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Location: Paris, France
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I've been listening to music (mainly pop) as far as I can remember. Mainly a rock fan in the 60's and 70's, I quite now listen to everything I find good (from classical to trip-hop, from jazz to metal).

Collaborations :
Texas Blues with ElevenEyes

Youra's Songs (12)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
02.20.11 Fortin Blues 0.00 (0) 2719 (13) Blues (contemporary) 05.22.11 Active
08.31.09 Funkaboka 10.00 (2) 3079 (13) Funk 01.01.10 Active
12.26.08 Septembre 9.50 (2) 3210 (23) NUjazz 01.26.09 Active
06.12.08 Contra 9.44 (4) 2445 (11) Film Scoring 06.19.08 Active
04.14.08 Doctor Wah 9.15 (5) 2897 (26) Rock 01.03.09 Active
02.25.08 Décembre  (---) 3689 (34) Electropop 05.01.08 Active
03.10.07 Texas Blues  (---) 4451 (28) Open Collaborations 07.23.08 Active
12.30.06 Astro Bar 8.81 (12) 4702 (33) Alternative Rock 04.25.08 Active
12.08.06 Sidewalks (LIOLI II) 8.80 (5) 4485 (43) Trip Hop 01.05.09 Active
11.23.06 Sturmovik Strut 8.48 (10) 3607 (25) Techno 01.15.07 Active
11.18.06 Wake up, Louie !!! 8.38 (2) 2499 (11) Rock 03.01.08 Active
10.28.06 Place Blanche 8.63 (6) 3173 (13) Pop Orchestral 02.28.08 Active
Favorite Songs (302)
Title Artist Date Genre
You And Me eleveneyes 10.16.16 Pop (Alternative)
Prussian Blue racerat 12.06.13 Downtempo
H7N9 SmokeyVW 04.13.13 Electronic
Bambalino [LIOLI 10] davajonah 05.21.11 Trip Hop
Down Time eleveneyes 05.21.11 Alternative Rock
between memory and imagining (LIOLI 10) Firesign 05.20.11 Electronic
Spacey (LIOLI 10) Skean 05.20.11 Experimental
Paper Doll (LIOLI 10) nyakki 05.20.11 Folk (contemporary)
modern guitar (lioli 10) bud 05.20.11 Alternative Rock
My Broken Sky racerat 03.12.11 Downtempo
Always Afternoon racerat 03.06.11 Acoustic
Little Blind Cavefish 2trx2011 racerat 03.02.11 Acoustic Rock
Don't Bully Me w/ D. Jorden, my students, Ryan, TERRAPLANE, ktb, & kevmikwa alackbass 01.14.11 Blues (traditional)
The Signs Mcboy 01.30.10 Rock
Masochistic Love (Lennon 714) racerat 12.31.09 Alternative Rock
Free Range Chicken eleveneyes 12.30.09 Blues (contemporary)
Free moorlandt 12.27.09 Pop (Alternative)
Ratledge bud 12.25.09 Art Rock
Take Me To Heart (w thoddi, alfalpha, kevmikwa) jiguma 12.20.09 Rhythm and Blues
Glorious Noise (LIOLI 9) richard13 08.21.09 Pop Orchestral
Zeppy collab bud 07.02.09 Open Collaborations
Nuthin' Much (live) w/A7 bud 06.17.09 Lo-fi
The Beast bud 05.29.09 Alternative Rock
I Wish It Was You racerat 04.12.09 Downtempo
Unwanted racerat 04.05.09 Art Rock
ramalana/Karma tokai 03.27.09 Art Rock
Simple Song bud 03.25.09 Pop (Alternative)
Here With You - Better MIX eleveneyes 03.24.09 Folk (contemporary)
Beat Project (w/ SonnyJim) 2 racerat 01.27.09 Experimental
Nothing in the Way - Vic Holman remix bud 01.04.09 Alternative Rock
Heros( aclarke/mcboy) Mcboy 01.02.09 Alternative Rock
"Les Nuits Parisiennes" JMJazzGuy 12.29.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Straight Keys w/Musichead peacepiano 12.28.08 Rock (instrumental)
baby remix w/particledots bud 12.27.08 Experimental
The Flowering (B) / MyFakeIdentity mjAlbumPods 12.26.08 Trip Hop
The Flowering (A) / MyFakeIdentity mjAlbumPods 12.26.08 Trip Hop
Caught in the Light FEEL 12.26.08 Ballad
Regret W/Spitlogic Skean 12.23.08 Trip Hop
Abracadabra blaky smith 12.19.08 Folk (contemporary)
One Day In He(aven)ll Skean 12.14.08 Industrial
Nothing in the Way bud 12.14.08 Alternative Rock
love songs / side B - various artists mjAlbumPods 12.13.08 Other
love songs / side A - various artists mjAlbumPods 12.13.08 Other
Wanderlust - SmokeyVW - Side B mjAlbumPods 12.12.08 Informational
Wanderlust - SmokeyVW - Side A mjAlbumPods 12.12.08 Informational
Days To Come Feter 12.08.08 Classical
Skeptical Baby Paranoid Android 11.30.08 Folk (contemporary)
Gimme Gimme w/splinter live bud 11.29.08 Punk-Grunge
For you MR Wark Skean 11.14.08 Hard Rock
Man of Straw fambroski 10.21.08 Acoustic
Augustus P. versus Dr. L (lioli8) bud 09.27.08 Reggae
313 eleveneyes 09.13.08 Progressive Rock
Strange Jane (MJ Covers Challenge) racerat 09.01.08 Alternative Rock
If I Only Had a Brain rsorensen 06.10.08 Indie Rock
Rollin' Ibstrat 05.21.08 Blues (traditional)
Believe This (w/t Evolvweb) echoroom 05.14.08 Art Rock
Second Slide w/echoroom (cbgb) bud 05.02.08 Indie Rock
Dissatisfied w/Echoroom racerat 04.27.08 Acoustic
Browning's Blues (House of Blues) DWL 04.26.08 Blues (traditional)
Meditated FEEL 04.24.08 Progressive Rock
Blues for Feter pablatone 04.22.08 Blues (contemporary)
FreeRide Skean 04.22.08 Hard Rock
Seven Buttons On A Nehru Jacket (w/ Mcboy) TobinMueller 04.22.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Shoulder theVirtuals 04.22.08 Alternative Rock
told you wrong egobandit 04.21.08 Art Rock
Butterflies and Dragonflies (Re-Master) (with garner_smake) guitapick 04.21.08 Acoustic
That Swing Thing philonnie 04.20.08 Jazz (instrumental)
999 Reasons announcer 04.20.08 Rock (instrumental)
Too Long To Wait (w/dlb) rsorensen 04.19.08 Rock
Club of the Moment (Collab with The Infinites) Remark80 04.19.08 Acoustic Rock
The Last JadeLennings 04.19.08 Pop (mainstream)
Prepared Piano michael2 04.18.08 Alternative Rock
having a good day for... it bonnieprincejohnny 04.16.08 Psychedelic
Insecure Alannah 04.15.08 Jazz Fusion
Phenomenon bud 04.14.08 Other
The Vein Popper ziti 04.09.08 Blues (contemporary)
Bakelite ILoveVariousArtists 04.12.08 Rock
emma [revised] davisamerica 04.06.08 Art Rock
rinse and repeat bud 04.05.08 Experimental
In the Stone w/Echoroom racerat 04.05.08 Art Rock
Just In Time (featured on CSI:NY) stacey 04.03.08 Acoustic Rock
Wake Up (LIOLI7) The Orbiting 03.31.08 Pop (Alternative)
Go Turtle Go! LIOLI 07 (with Justbase) five_extra_arms 03.31.08 Experimental
Double Time Double Dutch peacepiano 03.30.08 Alternative Rock
Suddden Thunder (LIOLI 7) announcer 03.28.08 Rock (instrumental)
Dr Lioli vs the seven blender army (feat Dr Lioli as himself) datafunk 03.28.08 Other
BadLoopsGetBeat15x [LIOLI7] chikoppi 03.28.08 Industrial
Dancing (On LIOLI's Grave) JupiterMusik 03.28.08 Electropop
What's In The Air? (LIOLI) michael2 03.28.08 Indie Rock
Requiem for Dr. L (LIOLI7) bud 03.28.08 Alternative Rock
Here I come to save the Day (LIOLI7) Diviner 03.28.08 Trance
Pop Song About an Ex michael2 03.14.08 Indie Rock
Limbo (Feat Onesweetworld & SmokeyVW) datafunk 03.07.08 Electropop
Key Lime Sunday ziti 03.06.08 Latin Jazz
Old Jam Two peacepiano 03.04.08 Rock (instrumental)
Bristol Blues dlb 03.02.08 Blues (contemporary)
Fear w/davisamerica bud 02.29.08 Alternative Rock
Illinoi MarkHolbrook 02.28.08 Rock
Bridges chuck_t 02.27.08 Progressive Rock
Worries michael2 02.25.08 Indie Rock
Lime Green Thoddi Cori Ander 02.25.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Stop War - O vos omnes dirigent 02.25.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
FEEL with Emily Rohm FEEL 02.24.08 Funk
Club Member yohmar 02.24.08 Jazz Fusion
The Bar at the Farmer's Hotel w/willnlf bud 02.23.08 Blues (contemporary)
There Are Days Vic Holman 02.23.08 Indie Rock
Liz Taylor thetiler 02.23.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
This Is Love Love Love (Bigger Than Me) eleveneyes 02.22.08 Pop (Alternative)
It Hurts So Much yohmar 02.22.08 Other
Long Gone peacepiano 02.22.08 Jazz Fusion
What Will You Do? (w/michael2) ledebutant 02.21.08 Alternative Rock
Dream Team Cori Ander 02.20.08 Other
One of A Kind pablatone 02.17.08 Acoustic Rock
Another Nail w/Volcanique bud 02.16.08 Alternative Rock
LillNisse Cori Ander 02.16.08 Acoustic
Only Want Things w/ a bonus song Vic Holman 02.12.08 Rock
GOA by KTB peacepiano 02.08.08 Open Collaborations
le trottoir (w Michael2) blaky smith 02.06.08 Blues (contemporary)
Darkness Till Dawn bud 02.01.08 Alternative Rock
By this river moorlandt 01.27.08 Acoustic
Deep (w/t Racerat) echoroom 01.08.08 Ballad
HOW I'D LOVE TO eleveneyes 01.06.08 Alternative Rock
All Alone racerat 01.01.08 Alternative Rock
I Believe You eleveneyes 12.28.07 Rock
The Free Way Of Light paddler 11.12.07 Art Rock
Zack16 jfaaz 10.19.07 Rock & Roll
everybody's talkin pablatone 08.15.07 Rock
Smoky Quartz jfaaz 06.24.07 Rock
Raven racerat 06.02.07 Alternative Rock
Grieg Revisited Cori Ander 05.17.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
the sea and us (w/wildcat) moorlandt 05.17.07 Downtempo
Cuppa Joe remix with Jiguma and Joe Brady bud 05.15.07 Rockabilly
Texas Blues-Youra-w/ElevenEyes eleveneyes 05.08.07 Blues (contemporary)
What Now? stacey 04.13.07 Jazz (vocal)
Old Jam peacepiano 03.24.07 Rock (instrumental)
Peace Took Root w/willnlf bud 03.24.07 Alternative Rock
Girls Do It Better Sumo Sisters 03.23.07 Rock
Nothing Will Die (w Vac) perceptualvortex 03.22.07 Rock (instrumental)
Neck Romantic Boris the Bull 03.22.07 Other
I Miss You (take two!) stacey 03.22.07 Acoustic
Slowlyly NonFiction 03.22.07 Downtempo
Last Call iG.STUDiO 03.18.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Lindenbaum Dandee 03.18.07 Ethnic-International
Deepfunk 4 abstractreality 03.17.07 NUjazz
Olives and Honey Magritte 03.17.07 Showtunes
The Ticktockman (LIOLI 3) perceptualvortex 03.17.07 Dance-Club
Henry Manfunky bud 03.16.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
LOOPAFLY alfalpha 03.16.07 Funk
MacPherson Strut (LIOLI) SmokeyVW 03.16.07 Experimental
Flying Mobiles haribo 03.16.07 Classical
allemande stefaan 03.16.07 Acoustic
Cuckoo Song paddler 03.15.07 Folk (contemporary)
Sea Of Green Peter Greenstone 03.15.07 Comedy-Satire-Parody
What Do You Care eleveneyes 03.14.07 Alternative Rock
I Miss You stacey 03.12.07 Acoustic
Duty Visits racerat 03.11.07 Alternative Rock
Mathematics (collab w/ sonnyjim) racerat 03.11.07 Art Rock
Realize the Silence racerat 03.11.07 Art Rock
clair obscur stefaan 03.09.07 Acoustic
Take a Minute bud 03.04.07 Alternative Rock
Winter's End bud 03.01.07 Other
No End in Sight rtcooper 02.20.07 Rock & Roll
The Ghost Of Abbey Wood paddler 02.19.07 Folk (traditional)
What's Happenin? bud 02.18.07 Other
Crystal Sunset paddler 02.15.07 Classical
Hazy Skies paddler 02.12.07 Folk (contemporary)
Goodnight, and Drive Safely ziti 02.07.07 Blues (contemporary)
Gears rovert10 02.05.07 Spoken Word-Poetry
Lucky 7 racerat 02.03.07 Alternative Rock
Dusty Road paddler 02.03.07 Folk (contemporary)
Got Plenty bud 01.28.07 Alternative Rock
Clémentine blaky smith 01.26.07 Blues (contemporary)
Casualties of Faith (Remix) dreadmon 01.18.07 Rock
Snatch (collab w/sonny jim) racerat 01.14.07 Art Rock
Even Jesus don't love you (by the Monggz) cjdaley 01.14.07 Rock
Let Freedom Ring bud 01.12.07 Funk
In Echo of Emptiness (Mystified w/Komrade K) Komrade K 01.10.07 Classical
Aftermath composerclark 01.09.07 Classical
you won't break me (data mix) datafunk 01.07.07 Alternative Rock
Through it all w/Mimi/Mcboy&Thoddi Macaudion 01.06.07 Art Rock
The Earth Trembles Bowman 01.06.07 Classical
ILLUSIONS OF LOVE Ghost -05 01.06.07 Downtempo
"for me" Allthisnoise 01.06.07 Acoustic
"Most of all" Allthisnoise 01.06.07 Acoustic
Staring At The Sun Vic Holman 01.04.07 Alternative Rock
I'm So High racerat 01.02.07 Acoustic Rock
Cuppa daddyg 12.30.06 Alternative Rock
Somehow moorlandt 12.30.06 Downtempo
Cloudforming illuminati 12.28.06 Twentieth Century
Gentle Machine echoroom 12.28.06 Downtempo
Trancity abstractreality 12.25.06 Trance
Love's Final Victory w/Willnlf bud 12.24.06 Lo-fi
What Happened to Outpost Five? perceptualvortex 12.23.06 Psychedelic
Space Cowboy Vic Holman 12.21.06 Rock
Swiftly Flowing abstractreality 12.21.06 Drum n Bass
Butterfly rtcooper 12.20.06 Alternative Rock
You Won't Break Me (with Linda Courtien) SecaMode 12.20.06 Electropop
Corn Country racerat 12.18.06 Alternative Rock
Tell Me A Secret racerat 12.18.06 Alternative Rock
King racerat 12.18.06 Alternative Rock
Deepfunk 3 abstractreality 12.17.06 Funk
Nu tändas tusen juleljus Cori Ander 12.14.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
Black Tracky rovert10 12.13.06 Other
Stress Test jfaaz 12.12.06 Blues (contemporary)
Frozen abstractreality 12.12.06 Experimental
Entre 2 eaux chevaliermarco 12.12.06 Acoustic Rock
This Old River philonnie 12.11.06 Acoustic
lucky jonx 12.10.06 Alternative Rock
Silver Sky abstractreality 12.10.06 Ambient
dubratz rat-singers 12.11.06 Dub
Jam Loop 2 peacepiano 12.09.06 Experimental
Inshalla (hopefully) chikoppi 12.09.06 Middle Eastern
Dear Pudding bud 12.08.06 Psychedelic
Tiny Tin Penguin Parade Magritte 12.08.06 Holiday
Loop It Or Lose It II DeputyDoofy 12.07.06 Other
RUSTY DUSTY NIGHTS jiguma 12.07.06 Acoustic Rock
Ice Fairies racerat 12.07.06 Art Rock
RaceRat racerat 12.07.06 Rock
See You At The Show springclock 12.06.06 Acoustic Rock
Funny Feeling bud 12.05.06 Alternative Rock
Moonman Denny Borsboom 12.05.06 Progressive Rock
Pumpkinxo blaky smith 12.03.06 Folk (contemporary)
See When You Believe jesushairdo 12.03.06 Rock
Fake it haribo 12.02.06 Pop (mainstream)
Cured South From Above springclock 12.02.06 Alternative Rock
baby girl wurlygig 12.01.06 Lo-fi
subtle burst 1 haribo 12.01.06 Classical
Self-Hating Visions racerat 12.01.06 Other
Jesus & California racerat 12.01.06 Hard Rock
Don't Tell the QUEEN eleveneyes 11.30.06 Acoustic Rock
The Joint Is Jake rtcooper 11.30.06 Rockabilly
Dreamer onesweetworld 11.29.06 Pop (mainstream)
A Tribute To Leo thetiler 11.28.06 Acoustic
Alone Again K.I.S.KISMET 11.27.06 Trip Hop
As She Is DWL 11.26.06 Ethnic-International
•Sentimental dreams algabatz 11.26.06 Alternative Rock
DubComplexion 1 a.m. 11.25.06 House
Island Stuff abstractreality 11.25.06 Trip Hop
Velocity borisluxx 11.25.06 New Age
100 million thoughts of light krismacqueen 11.24.06 Experimental
Right As Rain springclock 11.22.06 Acoustic
camelot (callab with Texas Feel ) paralax 11.21.06 Rock
That Hot Night in July III Cori Ander 11.21.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
Placement Redeux abstractreality 11.21.06 House
prettiest things wurlygig 11.20.06 Indie Rock
nothing is enough jonx 11.20.06 Alternative Rock
Timorous jamescollin 11.20.06 Rock
I Hate this Song rovert10 11.20.06 Rock
Dream A Little Dream BareKoala 11.19.06 Open Collaborations
budrock collab w/egobandit bud 11.19.06 Alternative Rock
Smart MisterFrap 11.19.06 Jazz Fusion
ANOTHER WAYFARER Scott Carmichael 11.18.06 Folk (traditional)
Rome's Burning rtcooper 11.17.06 Folk-Rock
F.I.L paddler 11.17.06 Pop (mainstream)
Horizon abstractreality 11.16.06 Ambient
the Blues chevaliermarco 11.14.06 Acoustic
Peligro! rovert10 11.13.06 Other
Call me philonnie 11.12.06 Acoustic
My Stars jfaaz 11.12.06 Blues (contemporary)
Talkoot SmokeyVW 11.11.06 Ambient
Soulmonk's Music for Intimacy ziti 11.10.06 Rock (instrumental)
Now Right Now MattGranz 11.08.06 Alternative Rock
Moonlight abstractreality 11.05.06 Downtempo
Changed Since Then rtcooper 10.30.06 Folk-Rock
One last cliche the_laureate 10.28.06 Rock (instrumental)
Roots jfaaz 10.28.06 Techno
the moth jonx 10.25.06 Alternative Rock
Enamored feat. Ben Green soulmonk 10.24.06 NUjazz
the days jonx 10.23.06 Alternative Rock
Victoria AEROjet 10.22.06 Trip Hop
Frankenstein Beach Party Jimmy313 10.18.06 Rock & Roll
Into The Heart with Amanda Chapman zallaz01 10.15.06 Pop (mainstream)
Jet Blue w/ Ginsberg bud 10.09.06 Informational
KTB,ZITI,HECTORIOUS- Don Juan ziti 09.28.06 Rock (instrumental)
Idiot Saviour echoroom 09.24.06 Electropop
In The Garden (PV Mix) ledebutant 09.20.06 Dance-Club
Iridium Flare Peter Greenstone 08.28.06 Rock
Retro 2.0 jgurner 08.27.06 Alternative Rock
Saturnine The Orbiting 08.07.06 Alternative Rock
Summertime 3.0 echoroom 06.28.06 Electropop
ZigZag(collab: Z293/mcboy) Mcboy 05.28.06 Hard Rock
decor v.2 jonx 05.19.06 Alternative Rock
summer's knocking jonx 05.15.06 Alternative Rock
Up The Down Bound Escalator (featuring T.Togawa) iG.STUDiO 05.15.06 Jazz (instrumental)
White Flag Jimmy313 05.05.06 Rock & Roll
blues for danny teletwango 04.07.06 Blues (contemporary)
Midnight Coffee MisterFrap 04.02.06 NUjazz
Interboro iG.STUDiO 02.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Sunny Beaches (w/zallaz & TEXASFEEL) ledebutant 02.14.06 Pop (mainstream)
Bedroom ssstripper 02.12.06 Acoustic Rock
I'm always in late paddler 01.21.06 Folk (contemporary)
Hard Life paddler 01.19.06 Dance-Club
Puppy Dog Eyes paddler 01.04.06 Folk (traditional)
Afraid of Girls rovert10 11.21.05 Other
Emmet Peter Greenstone 11.05.05 Acoustic
H o n e y (with iG.STUDIO on sax) Peter Greenstone 10.13.05 Rock & Roll
Snap Krackle Pop w/Amanda Chapman (remix) stevec 09.27.05 Pop (mainstream)
Schrodinger's Cat Peter Greenstone 07.16.05 Alternative Rock
After All ledebutant 06.09.05 Acoustic Rock
Glass Mansions (TUMi) krismacqueen 04.03.05 Progressive Rock
Unwashed Mcboy 08.04.04 Rock & Roll
One Two Blues Ringo 06.27.04 Blues (traditional)
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Music Background Few piano lessons when I was (very) young, self-taught guitar player since 16, been in a non professional band for 1 year as rythm guitar.
Music Skills Poor. A bit of guitar, a bit on keyboards.
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