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(Daniel Marcko)

Member Since: Thursday, January 22 2009 @ 04:36 PM CST
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Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/udbsynth
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My first instrument was drums. I prefer the music of the "synth" and the New Romantic era ('78-'84) but also enjoy the occasional blues jam when I love to play the harmonica.

I still do not know musical notes (but endevour to learn).

I was a founding member of San Antonio (Texas) based synth band - Dem Vackra*.

After leaving Texas for Sweden (and military service) I continued as a DJ under the name "Lord D. - DJ UDB", working radio and clubs in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland etc.

While in Norway, I recorded a few new songs as demos (in '88) but nothing was ever put forth to a public. After a few stints in countries around the world I came back to Sweden and set up a small PC-based studio, made a few recordings but again nothing was ever made public.

At the end of 2008 I finally decided to do something about my never finnished music projects and recording of old and new material started in January 2009.

These are simple redordings made in GB that could probably use some mixing skills and a better singer but at least the ideas are put forth and a goal achieved.

Please share your thoughts & visit www.myspace.com/udbsynth as well.

*Dem Vackra started as a collaboration between Daniel and fellow DJ collegue Scox when they both DJ'd at the Raw Power & Light Company back in 1982. More on Dem Vackra can be found at www.myspace.com/demvackra.
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Music Background Played as drumme n bads as eenager, then synth based music (see Bio). Several Blues jams including late night jams in Montreux with BB Kings musicians.
Music Skills Formal drum training, nothing else. I am musical though have no techical knowledge
Music Hardware Alpha Lexicon sound card, mic and Arturia keyboard
Music Software Apples (GB & Logic) sounds, loops and Arturia. ALso some Kore sounds
Keywords Synth, synt, dance, electro, electropo, Dem Vckra, UDB, Unlimited Dance Broadscast, Daniel Marcko