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(Oskar Lissheim-Boethius)

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Currently I'm studying classical contemporary composition at Gotlands Tons├Ąttarskola in Visby, Sweden.

Thank you MacJams for letting me upload songs here. These are songs from quite a few years back, and span from about 1996 to 2002. The result of heavy experimentation between styles in my mid-to-late teens.

Sadly most of the songs are very poorly encoded with lousy MP3 encoders (read: state-of-the-art in 1999 ;)), and the originals are, as far as I can tell, lost for good. This is unfortunately the reality when you deal with digital media -- and you don't make backups.

Yeah... those were the crazy days in the beginning of digital music on the Net. I hope you can hear past the crap that's on top of the music, and perhaps hear the genius behind it.

Or whatever... :)

I have no intention of ever commercializing these songs, so I put them up here for public scrutiny. Hope you enjoy it!
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12.18.04 sweet love 6.50 (3) 2061 (0) Dance-Club N/A Active
12.18.04 Trees Of Valinor 6.50 (2) 2281 (0) New Age N/A Active
12.18.04 Teardrops In Rain 6.69 (4) 2500 (1) New Age 02.20.05 Active
12.18.04 Shape Your Mind 6.42 (3) 3153 (1) Dance-Club 12.20.04 Active
12.18.04 Infinite Infinities 7.30 (5) 3360 (1) Dance-Club 12.20.04 Active
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