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(Brian Brumfield)

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I started playing guitar in 3rd grade on borrowed guitars. My sister gave me an old accoustic that Christmas, and a long lost friend Mike Christian (Bay Area guitarist... if you know him, please send him my way!) gave me my first electric guitar when I was in high school. I bought my first NEW rig in 1986 when I landed a pretty good job; a BC Rich Strat and Practice amp. I upgraded equipment over time, and I have had the same guitar and amp since about 1988 - a 1988 Charvel Model 6, GK250ML "Lunchbox from Hell" amplifier, quad Celestian cabinet. I also have a Digitech RP-20 board, a box full of effects pedals that I don't use any more, an Ovation accoustic/electric, mics, stands, all the necessary cables, and some recording equipment that's been a long term borrow from another guitarist friend (thanks Brad!).
I've been in three or four bands ... depending on what you consider a "new" band (broke up, changed members, reformed, etc). Currently seeking a fun gig to land in the Denver area... I love playing guitar, but will pick up a bass in a pinch. I have high self standards for quality and appreciate it when others do too, just makes it that much better. But I'm something of a lazy perfectionist... it really depends on what I'm doing and how much I'm into it.
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