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I started playing drums and guitar at an early age, used my basement as a blues jam house for years. Then got into the original band craze with some friends... the alt rock of Downshift emerged for about 5 years. Took a break to check out the home studio/ small pro studio market that was going on helping several people get started in the wonderful/ painfull / blissfull world of recording. I then spent 7 years building 3 collab studios in a row moving from one open door to another always investing time, effort and money. Lessons learned along the way make me who I am today. Never a regret. Most recently I spent 4 years playing with a great cover band Film@11. We had so much fun. Now I am taking a serious strike at music as a bussiness and will yield the results here in the form of recordings.
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08.07.09 Fire Eyes 8.88 (2) 1545 (3) Art Rock 08.07.09 Active
08.07.09 Think about me 9.00 (2) 1386 (2) Acoustic Rock 08.07.09 Active
08.06.09 Say Goodbye 9.25 (2) 2004 (3) Progressive Rock 08.07.09 Active
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Music Background Blues, Folk, Alt-Rock, Heavy Rock
Music Skills I can play drums and percussion. I can embaress myself on any instrument but I am getting a little better at guitar and bass. I love singing harmonies behind a capable voice. Making descent mixes usually comes natural to me.
Music Hardware MOTU 2408 mk1 MOTU 2408 mk2 MOTU midi timepiece Mackie Onyx 1642 with firewire AKG 4040 vox mic 6 sm57 4 sm87 2 sm81 Alesis D4 and redshot triggers Yamaha monitor system Event Monitors Roland V Synth GT keys Roland KC150 ( 2 of these ) keyboard amp Roland TD3 drum set Line 6 Low Down 15 bass amp Behringer V- amp Pro with Mesa Simulclass stereo 192 into mesa 4x12 ESP LTD goth 300 series with Dimebucker pickup
Music Software Cakewalk Sonar 6 producer edition T-Racks plugins Amplitude Plugins Nero Burning Rom suite
Keywords recording, CT, mastering, mixing, demo