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(The Boxtones)

Member Since: Tuesday, July 13 2010 @ 04:28 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.boxtonesband.com
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The Boxtones are as energetic and dynamic as they come with a natural ability to reach every audience they entertain. This all-British band offers a versatile performance to suit any venue and engage with crowds anywhere in the world.

From the U.K. to China and to Dubai, The Boxtones are travelling the world rocking the socks off anyone who gets in their way. Currently performing live five nights a week in a five star hotel in Bahrain, the band have reached cult status playing to packed out audiences, selling out at every function including a weekly Friday Brunch, pool parties, corporate events, New Years Eve/Christmas parties and attracting close to 1,000 people regularly to their costume Brunch events, never before heard of in Bahrain!
In addition to the day job, The Boxtones manage to multi-task: writing, producing and performing, upon request, their own original music. Through their independent label – World Domination Records, the band have scheduled their latest EP for release October 2010. Attaining a high degree of expectancy the new album is to be an eclectic mix of high energy, audible excitement that will appeal to a mass market worldwide.

The Boxtones can and will play virtually any style of music and have proven this with their vast repertoire. The band performs over 300 songs ranging from Blues, Funk, Soul, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk, Dance, Reggae all past and present. With The Boxtones infamous crowd participation you can be assured of a first class entertainment service to suit all settings and age groups.
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