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(Darren Chapman)

Member Since: Sunday, February 22 2004 @ 12:02 PM CST
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Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/darrenchapman
Location: Kitchener, Ontario Canada
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I've been playing guitar for almost 23 years. Began playing full time in clubs at 19 and have played in countless cover bands. An Alice in Chains Tribute for 3 years and an all original act "Out of the Blue". My bands have allowed me to play to audiences all over southwestern Ontario.

With Out of the Blue, I recorded 2 studio cd's, was featured on 89X FM in Detroit, MI (including performing 2 songs to air), filmed a 30 min set for Cogeco Cable in Windsor, ON, been featured on several compilation cd's, have an original xmas song in permenant holiday rotation at KOOL fm in Kitchener, ON and many more cool musical endeavours.

Currently I'm playing with 2 bands in the Kitchener, ON area and teaching guitar when I'm not working at home collaborating with fellow MacJammers.
dchapman's Songs (10)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
01.03.07 Waiting for the Other 8.95 (25) 7177 (42) Rock (instrumental) 05.28.08 Active
11.18.06 dEvolve 8.81 (16) 5176 (19) Rock (instrumental) 02.01.07 Active
12.11.05 inTense 7.93 (7) 3181 (7) Progressive Rock 11.21.06 Active
08.23.05 How Many Times 8.28 (35) 8997 (31) Pop (mainstream) 08.04.06 Active
05.18.05 Victim 8.23 (32) 8394 (47) Hard Rock 09.01.06 Active
12.08.04 Under Your Christmas Tree 7.65 (21) 5468 (11) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 11.11.05 Active
09.04.04 Changes 7.81 (21) 4819 (15) Hard Rock 01.03.07 Active
08.21.04 The Light 7.42 (23) 5666 (18) Hard Rock 09.12.05 Active
08.16.04 Wings 7.63 (17) 4103 (7) Hard Rock 10.16.05 Active
08.14.04 Funny Things 7.87 (26) 6274 (21) Hard Rock 01.12.06 Active
Favorite Songs (41)
Title Artist Date Genre
Dare To Sing (AUDIOCRACY w/ Tadashi Togawa) TobinMueller 07.07.08 Progressive Rock
Look Alive freefalleffect 01.16.08 Hard Rock
Ugly Inside (10,000 Views) Hectorious 12.25.07 Hard Rock
Speak Truth To Power (w/ twon, Darren Chapmen, Audiocracy) TobinMueller 02.13.07 Progressive Rock
TO TAKE A LIFE ronnielong 02.02.07 Heavy Metal
When The Future Comes (w/ Twon, Alimar, Audiocracy) TobinMueller 02.01.07 Progressive Rock
Alone with You (ft James Moore) FractalGarden 12.30.06 Rock (instrumental)
Gentle Machine echoroom 12.28.06 Downtempo
McBoy's ktb 12.07.06 Jazz Fusion
Valkyrié MK III (With Moorlandt) trebbia 09.24.06 Alternative Rock
Crazy Story (vers. 2 w/ Thoddi) TobinMueller 06.24.06 Jazz Fusion
Speed of Light ceeb666 06.16.06 Rock (instrumental)
Lost Youth aclarke 03.27.06 Rock
I Have Dreamed In Another TobinMueller 03.18.06 Art Rock
DIRTY (featuring Jack Miller on Harmonica!) ronnielong 02.07.06 Blues (contemporary)
Jazz Me Blues (second attempt) Cori Ander 02.06.06 Swing
System Failure v3 [TENSE] packosmokes 02.04.06 Industrial
Tern (2006) Pie 01.29.06 Rock
As the Church Bells Did Ring Joshosh 01.26.06 Alternative Rock
Hero's Dust/Revisited thetiler 01.02.06 Classical
Expect (w/DChapman) packosmokes 12.18.05 Industrial
Mexican Wine (Drunken Jam 2005 Featuring SKIPPER) ronnielong 09.27.05 Latin
L.O.S.E.R. twentyforseven 09.19.05 Hard Rock
450 Miles Samba iG.STUDiO 08.25.05 Jazz (instrumental)
Whisper Evermore Peter Greenstone 08.21.05 Ethnic-International
Revolution's Son (v2, w/ dchapman, twon, Alimar, Audiocracy) TobinMueller 08.15.05 Progressive Rock
Honesty In The Making Supergene 05.14.05 Alternative Rock
found jonx 05.09.05 Alternative Rock
Water's Edge twonicus 04.24.05 Rock & Roll
angel of small noises jonx 04.11.05 Alternative Rock
Say It Now Leebo 03.07.05 Pop (mainstream)
Racing Against Time axxe 02.25.05 Hard Rock
Land Sharks Z293 02.06.05 Hard Rock
Right To The Left Of Centre benjhannah 01.23.05 Punk-Grunge
Giggle Snot Symphony bjorkforker 12.14.04 Progressive Rock
Hero's Dust thetiler 12.10.04 Classical
Escaping The Fray Zone TobinMueller 11.24.04 Experimental
Guilty [TENSE] packosmokes 10.28.04 Industrial
Eye of the Mind antwan 09.23.04 Hard Rock
The Masque Z293 09.21.04 Progressive Rock
At Her Window TobinMueller 08.23.04 Showtunes
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