative Rock
Flying gadzooks 06.28.12 Hard Rock
lottery Ticket egobandit 06.27.12 Art Rock
Enjoy The Ride Philip18 06.27.12 Rock & Roll
Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder michaeljayklein 06.26.12 Swing
In Some Other World tonestones 06.25.12 Progressive Rock
Sacred & Profane alackbass 06.22.12 Acoustic
Chester Flatts gadzooks 06.20.12 Bluegrass
_'Ancient Tongues'_'Evolution on the One' TvRicky 06.18.12 Jazz Fusion
The Broken Swing Philip18 06.15.12 Acoustic
Prairie Dawn paul f. page 06.14.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Rusted Gaylen75 06.13.12 Alternative Rock
Dad's March IV Doug Somers 06.13.12 Twentieth Century
Nothing You Can Say w/ Jerry_Quinn, Ryan, ktb, & scofugate alackbass 06.12.12 Rock
"Breakfast Show" abzwork 06.10.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Rain Rain gadzooks 06.09.12 Alternative Rock
Let Down (DWH w/Alannah) Alannah 06.08.12 Other
By Now I.G.M. 06.08.12 Acoustic
Now the Love is Gone, a capella PaulaMunk 06.08.12 Open Collaborations
Twisted neilh79 06.08.12 Acoustic
(An Untitled) Intro BirdmanWayne94 06.01.12 Fingerstyle Guitar
I'll Make You Strong (collab w/Symphony101 & Melsi) Songwriterz 06.01.12 Ballad
I Don't Want to Hear by Jerry Quinn w/ Ryan & Loob alackbass 06.01.12 Latin Jazz
3am w/Tyler Gaylen75 05.31.12 Acoustic Rock
Ungrounded 867-5309 05.31.12 Piano
Harmonia Mundi (2.1 not live 5.1 version) LeXxi 05.29.12 Other
Angels Riding the Nightwind Mosaica 05.28.12 New Age
Our Castle in the Skies w/ Vic Holman Symphony101 05.28.12 Psychedelic
Riding with the Son w/ DavisAmerica, scofugate and KTB awigze 05.26.12 Art Rock
Requiem for Choir Silky5 05.26.12 Classical
I Am NomadicMind 05.26.12 Alternative Rock
If I only had a brain tonestones 05.25.12 Progressive Rock
White Collar Suburban Blues gadzooks 05.24.12 Blues (contemporary)
Guitars in Autumn with Rok41 & Scofugate Philip18 05.22.12 Smooth Jazz
Jiggy Man/Gadzooks sammydix 05.22.12 Reggae
Two of a Kind Moviz 05.21.12 Latin
Terrible Hands w/KTB/Scofugate/Bassjam04/Sigmund Gaylen75 05.19.12 Alternative Rock
"Onah Northside" abzwork 05.18.12 Jazz Fusion
Derelict PatriciaGirl 05.16.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Free Man gadzooks 05.14.12 Folk-Rock
How It Seems alackbass 05.12.12 Acoustic
COTES (Sammydix, Sigmund, Ritter) rok41 05.11.12 Rock
Fool For Loving You Bob Rodgers 05.10.12 Blues (contemporary)
Messing With My Heart (w/ Billy Playle) PeterB7858 05.09.12 Funk
When Your Lover Has Gone SylviaD 05.07.12 Jazz (instrumental)
Nobody Knows You (Italian Dance Remix by Andy Fox!) ramonaji 05.06.12 Dance-Club
Bad Ass Bent_Axis 05.06.12 Hard Rock
Improvisation for Piano & Clarinet UnderThePianoMan 05.05.12 Classical
Alone on a River w/ sammydix & kevmikwa alackbass 05.04.12 Hard Rock
"The 5:15" abzwork 05.04.12 Jazz Fusion
The Triple Man Les_Kloo 05.01.12 Progressive Rock
Sanctified Fonk /Les_Kloo sammydix 04.28.12 Funk
"All The Kingz Men" abzwork 04.28.12 Jazz Fusion
Trust Me ShadowofNine 04.28.12 Pop (mainstream)
Perpetual Motion paul f. page 04.27.12 Piano
Own the Problem, Penny alackbass 04.20.12 Acoustic
The Warning Bells PeterB7858 04.20.12 Acoustic
If Today Were My Last Day gadzooks 04.18.12 Alternative Rock
No Damn Cradle Les_Kloo 04.15.12 Progressive Rock
Pretty Baby Bang Bang w/ProtoTypeEightyOne/Gaylen75 Carrie71 04.15.12 Hip Hop-Rap
Lonelier Than That w/KTB sammydix 04.15.12 Cha-Cha
Love Crazy Baby Kicbal 04.15.12 Funk
Penguin Rag thetiler 04.10.12 Fingerstyle Guitar
Not Now Philip18 04.10.12 Acoustic
Suffer w/KTB/Scofugate/Rok41/Sig/TylerT Gaylen75 04.08.12 Alternative Rock
Got You Cryin (Loob, Finkeldink, Nacho) ted23 04.08.12 Alternative Rock
"LifeForce" abzwork 04.08.12 Jazz Fusion
Myst johnfloy 04.07.12 Progressive Rock
The Devil's Argument :P crissew 04.07.12 Alternative Rock
Waiting Here For You alackbass 04.06.12 Easy Listening
Howlin' Demons gadzooks 04.04.12 Blues (contemporary)
Phase Me Out aRcTip 04.02.12 Psychedelic
Saving You From Yourself ramonaji 04.01.12 Pop (Alternative)
_'Game'_ TvRicky 03.31.12 Jazz Fusion
Euro House ShadowofNine 03.31.12 Dance-Club
cant complain egobandit 03.30.12 Psychedelic
Be Bop TvRicky Philip18 03.30.12 Smooth Jazz
"Getting Close To You" abzwork 03.28.12 Jazz (vocal)
Sunshine PatriciaGirl 03.27.12 Piano
UpDownStrange Les_Kloo 03.26.12 Progressive Rock
The Tork w/Andrew Sharp featuring Carrie71 Gaylen75 03.25.12 Art Rock
A Study Parichayaka 03.24.12 Film Scoring
Slip of the Tongue (w. hackneybloke, Loob & Philip18) PeterB7858 03.24.12 Acoustic Rock
Shoreline Foxelina 03.26.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Your Own Worst Enemy alackbass 03.24.12 Folk (contemporary)
I GOT RHYTHM michaeljayklein 03.24.12 Jazz (vocal)
Who Are They That Come Vic Holman 03.23.12 Alternative Rock
Then She Bleeded DWL 03.23.12 Acoustic Rock
Happy MacJams Day! Philip18 03.23.12 Comedy-Satire-Parody
It Might As Well Be Spring with MOVIZ SylviaD 03.19.12 Jazz (vocal)
Dance Mechanic (Video) ShadowofNine 03.19.12 Dance-Club
Where Were You Yesterday? sammydix 03.17.12 Other
The Warts And All paddler 03.15.12 Rock
Hand & Heart Philip18 03.14.12 Acoustic
What Will Be... (Vic Holman & Jack Miller) Dadai.2 03.13.12 Acoustic Rock
Golden Age Relic67 03.11.12 Rock
Got A Man Cold gadzooks 03.11.12 Acoustic Rock
Every People Know w/Rok41, KTB, Scofugate & Sisters hackneybloke 03.09.12 Political
The Campfire w/ Catherine Symphony101 03.08.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Verbing Common Noun Les_Kloo 03.07.12 Progressive Rock
Lament a la Paul Page kassia 03.05.12 Open Collaborations
In A Dream Moviz 03.04.12 Ballad
Night Traveller gadzooks 03.03.12 Art Rock
_'What's Going On?'_ TvRicky 03.03.12 Funk
Cloudgig (w/ DavisAmerica) awigze 03.02.12 Other
aRINS Flight PatriciaGirl 03.02.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Shiny Things Philip18 03.01.12 Acoustic
Curtain Call (featuring Loob and egodays) finkeldink 02.26.12 Alternative Rock
Lament christopherpsly 02.25.12 Classical
Crossing FEEL 02.23.12 Acoustic Rock
Wanderlust (by FLY) Symphony101 02.23.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
_'SincerelyZipped'_ TvRicky 02.22.12 Jazz Fusion
Let The Rhythm Take You philonnie 02.21.12 Bossa Nova
Shimmer smokey bacon jnr 02.21.12 Dub
Two Tracks In One Skean 02.21.12 Experimental
SOMEBODY ELSE CIASM_ZENABI_ 02.19.12 Alternative Rock
A thought gadzooks 02.18.12 Acoustic
Empty Rooms w/ Leon alackbass 02.17.12 Acoustic
Oh Dear Life w/Les Kloo hackneybloke 02.17.12 Art Rock
VILLAGE DANCE feat. AWZIGE and DanAnthony bigdaddycee 02.16.12 Jazz Fusion
_'Where Am I'_Thinking of you 'Whitney' RIP 'My Lady' TvRicky 02.12.12 Jazz (vocal)
Lament de L'Amour kassia 02.11.12 Piano
Because Because (Strangedream, Sigmund and Awigze) rok41 02.10.12 Rhythm and Blues
Green Eyes Philip18 02.09.12 Acoustic
_ TvRicky 02.08.12 Ambient
Too Many Whispers Moviz 02.08.12 Rock
Cut Glass dashriprock 02.07.12 Folk-Rock
Medley: The Shadow Band ShadowofNine 02.05.12 Rock
Learning from the Best ronnielong 02.03.12 Hard Rock
No Place Like Home TobinMueller 02.01.12 Smooth Jazz
Angels Riding the Nightwind (with richard13) Doug Somers 01.31.12 New Age
The End (Train Home) w/ Loob, finkeldink, Symphony101 and Sigmund neilh79 01.28.12 Rock
expected excepted egobandit 01.26.12 Rock (instrumental)
Cry (לבכות) Featuring Hadass Pal Yarden ShadowofNine 01.25.12 Classical
_'Te quiero a ti'_ TvRicky 01.25.12 Latin Jazz
When I Grow Up FEEL 01.23.12 Children's Music
Plays On My Mind ShadowofNine 01.23.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
A Hero/MJ City w/Alannah Vic Holman 01.21.12 Hard Rock
Such is Life gadzooks 01.21.12 Acoustic
Fallen FEEL 01.15.12 Alternative Rock
The Circle Game gadzooks 01.15.12 Acoustic
Pull Of Torch (by FLY) Symphony101 01.14.12 Alternative Rock
Photosynthesis and Exploration PatriciaGirl 01.13.12 Cinematic Soundtrack
Sitting On A Rainbow Slashh! 01.13.12 Pop (Alternative)
Foreign Stranger sammydix 01.12.12 Other
Guitars on the Boulevard (with PeterB7858) Philip18 01.10.12 Smooth Jazz
The Faded Smile rok41 01.08.12 Art Rock
As The Tide Comes In jiguma 01.07.12 Acoustic Rock
Yellow Rose Baz 01.07.12 Acoustic
Delay Kitten Les_Kloo 01.04.12 Progressive Rock
Emma, Reincarnate (by davisamerica) richard13 01.01.12 Trip Hop
Beetlybop gadzooks 12.31.11 NUjazz
Streaks of Blue alackbass 12.27.11 Blues (traditional)
the day it all went black (w/tokai) carbon 12.20.11 Art Rock
Glad You're Lonely Too w/ Alackbass, Paddler, and Scofugate strangedream 12.19.11 Pop (Alternative)
Hum (VicHolman/Sisters Mix) davisamerica 12.17.11 Rock
Everyday On The Cross (w/ Alannah & Spitlogic) Symphony101 12.10.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Theme #2 kassia 12.09.11 New Age
Tokyo Sunset Franciscus_Henri 12.08.11 Ballad
"Can We Talk" abzwork 12.07.11 Jazz Fusion
Blind Love (Seeing Heart) - Orchestral Version magnatone 12.06.11 Pop Classical
I Ain't Never Been Lucky In Love guygrooves 12.05.11 Blues (contemporary)
Summer Rain w/ awigze, gadzooks, Philip18, PeterB7858, michaeljayklein, grahame1956 and SmokeyVW neilh79 12.05.11 Acoustic
Dollar Store Christmas crissew 12.03.11 Holiday
The Lollipop Lady's Lament DWL 12.03.11 Smooth Jazz
Weekly Jam in C gadzooks 12.03.11 Alternative Rock
Song of X lavalamp 12.03.11 Alternative Rock
Omnes Hominess Mendaces Sunt Alannah 12.02.11 Other
O, Holy Night (trad.) Llarion 12.02.11 Holiday
New - Ejected - Finale SpaceRace 2011 v6 Doug Somers 12.02.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Robots Like to Break it Down aRcTip 12.01.11 Electronic
The Band Is Back Together w/ Gadzooks, Loob & JP Philip18 12.01.11 Blues (contemporary)
Snowjade kickthemoon626 12.01.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Pussycat trio gets bird trio (W/Char) Skean 12.01.11 Experimental
Summer Nocturne (feat. awigze) richard13 12.01.11 Downtempo
You're the Top! michaeljayklein 12.01.11 Showtunes
Pussycat Trio (1 min trailer challenge) Demeter7 12.01.11 Children's Music
Everything billykirsch 11.29.11 Shoegazer
Camel Walk 867-5309 11.29.11 Holiday
To The Hills f/ Solange & Bilal axljfoley 11.29.11 Easy Listening
White Boy Speaks of Rivers geschwarztes 11.29.11 Acoustic
P.O.M./Sammy dix/Ktb/Awigze tokai 11.28.11 Art Rock
The Arms Of Eternity-Master AllenDean 11.27.11 Acoustic
Chanconeta Tedescha VicDiesel 11.26.11 Renaissance
S.O.S. ShadowofNine 11.26.11 Experimental
Symphony of the Night PrototypeEightyOne 11.26.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Picture In One's Mind Skean 11.26.11 Art Rock
OuterWorlds: THE LAST DAY Bowman 11.25.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Wonkcheese shavingronaldscar 11.25.11 Dance-Club
me and you egobandit 11.25.11 Psychedelic
SlaveMentality.... Soundhound 11.25.11 Spoken Word-Poetry
Metamorphosis gadzooks 11.25.11 NUjazz
How Great Thou Art guitaraddict 11.23.11 Alternative Rock
You're The One To Let Me Down ybsongs 11.23.11 Alternative Rock
Smanie Implacabili Mosaica 11.22.11 Opera
Cosmic ShadowofNine 11.22.11 Electropop
Good Wife five_extra_arms 11.21.11 Alternative Rock
my only birthday (2011 remix) that80sboy 11.21.11 Pop (Alternative)
Tender the Moment when Flowers Begin [duo] davidsmith99 11.20.11 Classical
Those Doggone Blues gadzooks 11.18.11 Blues (contemporary)
yuki (snow) PatriciaGirl 11.17.11 Piano
Blur Vic Holman 11.17.11 Alternative Rock
A Brisk Walk in the Autumn Forest Henke 11.16.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Theme #1 kassia 11.15.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dream of Stars (incomplete) (mj space race 2011) Bubowski 11.11.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Transient Parichayaka 11.11.11 Downtempo
Bourrée in E Minor (J. S. Bach) Symphony101 11.11.11 Classical
Sirius (MJ Space Challenge) Moviz 11.08.11 Spoken Word-Poetry
Starsong Lullaby-Richard13/ic42 (mj space race 2011) ic42 11.02.11 Children's Music
Cradle 867-5309 11.02.11 Piano
TinTin (mj space race 2011) PatriciaGirl 11.02.11 Ambient
Carina (mj space race 2011) Moviz 11.01.11 Ambient
Oh Danny Boy TobinMueller 10.28.11 Ballad
Rumours (i don't care) Vic Holman 10.27.11 Alternative Rock
Where You Belong Gaylen75 10.23.11 Acoustic Rock
No Love In Between poisotonic 10.27.11 Trip Hop
Go Quietly gator4040 10.20.11 Punk-Grunge
Crystal Meditation 2 Henke 10.17.11 Ambient
Give Your Love Away (w SISTERS) shakthi 10.17.11 Ethnic-International
99% bud 10.16.11 Alternative Rock
I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye gadzooks 10.15.11 Alternative Rock
SAFE HANDS w sisters,thoddi,ktb,kevmikwa,rok41 jiguma 10.12.11 Rhythm and Blues
Dá-me espaço para as palavras craft 10.10.11 Other
The Cat Came Back alackbass 10.08.11 Children's Music
Everyone's drunk in the 70s DWL 10.06.11 Electropop
Chop The Groove (funk challenge with Elevator Funk) michael2 10.05.11 Funk
I Don't Know What To Do Vic Holman 10.02.11 Indie Rock
First Dance Dragonas 10.02.11 Celtic
Summer 11 Henke 10.02.11 Electronic
Killer Miller w/musichead crissew 10.02.11 Folk-Rock
Gold sammydix 09.29.11 Latin Jazz
Guitars Visit Venezuela Philip18 09.25.11 Latin Jazz
Honest Son (MedicineShowBand) davisamerica 09.25.11 Art Rock
Melissa's Song paul f. page 09.22.11 Classical
Unable w/ Rok41 crissew 09.21.11 Acoustic Rock
Chameleon gadzooks 09.19.11 Acoustic
Sweetly Sings The Donkey alackbass 09.17.11 Children's Music
Inner Demons mvh9591 09.16.11 Downtempo
Raise a Glass (remix) paralax 09.13.11 Progressive Rock
If All the World Were MJ w/ Alannah, Andrew, John, Mike, Scott & Stan Philip18 09.12.11 Rock
My 911 MarkHolbrook 09.12.11 Acoustic Rock
Soul of a Viking saundhaus 09.08.11 Hard Rock
Little Miss Muffet (Has the Blues) alackbass 09.02.11 Children's Music
Others Laugh 867-5309 08.30.11 Pop (mainstream)
The Lady of Light PatriciaGirl 08.30.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
I See You Now FrankAxtell 08.29.11 Rock
Irene Dub w/michael2 & particledots bud 08.29.11 Reggae
THINGS YOU DO w Rob Pompei SISTERS 08.29.11 Pop (mainstream)
The Kids are Alone (Finkeldink & Loob) ted23 08.29.11 Rock
Tyrolean Dream davajonah 08.28.11 Ambient
How Can I Know? papag 08.27.11 Other
Ed's Lament (Markholbrook version ) egobandit 08.27.11 Open Collaborations
Autodidacticus Lazicus Elevator_Funk 08.27.11 Indie Rock
My Beautiful guitaraddict 08.26.11 Alternative Rock
More interesting times Denny Borsboom 08.26.11 Blues (contemporary)
Eds Theme - With Feter,Anne,Paul MarkHolbrook 08.26.11 Other
metameme jgurner 08.26.11 Shoegazer
Costa Rican Rain Jockamo 08.26.11 Easy Listening
Unbroken ShadowofNine 08.26.11 Electropop
Ed - Forever in our hearts gail60 08.25.11 Piano
Lonely Nights, Lonely Songs (w/sloparts-Ed Wemmerus sitting in) Dadai.2 08.25.11 Country-Western
Real neilh79 08.22.11 Folk (contemporary)
Dirty Little Bones w/ Gaylen75 SteveHix DamienGH tonestones 08.20.11 Jazz Fusion
I Will Not Crawl finkeldink 08.18.11 Acoustic Rock
Eds Theme MarkHolbrook 08.18.11 Open Collaborations
In The Room gadzooks 08.16.11 Alternative Rock
Complacent (by Spitlogic) ktb 08.14.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Like Velvet Philip18 08.13.11 Acoustic
Living on the Fringe w/ Ryan, gadzooks, ktb, & Loob alackbass 08.12.11 Country-Western
Hiroshima Baby Gaylen75 08.12.11 Acoustic Rock
Ride the Wind w/RC Andrews FEEL 08.09.11 Rock
I Loved You (feat. Char) mvh9591 08.09.11 Downtempo
Her Name is Jan Slashh! 08.05.11 Pop (Alternative)
SIX of EIGHT bigdaddycee 08.03.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Suffer Gaylen75 07.30.11 Alternative Rock
Not Just Your Best Friend FEEL 07.28.11 Alternative Rock
Great Ocean Road jiguma 07.23.11 Rock & Roll
poms/awigze tokai 07.22.11 Open Collaborations
Long Gone by jerry_quinn w/ gadzooks, ktb, kevmikwa, Ryan, & David alackbass 07.22.11 Folk (contemporary)
Eyes of a Child (w/Loob) lholden 07.17.11 Pop (Alternative)
Drury Lane-Kindafishy w/sammydix sammydix 07.16.11 Rock
BAD MAN (Sigmund, Alackbass, KTB, Dashriprock) rok41 07.15.11 Rock
The First Time - iPad sloparts 07.15.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Sailing On Broken Mirrors Vic Holman 07.14.11 Alternative Rock
Dandelion PatriciaGirl 07.13.11 New Age
I'm Going Home ybsongs 07.10.11 Alternative Rock
Every Time Moviz 07.09.11 Romantic
Aint askin for money (PickQuickRecords & DavisAmerica 1 & 2) awigze 07.08.11 Pop (Alternative)
Gilberto Ibstrat 07.06.11 Bossa Nova
Brownstone Llarion 07.03.11 Smooth Jazz
MoJoZu jiguma 07.01.11 Rock
BURNING SISTERS 07.01.11 Ambient
Bourne vs Bogart (One Minute Challenge) Parichayaka 06.30.11 Bossa Nova
Put On Your Brave Face Vic Holman 06.23.11 Alternative Rock
The Journey Llarion 06.23.11 Ambient
R-U-N-Fluenced? FEEL 06.23.11 Psychedelic
Resemblance w/hackneybloke and loob sammydix 06.22.11 Rhythm and Blues
Origins Henke 06.20.11 Ambient
Blind Love (piano solo) magnatone 06.15.11 Piano
End of the Trouble w/steve hix hackneybloke 06.10.11 Acoustic
Just Be a Kid alackbass 06.09.11 Acoustic
5X4 by ShadowofNine (w/organ+synth) TobinMueller 06.09.11 Progressive Rock
Soul to Sell W/NewInfection strangedream 06.07.11 Alternative Rock
Reunion 867-5309 06.04.11 Piano
Make Amends (w/ Strangedream, Sigmund, Awigze) tonestones 06.04.11 Alternative Rock
Oh mama w/KTB thoddi 06.04.11 Blues (contemporary)
rant3:45pm(Spitlogic,bud&awigze) davisamerica 06.04.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Walking Down The Street_w/Sigmund mvh9591 06.03.11 Downtempo
Piper on the ramparts at dawn VicDiesel 06.03.11 Renaissance
First Fruit egobandit 06.03.11 Rock
Om sommaren sköna (the warm) Cori Ander 06.03.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
21st Century Love SISTERS 06.02.11 Rock
You Seem Sad (w Scofugate) Saltaireguru77 06.01.11 Indie Rock
The Light of Valhalla Llarion 05.31.11 Ambient
contemplate the unthinkable 0x01 ic42 05.30.11 Ambient
On The Boulevard scaustrita 05.30.11 Rhythm and Blues
I Am A Machine gadzooks 05.29.11 Experimental
Personality michaeljayklein 05.28.11 Swing
Don't Tell Me Who I Can Kiss w/ Alannah and Outtaorbit awigze 05.28.11 Bebop
The Recital…(live) PatriciaGirl 05.26.11 Classical
That Much Stronger alackbass 05.26.11 Acoustic
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (with Maure, Scofugate, Rok41) TheEasyAces 05.26.11 Jazz (vocal)
Black Forest Dance, take 3 drakonis 05.22.11 Classical
Throw Me billykirsch 05.22.11 Punk-Grunge
Bailey's Song kassia 05.20.11 Piano
Saved Gaylen75 05.20.11 Acoustic Rock
I lived In an Apartment Building gadzooks 05.20.11 Alternative Rock
Abby Llarion 05.25.11 Jazz (instrumental)
Harvard or Yale? w/Loob & Feel, Hix, Romanowski hackneybloke 05.20.11 Alternative Rock
Menuet in G Minor Symphony101 05.19.11 Classical
Light w/Arend Garni 05.17.11 Gothic Rock
Isolation CounterHarmony 05.17.11 Metal
The Aura of that windy night PatriciaGirl 05.17.11 New Age
Digital Production Final strangedream 05.17.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Willow Branches 867-5309 05.16.11 Folk (traditional)
Lookin Up w/The Fabulous Mr. Vizard (Moviz) sammydix 05.15.11 Ethnic-International
Clusters paul f. page 05.14.11 Piano
Chant Beat Doug Somers 05.14.11 Ethnic-International
Tattooed Scars (w/ Sigmund, Scofugate, Rok41) RAVENS 05.13.11 Alternative Rock
Firing Blindly (iPhone Demo) alackbass 05.13.11 Folk (contemporary)
Overflow (w/Sisters/Jiguma/Loob davisamerica2 05.13.11 Acoustic Rock
Tryin Hard To Wake From This American Dream (Nashville Demo) dave_b 05.09.11 Country-Western
No Way To Get High sammydix 05.08.11 Rock
Anew gator4040 05.18.11 Metal
Conjugal Stomp w/ rsorensen, FEEL, scofugate alackbass 05.06.11 Hard Rock
3519 SmokeyVW 05.05.11 Film Scoring
Anathema PatriciaGirl 05.05.11 Piano
Fusion of Minds TobinMueller 05.05.11 Jazz Fusion
I'm a Rebel Skean 05.03.11 Alternative Rock
A Dangerous Life mvh9591 05.02.11 Rock
Life On The Trapeze jiguma 05.01.11 Acoustic Rock
365 ste 04.30.11 Pop (Alternative)
The Man in Blue JBurns 04.30.11 Rock
Internet Rock Star Slashh! 04.29.11 Rock
Sexy Smile scaustrita 04.28.11 Pop (mainstream)
Tsunami kassia 04.28.11 Piano
Look Up, You Never Know Skean 04.27.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Eres muy hermosa nick_w 04.27.11 Latin
Black Lace finkeldink 04.25.11 Hard Rock
Last Train to New York -w/ awigze scofugate 04.25.11 Smooth Jazz
Don't be Concerned, w/GuyGrooves sloparts 04.25.11 Country-Western
Happiness FEEL 04.24.11 Rhumba
I Will Be Your Alien Vic Holman 04.23.11 Alternative Rock
Jibbah Jabbah fool. gadzooks 04.22.11 Funk
Our Journey w/Awigze & PickQuickRecords sheilad 04.22.11 Easy Listening
Take It Outside w/ D. Jorden, Students, Gaylen75, Sigmund, five_extra_arms, Scofugate alackbass 04.22.11 Heavy Metal
One Man's Meat Skunkwrx 04.21.11 Art Rock
Time Parichayaka 04.21.11 Film Scoring
Never knew egobandit 04.21.11 Art Rock
All We Are michael2 04.21.11 Alternative Rock
Lullaby (w/ SISTERS) kassia 04.20.11 Ballad
Herbert The Human five_extra_arms 04.19.11 Alternative Rock
Bleeding Through strangedream 04.18.11 Alternative Rock
Pretty Little Senorita by JDHolliday SCJohnson59 04.17.11 Pop (mainstream)
The Wrong Man jobu 04.15.11 Alternative Rock
Photographic (w/Hackneybloke, Scofugate, Rok41, and Steve Hix) sammydix 04.15.11 Acoustic Rock
Gypsy Lady Moviz 04.13.11 Latin Pop
These Padded Walls JBurns 04.12.11 Rock
Change isn't always good guygrooves 04.12.11 Rock
Fukushima or Blessed Island w/awigze bud 04.12.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Still a Man jobu 04.10.11 Acoustic Rock
come out and play Gaylen75 04.09.11 Alternative Rock
A Stroke of Genius finkeldink 04.15.11 Hard Rock
The Reason I Ride Bulls pablatone 04.06.11 Country-Western
Hard Times sloparts 04.05.11 Rock
We Know w/ scofugate, fasteddie, Relic67 and RAVENS neilh79 04.01.11 Acoustic Rock
Wondering Why (loose change w/ziti, futz, jiguma, & pv) Dadai.2 04.01.11 Blues (contemporary)
I Am For You SunD3viL 03.31.11 Hip Hop-Rap
Warning Signs JBurns 03.30.11 Alternative Rock
Mission (stevel, kevmikwa, Hectorious) ktb 03.30.11 Rock
Faded Butterfly paddler 03.30.11 Solo Instrument
Just Smile Moviz 03.28.11 Pop (Alternative)
Smackdown 3 w/awigze & scofugate magnatone 03.27.11 Pop Orchestral
On Hold rsorensen 03.27.11 Indie Rock
Secrets and Skeletons Vic Holman 03.26.11 Alternative Rock
Winter Is Over (W/Andrew Lack and Steve Stone) Gaylen75 03.21.11 Acoustic Rock
K-A-R-M-A RAVENS 03.20.11 Rock
On Top Again Kicbal 03.18.11 Pop (Alternative)
Caverns Of Hope ShadowofNine 03.16.11 Metal
051108 mvh9591 03.15.11 Downtempo
Luke's Lullaby kassia 03.14.11 Piano
Begin Today w/ D. Jorden, students, Ryan, RAVENS, ktb, kevmikwa alackbass 03.12.11 Funk
Perception guygrooves 03.10.11 Rock
Secrets Corporal Beef 03.09.11 Experimental
Inspiration (w/ Strangedream & Sigmund) tonestones 03.06.11 Progressive Rock
What We Got Slashh! 03.04.11 Pop (mainstream)
Stumblin (PockBluesman/awigze/Outtaorbit) davisamerica 03.03.11 Rock
Midnight Romp (w/ awigze) BlueAttitude 03.03.11 Blues (contemporary)
Memories Einarus 03.02.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Summer Crusin' bigdaddycee 03.02.11 Jazz (instrumental)
End of Pavement BlueFlameRoom 03.01.11 Folk (contemporary)
Times Escaping 2Track2011 jodyrush 02.28.11 Acoustic Rock
Sunset 2trx2011 fasteddie 02.28.11 Acoustic
Sleep Walkin' Moviz 02.28.11 Rhythm and Blues
Am I Getting Through 2trx2011 w/ strangedream alackbass 02.27.11 Acoustic
When You Sing With Me/ Clay Potts RosaLinda 02.27.11 Other
Seven Seas - 2trx2011 MarkHolbrook 02.26.11 Ballad
Live at The Nags Head RoughRooster 02.25.11 Rock
Blue Sky Thought Police Vic Holman 02.20.11 Alternative Rock
Medium Cool Relic67 02.19.11 Rock
Song of Broken Promises/with Roxylee, Maureen, awigze, VicDiesel, jgurner, & davisamerica davisamerica2 02.18.11 Ballad
drum driven thing telecaster29 02.16.11 Progressive Rock
obama (mjStinger'11) dimm witness 02.16.11 Electronic
MJStinger'11 Farm Train awigze 02.15.11 Children's Music
Vení Acá - mjStinger'11 billykirsch 02.15.11 Folk (contemporary)
Still got the Midnight Blues BlueAttitude 02.22.11 Blues (contemporary)
LET THE RIVER CARRY ME SISTERS 02.13.11 Easy Listening
There Isn't Anything w/ Alackbass & Scofugate hackneybloke 02.13.11 Jazz (vocal)
Ra Herakti (Horus of the Horizon) Reinholt56 02.12.11 Ambient
I Remember The Way (v1) papag 02.11.11 Alternative Rock
Badland CounterHarmony 02.11.11 Rock
The Beaten Path jodyrush 02.09.11 Alternative Rock
Here We Go Again Corporal Beef 02.09.11 Rock
Hey, Cool Water pablatone 02.09.11 Acoustic
Gray_Grey FEEL 02.08.11 Experimental
Blue w/Symphony101 Gaylen75 02.08.11 Art Rock
Confluence (Piano Solo) magnatone 02.08.11 Piano
Favorite MacJammers (23)
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Music Background Learned to play guitar as a teen; played in tons of rock bands, club bands; went to recording school in the 80's, been writng and recording songs ever since.
Music Skills Guitar, bass, keys, some vocal experience, tons of recording hours, both analog (the old days) and digital
Music Hardware I use an old Yamaha personal keyboard as a controller only for all midi work, and I have this really awesome Kramer electric I use for all my guitar work. Just picked up a Fender Strat too!
Music Software Garage Band 3; Rhythm, Symphony and voices JamPacks, Ozone 4.
Keywords Rock,instrumental,soundtrack,ambient,newage,movie,guitar