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Limping To An Intellectual Impasse

« Bring together things that have not yet been brought together and did not seem predisposed to be so.»

-Robert Bresson, Notes on the Cinematograph

My approach to music is rarely, if ever, in a traditional vein. My music is an experiment, a playing around, with whatever ideas or tools most interest me at that moment. For a good understanding of my music, reference the text that accompanies ‹ Sound Experiment (A Composition In Five Movements)›.

My songs, at present, are broken into two sections.

The most recent are ‹ The Color Permutations › and the five ‹ Sound Experiments ›, (which can be listened to as a single composition under its complete title ‹ Sound Experiment (A Composition In Five Movements) ›. This is a cycle of songs where I am using sounds that are more difficult to listen to than are found in conventional music. These are industrial and electronic sounding, and do not fit into any specific catagory, except possibly that of Sound Art. For more information pertaining to this cycle, please reference the texts that are posted with the complete cycle and with both ‹ Sound Experiment 4 and 5 ›. Also, whatever comments may accompany each ‹ Sound Experiment ›. These compositions comprise the EP ‹ ---SOUND--- › ; Note: The complete ‹Sound Experiment (A Composition In Five Movements) › has been slightly modified since its posting. If you would like a copy of the finished version, please contact me.

The second section is oriented in the direction of spoken word. Please don't let this deter you. My approach is intentionally non-traditional. The first seven songs are my first experiments with GB. I construct a music and read a text along to it. The text consists of excerpts from my post-modernist novel ‹ Limping to an Intellectual Impasse ›. Despite their limited scope, I continue to enjoy these songs. These seven songs, along with a few never posted, comprise the EP, ‹ AllSaints ›.

‹ Chasin' the Boll Weevil › is a collaboration that has Travis Carter on Guitar. The two of us together comprise ‹ Band Of Boll Weevils ›.

allsaints's Songs (16)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
07.21.06 Color Permutation Of Composition Two 8.67 (6) 4073 (19) Other 02.11.10 Active
06.27.06 Color Permutation Of Composition One 8.46 (6) 3142 (12) Other 07.04.06 Active
06.26.06 Sound Experiment (A Composition In Five Movements) 8.35 (5) 2834 (8) Other 06.30.06 Active
11.16.05 Sound Experiment 5 [End] 8.08 (6) 3365 (17) Other 02.17.06 Active
10.10.05 Chasin' the Boll Weevil 7.90 (10) 3668 (19) Rock & Roll 02.17.06 Active
09.22.05 Sound Experiment 4 7.50 (4) 2471 (8) Other 11.30.05 Active
09.08.05 Sound Experiment 3 7.50 (5) 2859 (11) Other 11.30.05 Active
09.03.05 Sound Experiment 2 7.60 (5) 3329 (10) Other 11.30.05 Active
08.25.05 Sound Experiment 1 7.91 (11) 3746 (19) Other 01.08.06 Active
08.21.05 A State Of Erasing Oneself As One Elaborates Oneself 6.75 (1) 2805 (5) Experimental 08.22.05 Active
07.29.05 The Starting Point Is The Attempt 7.50 (3) 2132 (6) Ethnic-International 09.07.05 Active
07.18.05 Looking At Something A Long Time Ago 7.50 (3) 3190 (1) Dance-Club 08.04.05 Active
07.18.05 Is There Anything More Vile 7.19 (4) 3149 (2) Experimental 11.02.05 Active
06.30.05 It Is Impossible For Me To Speak 6.88 (4) 2507 (7) Dance-Club 02.28.08 Active
06.22.05 This Existence Has No Other End Than To Exhaust Its Beginning 6.57 (7) 2815 (12) Funk 11.08.05 Active
06.15.05 words redoubling words 7.58 (3) 3529 (7) Jazz Fusion 02.09.06 Active
Favorite Songs (88)
Title Artist Date Genre
GRILL K Möller J 05.05.08 Other
The Thought of Traveling ElectroClubCrew 11.12.06 Experimental
cats´n dogs K Möller J 09.26.06 Electropop
Day's End fatman 07.03.06 Smooth Jazz
Sutra of Buddhism Tadashi Togawa 06.28.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Summertime 3.0 echoroom 06.28.06 Electropop
The Natives are Restless - the coming of Ikhabod VicDiesel 06.25.06 Native American
雨 (No.21) The Composer 06.14.06 Classical
Up The Down Bound Escalator (featuring T.Togawa) iG.STUDiO 05.15.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Night City Theme jazzjet 03.24.06 NUjazz
Third Rail jazzjet 03.11.06 NUjazz
Red Shift jazzjet 03.07.06 NUjazz
Interboro iG.STUDiO 02.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Counter Clockwise ACWAT 02.14.06 Experimental
UFO Paranoia DD SOT 02.08.06 Drum n Bass
Hiroshima Hooker K Möller J 01.02.06 Electropop
17/8 Jam Draft The Composer 12.09.05 Open Collaborations
Galaxy band,Episode 1 Tadashi Togawa 12.06.05 Jazz (instrumental)
blister beatz ElectroClubCrew 12.05.05 Hip Hop-Rap
envy game(kcjazzmix) kcsaito 12.04.05 Jazz (vocal)
Envy game(kcmix1) kcsaito 12.04.05 Rhythm and Blues
aut gknowm moglee 12.02.05 Experimental
Life In A Day nyakki 12.02.05 Ambient
Envy game Tadashi Togawa 11.28.05 Jazz (vocal)
karmanvortex kcsaito 11.21.05 Jazz (instrumental)
purpleliquidflower atonalis 11.17.05 Cinematic Soundtrack
Nunca contigo gumbi Ortiz 11.15.05 Latin
Out of C4 The Composer 11.13.05 Experimental
Static Noise Altered The Composer 11.13.05 Experimental
The dessert is a pudding Tadashi Togawa 11.04.05 Funk
Mermaid (w/Electro Estate) ledebutant 11.01.05 Downtempo
toysdescendintomyshadow atonalis 10.28.05 Experimental
purgatoryinglass atonalis 10.27.05 Drum n Bass
downloadthedown atonalis 10.27.05 Downtempo
mexicoinwilliamshead atonalis 10.27.05 Drum n Bass
Skeleton Waltz nyakki 10.24.05 Classical
Lamb and calf's dances Tadashi Togawa 10.24.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Il naufragio del "Tordo" (The shipwreck of the "Thrush") DuoAzzoni 10.23.05 Classical
emission (w/the tiler) Stun Nutz 10.19.05 Other
Ocean Current Tadashi Togawa 10.17.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Static Noise The Composer 10.15.05 Experimental
Small Piano Pieces on Two Themes and a Lyric rik 10.11.05 Classical
Nite17 yasushi66 10.10.05 Dance-Club
skitterboot Stun Nutz 10.06.05 Experimental
No15 (The Indian Rape in Stereo) The Composer 10.06.05 Progressive Rock
Koto Smashing Madness The Composer 09.29.05 Dance-Club
366˚ The Composer 09.25.05 Dance-Club
SBPMT aka ADSIAGJDGOLDD The Composer 09.25.05 Experimental
Individualism, Collectivism The Composer 09.25.05 Experimental
No3 The Composer 09.25.05 Acoustic
Ember Ablaze av01der 09.21.05 Downtempo
47 samurais Tadashi Togawa 09.20.05 Funk
Prayer without Words rik 09.11.05 Classical
OHAYOU(good morning) kcsaito 09.11.05 Jazz (instrumental)
himituno piano kcsaito 09.11.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Another Day (DDSOT) DD SOT 09.06.05 Downtempo
Stay up late DD SOT 08.29.05 Downtempo
Camp fire flames DD SOT 08.29.05 Ambient
450 Miles Samba iG.STUDiO 08.25.05 Jazz (instrumental)
soviette _nderscore 08.19.05 Experimental
The Eye of the Rakshasa rik 08.18.05 Jazz (instrumental)
song of E (freejazz improv self-trio) fling93 08.11.05 Experimental
A Secret is Calculated FrozenEntropy 08.09.05 Dance-Club
Can't Do It Without You nyakki 08.02.05 Punk-Grunge
dance with mingus kcsaito 07.22.05 Jazz (instrumental)
you & I kcsaito 07.22.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Mungo Jumble Stun Nutz 07.21.05 Experimental
Following Bliss aeonoire 07.03.05 Ambient
zazz Stun Nutz 06.21.05 Other
nite10 yasushi66 05.18.05 Dance-Club
Talkative mask Tadashi Togawa 04.30.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Solitary Confinement iG.STUDiO 04.19.05 Jazz (instrumental)
scrap skippin' Stun Nutz 02.15.05 Other
swirlee Stun Nutz 01.26.05 Ambient
Bug Up Her Skirt grid stalker 01.21.05 Dance-Club
No Meaning No (Stun Nutz dub) Stun Nutz 01.19.05 Experimental
snow ilkers 01.14.05 Ambient
spiritMasheen _nderscore 01.13.05 Experimental
Ain't No Way Stun Nutz 12.21.04 Other
yellow river slam Stun Nutz 12.02.04 Other
the third ghost ilkers 11.28.04 Ambient
clowd _nderscore 11.14.04 Ambient
asparagii _nderscore 09.30.04 Experimental
btmbdmf Stun Nutz 09.24.04 Experimental
SE7EN x2 _nderscore 09.04.04 Electropop
Sadness Xept!c 08.25.04 Classical
anti 4 _nderscore 08.08.04 Experimental
paranoi _nderscore 07.27.04 Experimental
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