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Member Since: Wednesday, May 05 2004 @ 02:01 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://gordon-bellstudios.com
Location: Louisville, KY USA
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Donald Gordon-Bell (Owner and Director of Gordon-Bell Production Studios ==> http://gordon-bellstudios.com) is a composer, songwriter, performer and degreed as a mastering engineer as well as proprietor of DGB Studios. Originally from Rhode Island, Donald has lived all over the United States. All through school, and in every state, he was a vocalist. In 1982, he received "Best Tenor" for a High School Student for the State of Kentucky. All State Choir, Soloist, Madrigal Choir; 4 years in a row. He studied communications at the University of North Florida. He left the music scene in 1988, but returned in 2001 while living in San Francisco, CA. Currently working on his second and third album's releases, "The Bubble Machine" as well as his third production, "Global" which is slated for release in Fall, 2009. Donald has produced music for Kirstin William's "Strong Current Dance Company" performances in San Francisco, CA and New York, NY as well as "Jan Street Dance Theatre" and "Moving Collective". As the Music Director for Jan Street, a large body of work will premier in June, July, and August in Louisville, KY, Cincinnati OH, and Minneapolis, MN for the 2009 Fringe Festivals.
His works have received critical acclaim from musicians, engineers, and fans. His first Album, "Schooled Beneath the Surface" is currently available on iTunes and hundreds of other music sites.
"The Bubble Machine"and "Global" will come online and be available in September of this year through multiple digital music services.
He is also currently the producer and engineer for the band "First Date Naked" which headlined locally in Louisville, KY.

Since then: Lauren Zoeller's track" Jamie" has placed in the top 25 "Best NEW IndieTracks" for 2010 !! Hell Yeah !

http://www.fishboisfo.com has changed to a more professional site: Gordon-Bell Production Studios

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04.12.09 "Jaime" 10.00 (1) 2487 (10) Blues (contemporary) 05.21.09 Active
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Music Background well . . . i sang tenor all through high school and college. . . played piano . . . I like math.
Music Skills i know how to read music; still learning acoustics, temperment and theory: everything i have learned has been through experience and experimentation. (( and a lot of practice )) Save for a few drum loops, I have ventured off into making most all of my own samples. I sit in my house for hours with headphones on playing with synths and vocal recordings. I am a complete Nerd in that respect.
Music Hardware New 27" iMac 3.4Ghz quad core @ additional dual 24" monitors and 16 GB of RAM; pair of G4's; my old toilet seat G3 still kicking it too :) / several surfaces including korg, radium, m audio 88e / edirol and mackie mixers/ R0de Nt2a /Blue Dragonfly / Blue Spark / profire 2626// pair of audix of mics / A-Station / seperate audio & MIDI mixers / MOTU MTP AV / Yamaha Ha 8 / TC electronics Quintet / Axiom / Bass Station / Profire 2626 / Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII / HS80's and NS-10's
Music Software Pro Tools 9.0 / Ableton Live 8.2 complete / lots of plug-ins and synths / Reason 5 + record / sound toys suite / Sonalksis Creative Bundle / Absynth 5, FM8, Massive from NI + Kore 2 + Komplete set up / Waves Diamond Bundle / All Spectrasonics / Ocean Drums / all camel / all audio damage / all IK Multimedia / Speakerphone2 / all eliosys / all Abbey Road Plugins . . . I could go on and on
Keywords http://gordon-bellstudios.com, "schooled beneath the surface", "the bubble machine", fishboisfo.com, "lighten up", "sutro2castro", New York, Dallas, San Francisco, composer, arranger, poet, author, sound designer, media, photo, film, dance, IDM, "Strong Current". "When We Met", "Sex is Murder", "you look away", fishboi:sfo, Kirsten Williams, Jubilith Moore, Theater of Yugen, Strong Current, Moving Collective, Stage one, Kentucky Center for the Arts, University of Louisville, Comstock Hall, :fern in the factory", "Red", "Global"