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(Graham Lee)

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Recently finished my first album in years with my new band, Norton Disney. It's called 'Less'. I've been away from it all for a long time, & this is a zero-budget, DIY, home-produced & recorded project. Managed to get it accepted onto iTunes Music Store & now I have to try to do some zero-budget, DIY, home-made promotion for it. A lot harder than they'd have you believe!

I have decided that the first 'single' will be Weightless, the opening track on the album. It gives a fair clue as to what the whole album may do, as it has the mixture of acoustic verse, punky chorus, that may let people know there's not only one style of music on the album.

A lot of the tracks take an ironic or cynical look at different aspects of my life - hopefully with a wry sense of humour - but don't worry, there aren't actually any jokes in it;-)

(BTW, Sounds Like a Love Song is absolutely NOT a Norton Disney song. It's a pure piece of madness that wouldn't get out of my head one afternoon'-)
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05.24.07 Monday 8.38 (2) 3175 (3) Pop (Alternative) 08.17.12 Active
04.08.07 Crown Jewels 9.06 (4) 3345 (4) Folk (contemporary) 05.31.07 Active
02.17.07 Listen 9.00 (8) 3455 (7) Pop (Alternative) 04.23.07 Active
02.14.07 Sounds Like a Love Song 9.05 (11) 4762 (13) Pop (mainstream) 08.17.12 Active
02.03.07 Weightless 8.79 (7) 3186 (11) Pop (Alternative) 08.17.12 Active
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Music Background First rock, then punk, then pure pop. Now doing a mixture of all three.
Music Skills Bass, drums, guitar, keys. Engineering & production.
Music Hardware Line6 TonePort AX2, MAudio 2496, Dynaudio BM6A, Variax 500, 1975 Rickenbacker 4001, several drum kits. Yamaha PSR 9000 (for midi input)
Music Software Cubase 4 + all the usual bits & pieces.
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