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I've seen that guy around
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08.08.09 JuanitA 10.00 (1) 1787 (3) Folk-Rock 10.13.18 Active
08.06.09 The Less Traveled Road 10.00 (1) 1621 (4) Folk-Rock 08.07.09 Active
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god lives in a tent tmcfate 08.03.09 Acoustic Rock
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Music Software Garageband,audacity and somethin else?I have a powerbook that is starting to fossilize. Let me please say in a nice way that while not uninterested in the techie side of all this;i really am more interested in capturing a moment in time rather than some polished off turd of a song. Its cool to have your stuff sound good,even important i suppose but im just not that into it. So thats my disclaimer for whatever reason i am typing this. So cool if you are into the techie side but i am not. We can all have a drink and talk about other things we like .but not politics or religion. cheers
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