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First I want to thank everyone who has visited my macjams page and posted comments. I do not often get back to find them until much later, but I appreciate every one of you for being kind and generous, especially Char. As far as the tunes posted here... All are a mere dozen or so from a list of about two hundred I had once written during the years I was still performing (mostly 1970s and 1980s) but I added the orchestrated pieces more recently. The songs I chose to place here represent something congruous with my life and begin with a 70s rock piece (Nuclear Sentry Riders) that is a scriptural prophecy. You will find many to be rather crude old analog bits of livingroom tapes with guitar and vocals. A few are band material.. some are software. The music styles are almost all different so if you don't find one you like.. look into another. Many are written to be performed.. and with drama. You may find what starts out slow changes quite a lot by the middle or end of the tune. Lovesongs sort of flow out of the center of the list if you like those you may want to start there... more classically orchestrated songs from the bottom up... rock from the top down... thats pretty much the layout as is. Thank you all for visiting.... and please believe me when I say most sincerely, thank you.
branchgraft's Songs (13)
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04.18.08 Nuclear Sentry Rider  (---) 2697 (6) Rock 10.31.09 Active
04.05.08 Your Love Has Set My Heart Free  (---) 2479 (8) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 04.16.08 Active
06.28.07 70s drum solo  (---) 2255 (2) Drum n Bass 11.24.07 Active
05.07.07 Soft Memories 8.63 (2) 2183 (5) Acoustic 12.26.09 Active
05.01.07 Just When I Thought I Knew You.. 8.42 (3) 4097 (10) Acoustic 12.26.09 Active
05.01.07 with your eyes 9.25 (2) 3100 (20) Folk-Rock 10.03.13 Active
04.30.07 Children On This Battlefield 8.25 (2) 2074 (7) Acoustic 04.28.09 Active
04.30.07 OC theme fromOCwp  (---) 2156 (2) Acoustic 04.28.09 Active
04.26.07 (no title) 8.50 (2) 2315 (7) Jazz (instrumental) 11.04.07 Active
04.26.07 seeing your face / hearing your voice (Gothic)  (---) 2353 (11) Acoustic 10.03.13 Active
04.26.07 You are the one  (---) 2198 (4) Acoustic Rock 01.09.09 Active
04.26.07 theme from OCwp by GAR  (---) 1656 (2) Piano 04.06.08 Active
04.25.07 sweet sadness 7.88 (2) 2186 (5) Classical 11.21.07 Active
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Music Background Night clubs and small concerts for many years especially the 70s and 80s .. mostly as a drummer but also lead vocals, acoustic guitars, and just enough keyboard skills to facilitate composing.. I would say my biggest musical influences were Yes and perhaps Dregs... always amazed at the great musicianship I hear from all of you on Macjams.
Music Skills already mentioned under the previous heading
Music Hardware Ludwig, Rogers, Zildjian, Gibson, Kawai, Shure PE50SP, etc.
Music Software Garage Band... maybe one day Logic Pro.
Keywords christian, rock, classical, movie sound track, twentieth century, folk, folk rock, hard rock, drum solo, love songs, romantic, jazz, progressive, acoustic, raw, basic, contemporary, spiritual,