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(Eric Mueller)

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Location: Eureka, CA U.S.
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Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
Favorite Songs (57)
Title Artist Date Genre
Metamorphoses Estella 09.15.07 Other
Knock Them Down bronco 07.07.07 Blues (traditional)
Sweet Little Girl sherrill56 06.03.07 Acoustic
Hillbilly Satellite Removal TheSkankBrothers 05.24.07 Celtic
Romance Cori Ander 05.20.07 Acoustic
Release Me(w/apb/jgurner/musichead) Estella 03.19.07 Alternative Rock
The Caboose* MJG 03.03.07 Acoustic Rock
Not to be found selters 02.26.07 Indie Rock
Jenny Is The Sunshine Girl paddler 02.21.07 Bluegrass
Blew My Fire Out JOAN 02.17.07 Alternative Rock
Cigarette Man w/APB & Musichead Estella 02.14.07 Pop (mainstream)
Stars (with Mystified) stevel 02.13.07 Ambient
Somehow (data mix) datafunk 02.08.07 Downtempo
C'est Mon Dada mikkinylund 02.06.07 Pop (Alternative)
Seven Men Joanna 02.04.07 Folk (traditional)
IF YOU WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY sly_the fly 01.29.07 Folk (contemporary)
To McBoy: 2 Peas in a Chili Pod TobinMueller 01.16.07 Piano
Pearls before swine MrBajen 01.15.07 Classical
When Worlds Collide Vic Holman 01.14.07 Acoustic Rock
By Myself CR 01.14.07 Blues (traditional)
Another Ugly Day Boris the Bull 01.14.07 Folk (contemporary)
Movin' on stevel 01.13.07 Acoustic
Im Here And then Im There musichead 01.12.07 MuzaK
Heptagonos SecaMode 01.10.07 Experimental
gathering fuel JOAN 01.06.07 Alternative Rock
Somehow moorlandt 12.30.06 Downtempo
Remember December (w/MJ choir) apb 12.23.06 Holiday
Snow Is Falling Hannah 12.21.06 Other
Entre 2 eaux chevaliermarco 12.12.06 Acoustic Rock
Illusion of Democrazy selters 12.02.06 Alternative Rock
Ooh Girl Feat. D-ONE Self Only Music 11.27.06 Hip Hop-Rap
The Worship of Gaps SecaMode 11.18.06 Electropop
garden jewelry JOAN 11.17.06 Alternative Rock
end of the world pt 2 JOAN 11.13.06 Alternative Rock
Rainy Night Professor X 11.02.06 Hip Hop-Rap
Love Was Once (instrumental) datafunk 10.30.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Myrtle->/utube thetiler 10.23.06 Ragtime
the days jonx 10.23.06 Alternative Rock
Over the hill & water (melodica) haribo 10.21.06 Classical
Frankenstein Beach Party Jimmy313 10.18.06 Rock & Roll
Just Then... Blang datafunk 09.11.06 Experimental
Pirate's Lament (version 1) stevel 08.31.06 Folk (contemporary)
Farther From The World springclock 08.31.06 Alternative Rock
Big Fat Nothing stevel 05.01.06 Rock
Show Me core 01.23.06 Alternative Rock
What Child Is This? thetiler 11.10.05 Inspirational (contemporary)
Lover jackstone 11.10.05 Alternative Rock
Mermaid (w/Electro Estate) ledebutant 11.01.05 Downtempo
Style paulhenrys 10.31.05 Jazz (vocal)
3-0 jesushairdo 10.21.05 Alternative Rock
Let Loose Blues Cori Ander 09.15.05 Blues (contemporary)
I Wish I Was A Mockingbird Ed Hannifin 09.13.05 Folk-Rock
Down The Road Again thetiler 07.13.05 Folk (contemporary)
Defending Democracy (U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd) Peter Greenstone 07.11.05 Rock & Roll
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? collab. JOAN caroline 07.05.05 Folk (contemporary)
scene:road mikkinylund 06.30.05 Alternative Rock
The Third Brother Mr. S 04.08.05 Hip Hop-Rap
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