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old chap seeking redemption after a career in investment banking IT. love macjams I really hope we can keep it going.
charlieknight's Songs (9)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
05.02.19 who's in your life 0.00 (0) 159 (11) Alternative Rock 05.11.19 Active
04.21.19 from nothing 0.00 (0) 333 (12) Acoustic 04.30.19 Active
03.27.19 Autumn Song 0.00 (0) 252 (11) Twentieth Century 04.02.19 Active
01.22.19 night blue 0.00 (0) 223 (8) Jazz (instrumental) 02.06.19 Active
12.16.18 just walk on by 0.00 (0) 276 (7) Alternative Rock 01.03.19 Active
10.13.18 why is it raining? 0.00 (0) 432 (8) Bossa Nova 12.08.18 Active
08.17.18 2 a.m. boogie 0.00 (0) 547 (13) Bluegrass 11.03.18 Active
07.31.18 Leopard Skin Shoes 0.00 (0) 588 (12) Acoustic Rock 04.30.19 Active
07.05.18 empty window 0.00 (0) 385 (6) Indie Rock 04.30.19 Active
Favorite Songs (178)
Title Artist Date Genre
Sleep Through MissChaos 05.11.19 Electronic
Skankin in a Shinty Toon jie 05.09.19 Ska
I'm Right, You're Wrong (with Hickling-Stan) DWL 05.08.19 Ethnic-International
Just a Little More Time Lennon714 05.07.19 Rock & Roll
SO FINE Calchas 05.07.19 Rock
Girl with the Orange Hair groovehounds 05.06.19 Acoustic Rock
Pelagornis Sings Once Again 867-5309 05.06.19 Piano
Let Me Out sammydix 05.04.19 Rock
The Land Of Mystery Skean 05.04.19 Cinematic Soundtrack
Rome Burns eorthman 05.03.19 Rock
BLACK HOLE (band version) KCsGROOVE 05.03.19 Rock
The power train suite Narad 05.01.19 Progressive Rock
Summer Of Your Love Calchas 05.01.19 Ballad
Arden Street - by Al Noble and PBGB jiguma 05.01.19 Acoustic Rock
Our Day Will Come scottghorwath 04.30.19 Jazz (instrumental)
Rabbit Line Uplink Daugrin 04.30.19 Experimental
ironic key 867-5309 04.28.19 New Age
Bite of Honey 867-5309 04.25.19 Fingerstyle Guitar
Progressive Winds steveg 04.25.19 Other
Starpower Narad 04.24.19 Ambient
The Wagon DWL 04.23.19 Rockabilly
Down Town Disco DonStevens 04.22.19 Disco
A Dead Man groovehounds 04.22.19 Acoustic Rock
Spc Agt of Chg Daugrin 04.21.19 Hip Hop-Rap
At Peace christopherpsly 04.21.19 Piano
holographic hearts Chief Thunder Bear 04.20.19 Pop (mainstream)
The Disappearing Man jiguma 04.18.19 Acoustic Rock
The Disappearing Man jiguma 04.18.19 Acoustic Rock
Get Together scottghorwath 04.17.19 Piano
They got you now egobandit 04.16.19 Alternative Rock
HUNTED Calchas 04.16.19 Progressive Rock
BLACK HOLE KCsGROOVE 04.15.19 Acoustic Rock
Gravity grah3am 04.14.19 Progressive Rock
Dog Says... groovehounds 04.06.19 Alternative Rock
Joe "The Creep" Kool Daugrin 04.02.19 Easy Listening
ODE TO SPRING Calchas 04.01.19 Folk-Rock
She's Bitchin'! Daugrin 03.31.19 Jazz Fusion
Crop Circle SpiresVortex 03.31.19 Inspirational (contemporary)
Rest in Peace groovehounds 03.28.19 Alternative Rock
The Neverending Story suite Narad 03.24.19 Ambient
Elsewhere MissChaos 03.23.19 Electronic
Life 'Aint Fair Daugrin 03.21.19 Hard Rock
Wailin' Woman Blues Mojekay 03.19.19 Blues (contemporary)
Elegant Bitch Daugrin 03.04.19 Blues (contemporary)
Beast of Destruction sammydix 02.22.19 Acoustic Rock
WANDERLUST KCsGROOVE 02.21.19 Progressive Rock
Letting Me Let You Go jobu 02.19.19 Pop (Alternative)
FRIENDSHIP VOLUME 2 Tribute to PHIL18 Franciscus_Henri 02.18.19 Acoustic Rock
Soul to Sell- 2019 Remix AllenDean 02.06.19 Acoustic
Falling Underground AllenDean 02.04.19 Hard Rock
Fascist in my Soup DWL 02.04.19 Alternative Rock
So Convinced jobu 02.03.19 Acoustic
Mr. Tarver sammydix 02.01.19 Funk
Our American President jfisenne 02.01.19 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Chase steveg 02.01.19 Other
las soleares eanbardsley 01.29.19 Acoustic
Is It Any Wonder steveg 01.29.19 Other
Chicken Boy DWL 01.26.19 Romantic
STARLIGHT Calchas 01.24.19 Rock
STARLIGHT Calchas 01.24.19 Rock
Phil's Exit Daugrin 01.23.19 Easy Listening
An Important Step 2 steveg 01.22.19 Indie Rock
Guitarasca eanbardsley 01.19.19 Acoustic
Inferno Narad 01.19.19 Film Scoring
This BREXIT Mess philonnie 01.16.19 Political
Bird Courtship Narad 01.16.19 Ambient
Broken Mirror scottghorwath 01.14.19 Ballad
Piano in the Library steveg 01.11.19 Classical
An Important Step steveg 01.11.19 Indie Rock
Stay With Me DonStevens 01.10.19 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Britain in Bloom DWL 01.06.19 Romantic
Antimatter MissChaos 01.05.19 Film Scoring
Born of necessity Narad 01.03.19 Ambient
Yellow Vest For Yer Head Daugrin 01.01.19 Inspirational (contemporary)
La Solea 4 eanbardsley 12.31.18 Acoustic
La Solea 3 eanbardsley 12.30.18 Acoustic
10.4 steveg 12.28.18 Other
What Will You Do? Daugrin 12.25.18 Experimental
Silent Night -2018 tadashi 12.23.18 Holiday
Rocket and Space Schwerindustrie 12.21.18 Art Rock
Entrale eanbardsley 12.18.18 Acoustic
Purply Pink Christmas Moses 12.17.18 Acoustic
Purply Pink Christmas Moses 12.17.18 Acoustic
Freak of the Week Daugrin 12.14.18 Country-Western
Handshake egobandit 12.13.18 Alternative Rock
Trump's America ramonaji 12.08.18 Pop (Alternative)
Baby, It's Cold Outside Joanna 12.04.18 Jazz (vocal)
Resident Lump grah3am 12.01.18 Rock
Light Sleeper echoroom 12.01.18 Alternative Rock
JUMP BACK Calchas 11.29.18 Rock
Can't Fool Me stevel 11.28.18 Psychedelic
CAN'T YOU SEE (band version) KCsGROOVE 11.28.18 Rock
Foundation Narad 11.28.18 Acoustic
Black Train groovehounds 11.28.18 Blues (contemporary)
Ground Aire scottghorwath 11.28.18 New Age
Sirius, with Warren Smith grah3am 11.04.18 Rock
96 Tears - In Progress billdancourtney 10.26.18 Rock & Roll
Too Good Moses 10.24.18 Jazz Fusion
The Band Were Playing Ukuleles DWL 10.20.18 Political
Wildebeest grah3am 10.15.18 Cinematic Soundtrack
Shine On.... LouisLacey 10.14.18 New Age
Cyberspace Criminal Loob 10.14.18 Progressive Rock
Down Through The Layers eanbardsley 10.12.18 Acoustic
Watch Me Fly DJShadowkat 10.11.18 House
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !! KCsGROOVE 10.11.18 Pop (Alternative)
For My Ears Only jfisenne 10.10.18 Classical
The Sunshine Prelude scottghorwath 10.09.18 Piano
Elevated MissChaos 10.08.18 Electronic
Low blow VicDiesel 10.06.18 Ambient
Sunset Pier scaustrita 09.24.18 Jazz Fusion
Drifting Mike_Lynn 09.24.18 Country-Western
Bad Thoughts SpiresVortex 09.19.18 Inspirational (contemporary)
Down Among The Dead Men JohnnyCanuck 09.11.18 Folk (traditional)
Autumn steveg 09.09.18 Classical
Shake Your Body Now DonStevens 09.05.18 Funk
In this Lonely Room jobu 09.03.18 Jazz (vocal)
In this Lonely Room jobu 09.03.18 Jazz (vocal)
Heaven's Gates Jayrodd 09.03.18 Ambient
Nighthawks VicDiesel 09.01.18 New Age
Maharaja Chief Thunder Bear 08.31.18 Pop (mainstream)
Apathy Moses 08.30.18 Acoustic Rock
Scented Candles Chief Thunder Bear 08.30.18 Pop (mainstream)
DISTANT LOVE (band version) KCsGROOVE 08.27.18 Rock
Shadow Puppets MissChaos 08.26.18 Downtempo
No Reptiles SpiresVortex 08.25.18 Celtic
A Fandango And A Bulerias eanbardsley 08.23.18 Acoustic
Secret Agents of Phrygia pharmakeus 08.23.18 Rock
Blue Tie Monkaton 08.22.18 Rock & Roll
Complechtre VicDiesel 08.21.18 Twentieth Century
The Return of Everything grah3am 08.19.18 Progressive Rock
Sweet Veronica pharmakeus 08.15.18 Alternative Rock
When It's Over..... (Finished Version) LouisLacey 08.13.18 Rock
something Sweet79 08.13.18 Acoustic
Holy Ghost DWL 08.13.18 Alternative Rock
music for hand-holding Chief Thunder Bear 08.11.18 Ballad
Let Their Voices be Heard grah3am 08.10.18 Pop (Alternative)
Refuge Philip18 08.07.18 Acoustic
Refuge Philip18 08.07.18 Acoustic
I Love You Moses 08.05.18 Alternative Rock
Told You So DWL 08.05.18 Political
Back in the Trenches Moses 08.03.18 Blues (contemporary)
Looking-Glass War Warren Smith 08.03.18 Alternative Rock
Can't Believe a Word (Orange Donny Mix) DJShadowkat 07.31.18 Electronic
Return of the Wu-Tang LouisLacey 07.29.18 Other
NOTION [2.0] Calchas 07.25.18 Rock
Rabbit Hole Warren Smith 07.12.18 Art Rock
Closing hour VicDiesel 07.08.18 Ambient
Celebrate with Ale and Wine XMaramena 07.07.18 Renaissance
Feeding The Sharks Vic Holman 05.13.18 Alternative Rock
Crows in the Snow Hickling_Stan 04.08.18 Folk-Rock
Lab Chimp Warren Smith 08.25.17 Rock
dusty donalraft 06.29.17 Pop (mainstream)
camberwick too donalraft 06.06.17 Acoustic
Accumulated Experiences Warren Smith 04.14.16 Rock (instrumental)
Mind the Gap Baz 09.20.15 Easy Listening
Chinese Flutes (first draft) papag 08.08.15 Lo-fi
Kingsdown hackneybloke 04.14.15 Acoustic
Children's Favourites? (with Hackneybloke) DWL 01.04.14 Children's Music
Something in my Heart hackneybloke 08.26.13 Acoustic
Serenity of Less Hickling_Stan 10.07.12 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Falling Down TomFairnie 04.26.12 Acoustic
Every People Know w/Rok41, KTB, Scofugate & Sisters hackneybloke 03.09.12 Political
Your Former Self rsorensen 08.16.11 Lo-fi
End of the Trouble w/steve hix hackneybloke 06.10.11 Acoustic
There Isn't Anything w/ Alackbass & Scofugate hackneybloke 02.13.11 Jazz (vocal)
Breaking down somoya 05.30.10 Acoustic Rock
Away (Acoustic) rsorensen 05.27.10 Indie Rock
Let's Run Away JonMShaw 07.25.09 Acoustic
Clouds (New Edition w/12parsecs) rsorensen 11.12.08 Indie Rock
The Golden Days jiguma 08.17.07 Acoustic Rock
Transforming rsorensen 08.15.07 Alternative Rock
Pelennor Fields elfdaughter 05.07.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Nine elfdaughter 04.21.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Natsuzora Tea_ammy 09.11.06 Pop (mainstream)
evergreen brb 07.25.05 Alternative Rock
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Music Background 1st love was Elvis, then the Beatles came along. Am interested in most genres. I think the whole process of composition, performance and production is fascinating.
Music Skills self taught guitar 2 finger keyboard
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