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Collaberations and/or Contributions~

*Warden - Returning to the Nest
*Davisamerica - Majestic Waters
*Davisamerica - 1 a.m. w/gail60
*Davisamerica - Clint's Song remix
*Davisamerica - Sit Down (Kassia's Band)
*Davisamerica - Shine
*Big Finish - I should have read more Dante
*Big Finish - What Jessie heard
*Mark Holbrook - Mediocrity
*Mark Holbrook - Friendship and Faith
*Mark Holbrook - Everything to lose
*Mark Holbrook - Heart Cries
*Rsorenson - I love to hate you
*Davisamerica2 - Erika

gail60's Songs (32)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
08.25.11 Ed - Forever in our hearts 9.88 (2) 4853 (52) Piano 05.23.14 Active
08.16.11 Forever Friends 10.00 (1) 2566 (19) Piano 06.23.13 Active
04.07.11 Simple Pleasures 10.00 (2) 3361 (52) Piano 08.29.11 Active
03.18.11 Go easy on yourself 0.00 (0) 2693 (38) Piano 05.19.13 Active
03.14.11 Wedding Day 0.00 (0) 2226 (20) Piano 03.22.11 Active
03.04.11 I'll Always Love You 10.00 (1) 3172 (36) Piano 06.10.13 Active
11.15.10 Winter Carousel 10.00 (1) 2667 (32) Piano 11.22.10 Active
10.03.10 Fall into me 0.00 (0) 3408 (69) Piano 05.05.11 Active
06.27.10 Summer Serenity 9.83 (3) 3588 (65) Piano 09.18.10 Active
06.12.10 Fool For Love 9.00 (1) 3123 (39) Piano 09.18.10 Active
09.13.09 Sweet September 9.67 (3) 4918 (97) Piano 06.14.10 Active
08.21.09 Majestic Waters LIOLI w/Davisamerica 9.56 (4) 4257 (70) Piano 10.02.11 Active
06.23.09 Peace Within 9.46 (6) 4109 (74) Piano 09.26.09 Active
04.27.09 Sleep 9.63 (6) 5362 (89) Piano 09.18.10 Active
04.20.09 Heart Cries 9.65 (5) 4187 (66) Piano 09.10.09 Active
04.06.09 Broken 9.68 (7) 4624 (79) Piano 05.11.09 Active
12.27.08 Soothe Away 9.71 (6) 4345 (63) Piano 05.02.09 Active
06.16.08 Total Comfort 9.30 (5) 4586 (75) Piano 05.02.09 Active
05.02.08 Happy Birthday SS 9.17 (3) 3800 (23) Piano 11.10.08 Active
04.29.08 Standing Here 9.39 (9) 5192 (77) Piano 12.05.09 Active
04.02.08 Hopeless 9.30 (11) 5249 (90) Piano 05.02.09 Active
03.25.08 We only have Today 9.43 (19) 6403 (83) Piano 11.10.08 Active
03.03.08 Don't tell me you're sorry 9.39 (7) 5948 (67) Piano 05.02.09 Active
02.24.08 My Love is True 9.58 (18) 7509 (109) Piano 09.18.10 Active
01.04.08 Clint's Song 9.32 (15) 5823 (111) Piano 05.02.09 Active
11.20.07 Trickle of Grace 9.34 (8) 4930 (87) Piano 05.02.09 Active
11.05.07 Whispers of Hope 9.08 (9) 4078 (48) Piano 05.02.09 Active
09.23.07 Beautiful Morning 9.33 (16) 5336 (86) Piano 05.02.09 Active
08.18.07 Don't go away 9.36 (20) 6529 (95) Piano 12.07.09 Active
07.16.07 Gently Calling 9.21 (7) 5161 (51) Piano 05.02.09 Active
07.07.07 Saying goodbye 9.20 (5) 4567 (40) Piano 05.02.09 Active
07.06.07 Heart Song 9.32 (7) 4192 (43) Piano 05.02.09 Active
Favorite Songs (759)
Title Artist Date Genre
Crankenhurst 1-8(RadioChuck Mix) davisamerica 10.03.14 Other
I'll Always Love You (MJCC2013) Moviz 05.31.13 Ballad
Grace (Sisters/VicHolman/awigze mix) davisamerica 09.22.12 Art Rock
test rabittwhole 09.18.12 Other
No U Turn (Woodstock 2012) MJ Band davisamerica 08.10.12 Rock
Carry Me Down - feat. strangedream and rok41 Sigmund 07.06.12 Rock
Stay (Medicine Show) davisamerica 06.01.12 Acoustic Rock
Riding with the Son w/ DavisAmerica, scofugate and KTB awigze 05.26.12 Art Rock
Hum (VicHolman/Sisters Mix) davisamerica 12.17.11 Rock
Honest Son (MedicineShowBand) davisamerica 09.25.11 Art Rock
Melissa's Song paul f. page 09.22.11 Classical
Magic Box 867-5309 09.21.11 Piano
Passing paul f. page 08.30.11 Cinematic Soundtrack
Eds Theme - With Feter,Anne,Paul MarkHolbrook 08.26.11 Other
Long Winter Test Pattern jobu 08.08.11 Acoustic
crystal raw (sisters) rabittwhole 06.19.11 Other
Crystal (Sisters) davisamerica 06.19.11 Other
Black Forest Dance, take 3 drakonis 05.22.11 Classical
Bailey's Song kassia 05.20.11 Piano
love is einstien 05.19.11 Experimental
The Aura of that windy night PatriciaGirl 05.17.11 New Age
A Dangerous Life mvh9591 05.02.11 Rock
Your Savior LukeJL 04.29.11 Rock (instrumental)
Tsunami kassia 04.28.11 Piano
Our Journey w/Awigze & PickQuickRecords sheilad 04.22.11 Easy Listening
Lullaby (w/ SISTERS) kassia 04.20.11 Ballad
WHEN WE HAD IT ALL w Pompei SISTERS 04.14.11 Acoustic
First Love crazykeyman 04.07.11 New Age
I Remember The Way (final) papag 03.26.11 Alternative Rock
Minima No. 1 Einarus 03.22.11 Classical
Ain't No Superman Remark80 03.20.11 Acoustic Rock
Moses... LouisLacey 03.17.11 Acoustic
Luke's Lullaby kassia 03.14.11 Piano
You and You Alone Moviz 03.14.11 Latin
You're a Heavenly Thing michaeljayklein 03.14.11 Easy Listening
Begin Today w/ D. Jorden, students, Ryan, RAVENS, ktb, kevmikwa alackbass 03.12.11 Funk
Vocal Portrait 867-5309 03.12.11 Fingerstyle Guitar
Home Wrecker tempie 03.10.11 Country-Western
Awakening Leon 03.07.11 Acoustic
Stumblin (PockBluesman/awigze/Outtaorbit) davisamerica 03.03.11 Rock
the road less traveled (2trx2011) Mystified 02.28.11 Piano
Am I Getting Through 2trx2011 w/ strangedream alackbass 02.27.11 Acoustic
so much more 2011 Scott Carmichael 01.12.11 Acoustic Rock
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Scott Carmichael 12.05.10 Holiday
Emma - Vampires Kiss MarkHolbrook 10.14.10 Ballad
Emma (davisamerica) crissew 10.11.10 Indie Rock
Did Ya Know? RAVENS 09.29.10 Ballad
Texas Jam (sloparts band mix) davisamerica 07.22.10 Country-Western
untitled session Parichayaka 07.14.10 Trip Hop
Them Pickers, Grinners, Losers, Winners (Ain't nothin' hotter than Texas) sloparts 07.12.10 Country-Western
Texas Jam Sampler 1 MarkHolbrook 07.11.10 Other
Glacier Bells Parichayaka 07.06.10 Piano
Irrational Exuberance magnatone 07.06.10 Pop Classical
Afternoon Stroll mvh9591 07.03.10 Downtempo
Too Many People Gaylen75 06.29.10 Acoustic Rock
Wetlands Waking kassia 06.28.10 New Age
Marital Bliss (w/RG Paddler) davisamerica 06.21.10 Art Rock
THIS FEELS RIGHT w Ferris SISTERS 06.13.10 Ambient
The Sea Project sloparts 06.12.10 Other
Showdown Einarus 06.11.10 Cinematic Soundtrack
Her Blue Eyes BirdmanWayne94 06.10.10 Acoustic
Perihelion kassia 06.09.10 New Age
Pick Yourself Up (for Skean) michaeljayklein 06.08.10 Easy Listening
Glacier Ride (Piano Solo) magnatone 05.05.10 Piano
Sunset Bob Rodgers 01.16.10 Acoustic
Shine (MJ Collab) davisamerica 12.17.09 Ambient
The Phoenix magnatone 12.11.09 Pop Classical
Grow Old With Me(MedicineShowBand) davisamerica 12.05.09 Folk-Rock
VocalShine davisamerica 11.30.09 A Cappella
Signs of Life jiguma 11.27.09 Alternative Rock
Deep Majesty kassia 11.18.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
HOW WOULD I KNOW SISTERS 11.16.09 Easy Listening
Prayer for the President michaelkoppenheffer 11.15.09 Acoustic
Break Away (Mark Holbrook & Awigze) Char 11.14.09 Ballad
(7)Good... Bye... Chicks RadioChuck 11.13.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Lullaby for the Inner Child drakonis 11.11.09 Ballad
and one... bud 11.10.09 Ambient
Outside the Corral guitapick 10.30.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Capitalist's Drag Doadars Uncle 10.24.09 Rock
After Loving Anne (w/jiguma, SISTERS, Komrade K and Scott Carmichael) Ed Hannifin 10.23.09 Folk (contemporary)
Memories SimonDaum 10.20.09 Piano
No Son(egobandit band) davisamerica 10.16.09 Art Rock
Floating (Reprise) UnderThePianoMan 10.14.09 Piano
Park Sonata persona 10.20.09 Piano
Symphonic Smackdown magnatone 10.12.09 Pop Orchestral
Sleepless Nights brebell226 10.04.09 Acoustic
uwin rabittwhole 10.04.09 Informational
Not That Easy MarcusPerry 10.04.09 Rock & Roll
Desiree (MJ Space Race 2009) Doug Somers 10.03.09 Ambient
Never Say Goodbye - Bond Challenge MarkHolbrook 09.29.09 Film Scoring
RollerCoaster johnnyblues 09.29.09 Electropop
James Bond Theme Outtaorbit 09.28.09 Other
Francium brebell226 09.28.09 Acoustic
If I Were Younger ConnieO 09.27.09 Ballad
Spring breeze glenj 09.25.09 Rock (instrumental)
Wouldn't Change a Thing michaelkoppenheffer 09.25.09 Folk (contemporary)
Renfield(Char)Halloween 2009 rabittwhole 09.23.09 Art Rock
Just Shy of 15 Years claypotts 09.22.09 Ballad
Stepping Down ziti 09.21.09 Rock (instrumental)
As I Sleep Doadars Uncle 09.19.09 Rock
I Think You Rule michael2 09.19.09 Indie Rock
off the deck (w/Z293) ktb 09.17.09 Rock
Under My Skin jiguma 09.16.09 Rock
f12 Parichayaka 09.15.09 Downtempo
Different Vision FrankAxtell 09.14.09 Progressive Rock
1970's kingbee 09.14.09 Alternative Rock
(2)Allie Does Chuck RadioChuck 09.13.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Acoustic Starlight (guitar instrumental) Dadai.2 09.12.09 Acoustic
Star 611 SmokeyVW 09.12.09 Trip Hop
Boot Dragger's Waltz johnwhitehead 09.11.09 Bluegrass
Descent Doug Somers 09.11.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Then There Were Four (with Scofugate) Moviz 09.09.09 Alternative Rock
Prognosis Negative Ibstrat 09.05.09 Progressive Rock
Star Stuff AndeeScott 09.03.09 Piano
I Will Give entendu 09.01.09 Easy Listening
ghost fish sonic_magpie 09.01.09 Ambient
A Man Who Is Drinking - Intimate Confessions JayLCiazz 08.30.09 Acoustic
Love Goes On lisashaye 08.25.09 Gospel
Hello, Newman - LIOLI #9 maxruehl 08.21.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Our Daughters tonestones 08.12.09 Ballad
Happy Birthday Jack MarkHolbrook 08.05.09 Other
Simple Gifts (wRoxylee and kappy) Feter 08.04.09 Folk (traditional)
Sunrise at Glimmermere Henke 08.02.09 Ambient
FIGHT FOR YOUR LOVE SISTERS 08.02.09 Pop (mainstream)
Storyville - Live Remark80 08.01.09 Acoustic Rock
Forbidden Fruit bevdogg 07.31.09 Acoustic Rock
Feter's O Babe 2009 [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 07.29.09 Folk-Rock
At Dawn ThroughRivers 07.29.09 Acoustic Rock
What Do I Feel JonMShaw 07.28.09 Acoustic Rock
At Dawn ThroughRivers 07.27.09 Acoustic Rock
One Day Away From You JonMShaw 07.27.09 Rock
If It Rains All Night (w/ziti and jiguma) Ed Hannifin 07.26.09 Folk-Rock
preview of "As I Sleep" Doadars Uncle 07.26.09 Rock
Hot Air JonMShaw 07.26.09 Rock
Let's Run Away JonMShaw 07.25.09 Acoustic
Ya Know I ain't seen him (wawigze & yamenyamani)(Woodstock MJ II) Feter 07.24.09 Blues (contemporary)
The Road Cori Ander 07.23.09 Acoustic
Better Men (Featuring Dajama, Awigze) MarkHolbrook 07.23.09 Rock
Strong and Free rsorensen 07.23.09 Indie Rock
Okey Dokey Smokes (Undone) with 12Parsecs PaddyNavinCaryatid 07.19.09 Indie Rock
Weightlessness Jim Bouchard 07.19.09 Folk (contemporary)
I Know My Babe chestnut 07.19.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Amarillo johnwhitehead 07.18.09 Bluegrass
Burn Down Blues(Bob Rodgers) Feter 07.16.09 Blues (contemporary)
I Know FrankAxtell 07.15.09 Progressive Rock
Occasionally kayakanu 07.15.09 Acoustic
STICKY K.I.S.KISMET 07.14.09 Experimental
The river tmcfate 07.13.09 Acoustic
Life Without You - A Rock Ballad scaustrita 07.12.09 Alternative Rock
Sisyphus guitapick 07.11.09 Classical
MAINLAND SISTERS 07.10.09 Folk-Rock
Medicine Bow johnwhitehead 07.09.09 Folk (contemporary)
sit down [kassia Band] davisamerica 07.09.09 Other
Carriage Girl Mckenzie 07.03.09 Acoustic
Schizophrenia sloparts 06.30.09 Other
Ember-A Heart of Stone Turns to Flesh (The Drakonis Collab) awigze 06.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
The King's Heart diamondvalley 06.22.09 Gospel
Not Today rsorensen 06.21.09 Indie Rock
Bellissimo Alimar 06.19.09 Classical
Save Me (wBob Rodgers,yamenyamani) Feter 06.19.09 Blues (contemporary)
Cherryvale Relic67 06.19.09 Folk-Rock
Turn Around (with Richard Schletty) Dadai.2 06.18.09 Folk (contemporary)
Wonder World mvh9591 06.18.09 Children's Music
Look for the Rainbow - unplugged sloparts 06.18.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Nuthin' Much (live) w/A7 bud 06.17.09 Lo-fi
Rest not Parichayaka 06.16.09 Downtempo
Nasty Little Things [ramonaji/awigze mix] davisamerica 06.15.09 Trip Hop
Dad's March Doug Somers 06.13.09 Twentieth Century
Tea and Scones damiengh 06.12.09 Art Rock
MagnaFlight magnatone 06.12.09 Pop Orchestral
We Grew Up Together guitapick 06.09.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Movement of December Chimalus 06.07.09 Pop Orchestral
A Little Alleluia kassia 06.06.09 Classical
Bach Bach Black Sheep drakonis 06.02.09 Children's Music
clint's song/remix [gail60] davisamerica 06.01.09 Ballad
Temporal Tantrum (Video Soundtrack) drakonis 05.29.09 Open Collaborations
Amazing Grace (Multi-Collab) magnatone 05.29.09 Blues (contemporary)
The Fog jpfeiff 05.28.09 Acoustic
It's Gonna Rain Dragonas 05.26.09 Blues (contemporary)
Hallelujah, Amen rsorensen 05.25.09 Acoustic
In My Mind Bob Rodgers 05.24.09 Acoustic
Heart Cries MarkHolbrook 05.23.09 Ballad
Nyx jefferson987 05.17.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dance Of The Prairie Wind kassia 05.16.09 Classical
Do We Really Get Wings? (TFP) awigze 05.16.09 Folk (contemporary)
Walking MarkHolbrook 05.11.09 Alternative Rock
Open Sea Boundless 05.09.09 Piano
the Wheel Watch Livingstone 05.05.09 Folk (contemporary)
iphone busking davisamerica 05.04.09 Experimental
Life Without You Nick_Flash 05.03.09 Alternative Rock
Nichelle jefferson987 05.01.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
It's no use w/kontrabeat thoddi 05.01.09 Blues (contemporary)
Timsons Theme V1 MarkHolbrook 05.01.09 Classical
Marching Home - The Fluttering Dove thetiler 04.30.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
The Fade Away SmokeyVW 04.29.09 Other
A Prayer (Feter with Doug) HJP Doug Somers 04.28.09 Classical
Stepping Down Einarus 04.28.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
famous new beginnings kingbee 04.28.09 Ballad
Reasons Why guygrooves 04.28.09 Hard Rock
The Abyss (007 mix) WharmtonRise 04.27.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Brenda Govenda lengold 04.27.09 Alternative Rock
Sunrise Song kassia 04.26.09 New Age
The Singer (with Roxy) Moviz 04.26.09 Folk-Rock
August Evening (mvh3591 master) Sigmund 04.26.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
At the Waves of Mercy lavalamp 04.25.09 Rock (instrumental)
Prelude (Dedicated to the Father of the Classical Guitar) Andre Segovia thetiler 04.24.09 Classical
The Hour - Knossos (Live Practice) legato 04.24.09 Ethnic-International
Everytime orcsong 04.23.09 Alternative Rock
My Rose fambroski 04.23.09 Other
Little Buddha davisamerica 04.23.09 Experimental
Speeding abfkingsport 04.22.09 Alternative Rock
Good Morning Scott Carmichael 04.22.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
The Fool MarcusPerry 04.22.09 Folk (contemporary)
It's Lonely Here davisamerica2 04.21.09 Acoustic Rock
Free (Live to Tape) blindsidedpoets 04.20.09 Acoustic
Man's Desiring SmokeyVW 04.20.09 Film Scoring
Never Let You Down Nick_Flash 04.19.09 Alternative Rock
Evening Song Boundless 04.19.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
Let's Go Babe ( bug67,tireiron,Roxylee) Feter 04.17.09 Rock
Speak To Me Gently kassia 04.14.09 Piano
Selling Me Water_by_apb I.G.M. 04.13.09 Pop (Alternative)
seasons Mystified 04.12.09 Piano
Feel The Beat w Anne Cozean jiguma 04.11.09 Rhythm and Blues
Love's Out of Hand w musichead Char 04.10.09 Rock
Morning-Evening Dadai.2 04.10.09 Inspirational (contemporary)
Classical Smackdown magnatone 04.08.09 Piano
The Song That Never Was (The illuminati Mix) illuminati 04.06.09 Electropop
Doors SmokeyVW 04.05.09 Twentieth Century
You and Me Nick_Flash 04.05.09 Alternative Rock
Golden (Tomorrow Will Shine) kassia 04.04.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Chase The Sun anomalous 03.29.09 Alternative Rock
Go to Sleep sonic_magpie 03.23.09 Acoustic
Best Thing mvh9591 03.22.09 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Never Share MarkHolbrook 03.14.09 Alternative Rock
Innocence Project [w/ Dj French Toast/damiengh/outtaorbit] davisamerica 03.12.09 Art Rock
Maybe This Time johnwhitehead 03.10.09 Acoustic
The Refugee Blues by Feter with Jiguma Joe Brady 03.09.09 Blues (contemporary)
Returning to the Nest (with Gail60) warden 02.24.09 Classical
Going Down [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 02.19.09 Folk-Rock
FALLING FOR YOU SISTERS 02.17.09 Easy Listening
Dual Tapestry (w/kassia) magnatone 02.17.09 Piano
Your Heart Is A Kaleidoscope FrankAxtell 02.16.09 Progressive Rock
Kaleidoscope (with Prologue) 2009 Beta V1 Pie 02.15.09 Rock
Who Got Jazz Infomercial Joanna 02.15.09 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Just As It Is futzpucker 02.14.09 Jazz (instrumental)
I'm Not Really Here (Invisible Man) rsorensen 02.12.09 Alternative Rock
Coming Home - variation on a theme by David Kneupper Doug Somers 02.08.09 Cinematic Soundtrack
Morning Mist On Still Lake (MJRF) futzpucker 02.08.09 Film Scoring
SOMETIMES SISTERS 01.31.09 Easy Listening
Still, She Weeps (Ember-CharMix) Char 01.29.09 Ballad
A Return To Hope (w/LunaTrick) kassia 01.23.09 New Age
By And By Harn 01.23.09 Acoustic
Retreat of the Dragons (Mark Holbrook Collab) drakonis 01.19.09 New Age
Sincerely Molly rsorensen 01.18.09 Acoustic
Emotion PlusUltra 01.18.09 Pop (mainstream)
Prelude In A Minor Variatons - Capo on 3rd Fret thetiler 01.17.09 Fingerstyle Guitar
black coat john [MedicineShowBand] davisamerica 01.16.09 Bluegrass
Goin Down MarkHolbrook 01.16.09 Alternative Rock
Love At War Mckenzie 01.13.09 Ballad
CONFIRMATION SISTERS 01.13.09 Pop (mainstream)
Our End (w/michael2) rsorensen 01.11.09 Alternative Rock
Say a Prayer Moviz 01.11.09 Ballad
I'm Still Here blamm 01.10.09 Acoustic
Piano Escape filmscoremike 01.10.09 Piano
Golden kristyjo 01.09.09 Native American
A Tale Of Two Pianos (w/magnatone) kassia 01.09.09 Piano
Heart On The Road (w/Bob Rodgers) Feter 01.08.09 Blues (contemporary)
Okee Dokee Smokey 12parsecs 01.07.09 Alternative Rock
Meridian Cycle magnatone 12.08.08 Pop Classical
Runaway (Feat EEFliess) MarkHolbrook 11.23.08 Rock
Angus on the Loch Gato 11.07.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Among The Trees kassia 11.06.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Clouds rsorensen 11.04.08 Alternative Rock
Take A Look Around by LeftySheSwills featuring the Mark Holbrook Singers EEFliess 11.03.08 Pop (mainstream)
Losing Colour Mckenzie 10.28.08 Acoustic
The Sound of Goodbye kassia 10.18.08 Piano
Best Friends (for Magnatone and Waverly) drakonis 10.16.08 New Age
Everything to lose MarkHolbrook 10.13.08 Alternative Rock
October Mckenzie 10.13.08 Acoustic
Drink of You K.I.S.KISMET 10.12.08 Ambient
Meadow Song, w Feter Roxylee 10.02.08 Folk (contemporary)
I Think I Can w/ Paul F. Page Vocals davisamerica 10.01.08 Ballad
Why We're Alone rsorensen 09.30.08 Acoustic
Track14 Take a Bow BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track13 Inferno BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track12 I Should Have Read More Dante BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track11 Well ... Hello? BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track10 Falling Awake BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track9 Flying Through a Storm BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track8 Intermission with Karen BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
track7 Not Like Me BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track6 We Offered Them Leases BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track5 Sex Is Power BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track4 What Jessie Heard BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track3 No Free Ride BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track2 Sunrise BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Track 1 See How They Run BigFinish 09.30.08 Opera
Away (LIOLI 8) rsorensen 09.27.08 Indie Rock
Something Blue sloparts 09.26.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Cumulus Parichayaka 09.18.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Marriage of the Divine rsorensen 09.10.08 Indie Rock
You Worry to Much Outtaorbit 09.06.08 Ambient
I Am Yours cloudfactory 09.02.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Carry Me Home (New Edition) Mckenzie 08.31.08 Acoustic Rock
Not Like Me davisamerica 08.25.08 Other
Carry Me Home Mckenzie 08.19.08 Acoustic Rock
These Odds rsorensen 08.15.08 Indie Rock
Hounds On The Hunt 2 (No Dog and Police Car Sounds !) thetiler 08.13.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
I Laugh at Myself michael2 08.12.08 Pop (Alternative)
Learning What I Already Know futzpucker 08.11.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Canyon Rise magnatone 08.08.08 Pop Orchestral
Amanda (w/michael2) rsorensen 08.08.08 Indie Rock
Memory MarkHolbrook 08.07.08 Alternative Rock
Erika [w/Roxylee/Gail60/davisamerica] davisamerica2 07.22.08 Ballad
Lovers We Ain't Anymore Mckenzie 07.21.08 Acoustic Rock
Springtide (w/Mark Holbrook) kassia 07.20.08 New Age
OPEN SEASON (In God's Name) J.A.Stewart 07.14.08 Pop (Alternative)
Stella Too michael2 07.04.08 Acoustic
High Above Einarus 07.03.08 Pop Orchestral
My Time Machine (downloadable) 12parsecs 07.01.08 Indie Rock
Doubts kassia 07.01.08 New Age
Down The Road (MJCH) J.A.Stewart 06.29.08 Folk-Rock
I'm Not Perfect Mckenzie 06.29.08 Acoustic Rock
Girl, Be Nice! thekurtisproject 06.30.08 Acoustic Rock
Sea Of Dreams jiguma 06.24.08 Acoustic Rock
Blood Red Sky[by Bob Rodgers] davisamerica 06.23.08 Rock
The Snark - Poem (MJ Coffee House) drakonis 06.21.08 Spoken Word-Poetry
I wish I Was in Paris Outtaorbit 06.21.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Here I Am ynot 06.21.08 Pop (mainstream)
Out Flowing Energy catsoundspub 06.19.08 Acoustic Rock
All Just For You (w/Roxylee) Feter 06.17.08 Folk (contemporary)
loud Louder LOUDER quiet 12parsecs 06.17.08 Indie Rock
Skylarks (MJ Coffee) paddler 06.17.08 Jazz (vocal)
Doing Fine paralax 06.17.08 Blues (contemporary)
I Don't Wanna Be a Rock Star rsorensen 06.17.08 Indie Rock
Decisions kassia 06.17.08 New Age
Friendship & Faith - MJ Coffee MarkHolbrook 06.16.08 Acoustic
Lead With Your Heart (with Fran Dagostino Band feat. Futzpucker) aclarke 06.16.08 Rock
A Journey Through Starburst Galaxy M82 Heightened 06.13.08 Ambient
Smile onesweetworld 06.12.08 A Cappella
Lord, Lord, Lord, Give me a Break sloparts 06.11.08 Funk
If I Only Had a Brain rsorensen 06.10.08 Indie Rock
inchworm Mystified 06.09.08 Ambient
Rain Rain w/ friends timothy devine 06.05.08 Open Collaborations
Sea of Life Moviz 06.03.08 Pop (mainstream)
Between Green Sleeves guitapick 06.02.08 Acoustic
Pretend (MJ Coffee House Challenge) rsorensen 06.02.08 Acoustic
Break Me (instrumental) Mckenzie 06.01.08 Acoustic Rock
Rainy Day (MacJams Coffee House) Peter Bauckham 06.01.08 Acoustic
HITTIN' THE ROAD (Richard/Dadai/Smith/Jiguma) Miller-Schletty 06.01.08 Folk-Rock
Misty Waters ( Macjams coffee shop) kingbee 06.01.08 Acoustic
Temper chuck_t 05.30.08 Drum n Bass
Theme for a Poor Man's Wizard (Jampack Drak) drakonis 05.30.08 Film Scoring
Avalon - the Isle of Apples elfdaughter 05.29.08 Film Scoring
Stay (w/rsorensen) Nick_Flash 05.28.08 Alternative Rock
Elevated Passage magnatone 05.28.08 Pop Orchestral
Wonderland The Orbiting 05.27.08 Pop (Alternative)
Jillian thetiler 05.26.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
It Wasn't Real HalwayToNowhere 05.25.08 Acoustic Rock
Apogee MissChaos 05.25.08 Dance-Club
Songs Of Summer J.A.Stewart 05.24.08 Pop (mainstream)
Virgin Undone EEFliess 05.22.08 Alternative Rock
The Kind of Man (w/spitlogic) rsorensen 05.22.08 Hip Hop-Rap
I Thought That You Should Know[w/ Roxylee and Paul Page] davisamerica2 05.20.08 Ballad
I Love To Hate You (w/gail60) rsorensen 05.19.08 Country-Western
Take Pride chuck_t 05.19.08 Progressive Rock
Lazy Afternoon (improv) kassia 05.17.08 Piano
Sit Down kassia 05.17.08 Open Collaborations
Experiment in C-Minor Redeux sloparts 05.17.08 Classical
Mania- w/DavisAmerica-The 'Sprout' Remix alfalpha 05.15.08 Art Rock
Come To Me lisashaye 05.15.08 A Cappella
Lulabye Dave M 05.15.08 Rock
I'm Sorry HalwayToNowhere 05.14.08 Ballad
The one that I need cloudfactory 05.14.08 Rock
Kelly Mckenzie 05.13.08 Acoustic Rock
The Secret(w/Roxylee) Feter 05.12.08 Acoustic
a meditation part2 cormacbrenock 05.12.08 Ambient
Understand Gav 05.12.08 Acoustic
Something I can't take w/Timothy Devine thoddi 05.12.08 Soul
Better Still Remark80 05.12.08 Acoustic Rock
Mist [w/ Mystified] davisamerica 05.11.08 Celtic
Beyond chipan 05.11.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Ahmed lengold 05.09.08 Alternative Rock
Glacier Ride (with ziti) magnatone 05.09.08 Pop Orchestral
Dinner Bell guitapick 05.07.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Mystic (Demo) obbster 05.07.08 Alternative Rock
North Atlantic Kicbal 05.07.08 Electronic
Summer Storm (with Motu) kassia 05.06.08 New Age
Horizon SmokeyVW 05.05.08 Acoustic
Ripples in the Sand jiguma 05.05.08 Acoustic Rock
mania2[open collab] davisamerica 05.04.08 Ambient
LAUGHTER AND TEARS craighalkett 05.04.08 Folk-Rock
Sunday tune SJB 05.04.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
paper boy 2 harisahn 05.04.08 Film Scoring
Aria dirigent 05.04.08 A Cappella
sweeter than fiction bevdogg 05.03.08 Acoustic
Ember (kassiafied) kassia 05.03.08 New Age
My Limbo [vox/ Linda] Electric Lobster 05.03.08 Trip Hop
Unconditional Love guygrooves 05.02.08 Other
knock on the door rustykangaroo 05.02.08 Acoustic
Rain Rain - OSW transformed! MarkHolbrook 05.02.08 A Cappella
My Baby CBGB_Demo [w/Outtaorbit] davisamerica 05.02.08 Punk-Grunge
Don't Call Us (CBGB) Peter Bauckham 05.02.08 Punk-Grunge
Getaway (CBGB's Demo Challenge) rsorensen 05.01.08 Punk-Grunge
beautiful wall (with Einarus) Mystified 05.01.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Walking Blues[House of Blues] davisamerica2 04.30.08 Blues (traditional)
I'm Stayin' Roxylee 04.30.08 A Cappella
Stranger In the Mirror musicalsin 04.30.08 Acoustic
Song for Karen Ibstrat 04.28.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
This Life (instrumental) Mckenzie 04.28.08 Acoustic Rock
Chronicles of a Dysphoric Translator (Pt. I-III) rsorensen 04.28.08 Progressive Rock
Find You ynot 04.27.08 Rhythm and Blues
Fly Away ynot 04.27.08 Pop (mainstream)
Fred, Liz & Ludwig 2 (Fred is Tap dancing :)) thetiler 04.27.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Band-Mate of Years Boris the Bull 04.26.08 Folk (contemporary)
Turn Away Slowly w/ Ejh dajama 04.26.08 Alternative Rock
Let's Go Steady michael2 04.25.08 Lo-fi
Mourning Droop MarkHolbrook 04.25.08 Acoustic
House of Blues sound bed Feter 04.24.08 Blues (contemporary)
God Be With You (til we meet again) Mystified 04.24.08 A Cappella
I Feel For Our Lost Of Droop Skean 04.23.08 Pop Orchestral
this c a n n o t be d3c0d3d rsorensen 04.23.08 Experimental
Quixotic Dreams (first draft) drakonis 04.21.08 Latin
Butterflies and Dragonflies (Re-Master) (with garner_smake) guitapick 04.21.08 Acoustic
Last Teardrop droop 04.20.08 Pop (mainstream)
Summer Comes Back w/Michael 2 Vic Holman 04.17.08 Alternative Rock
Letting Go (improv) kassia 04.18.08 Piano
Tonight (w/michael2) rsorensen 04.13.08 Alternative Rock
Dream Dance composerclark 04.09.08 Classical
in conversation... Mystified 04.09.08 New Age
Sierra Madre futzpucker 04.09.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Dedication MarkHolbrook 04.08.08 Alternative Rock
Industrielle #3: NOISE sonic_magpie 04.07.08 Ambient
The Home of Reverend Jerome davisamerica2 04.06.08 Folk (contemporary)
emma [revised] davisamerica 04.06.08 Art Rock
FLAWED stacey 04.06.08 Folk (contemporary)
Happy Indecision Reinholt56 04.06.08 Ambient
Y SmokeyVW 04.05.08 Other
In the Stone w/Echoroom racerat 04.05.08 Art Rock
Magic Flower JamPat 04.05.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Angel Convention magnatone 04.04.08 Pop Classical
years - sons of hypnos ageofthedeathtree 04.04.08 Ballad
good bye feter [woodstock] davisamerica 04.03.08 Art Rock
Simplify jiguma 04.03.08 Acoustic Rock
Just In Time (featured on CSI:NY) stacey 04.03.08 Acoustic Rock
Patience guygrooves 04.02.08 Folk-Rock
Planxty Irwin GuitarJanson 04.02.08 Acoustic
String Piece draft 2 chipan 03.31.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Faithful Hound paddler 03.31.08 Acoustic
Off-World Colony (w/Heightened) rsorensen 03.31.08 Alternative Rock
Deliberating the Call v3b (HJP) Doug Somers 03.30.08 Classical
Texas gpersichetti 03.30.08 Pop (Alternative)
Spring Showers Enrique Gil 03.30.08 Classical
THE PEN IS MIGHTY (at 3 AM) stacey 03.30.08 Acoustic
Double Time Double Dutch peacepiano 03.30.08 Alternative Rock
An Eternal Love Affair Leon 03.30.08 Ballad
Introspective MarkHolbrook 03.30.08 Classical
Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Feat Mike Hepton) JadeLennings 03.30.08 Pop (mainstream)
The Pickup Song sngwrtr 03.29.08 Country-Western
You Can Say It's Right (But It Feels Wrong) michael2 03.27.08 Indie Rock
1000 Words JadeLennings 03.28.08 Pop (mainstream)
feelings changed gpersichetti 03.26.08 Pop (Alternative)
Sitcom Psychedelica (Woodstock after-party) TobinMueller 03.26.08 NUjazz
Didn't See stephendavis 03.25.08 Acoustic Rock
They Met Out West Vr.2 thetiler 03.25.08 Film Scoring
Colour Me In (Full Song) Tanyaama 03.24.08 Experimental
One of These Daisies (Woodstock-MJ) drakonis 03.23.08 Rock (instrumental)
Trust (by XNovemberX) drakonis 03.23.08 Alternative Rock
Darlin Don't Ya Fade paddler 03.23.08 Pop (Alternative)
Mediocrity MarkHolbrook 03.22.08 Piano
Dream Train Moviz 03.22.08 Rock & Roll
Roadie dream - Woodstock MarkHolbrook 03.21.08 Blues (traditional)
Hayseed (Woodstock version) guitapick 03.20.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Roadies Jam[woodstock] rabittwhole 03.20.08 Folk-Rock
Bein' Me jeffersonm 03.19.08 Rock & Roll
we remember gpersichetti 03.18.08 Pop (mainstream)
WWYD? (w/Jim Bouchard & michael2) ledebutant 03.18.08 Alternative Rock
The Last Tree Standing Jim Bouchard 03.17.08 Folk (contemporary)
In Your Arms Again droop 03.17.08 Pop (mainstream)
Piano Thoughts MarkHolbrook 03.17.08 Acoustic
1 a.m. [woodstock] davisamerica 03.17.08 Acoustic
The angels share apb 03.16.08 Pop (Alternative)
Swing Axe (w/PV) ktb 03.15.08 Rock (instrumental)
Pop Song About an Ex michael2 03.14.08 Indie Rock
Mid-Morning kclements 03.14.08 Piano
Prophecy Heightened 03.13.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Don't Let Me Go BeccaJohnson 03.11.08 Pop (mainstream)
Home Moviz 03.10.08 Ballad
Empty Stage stevel 03.10.08 Acoustic
For Marion futzpucker 03.09.08 Acoustic
Glacier Ride magnatone 03.09.08 Pop Classical
Sentimental Journey dirigent 03.08.08 A Cappella
Toxic Desire (Drakonis/BorisLuxx/Roxylee) drakonis 03.08.08 Dance-Club
What I Do To You dajama 03.07.08 Rock
angst w/ Michael2 davisamerica 03.07.08 Art Rock
Fennario MarkHolbrook 03.06.08 Folk (traditional)
Break It (w/dlb) rsorensen 03.05.08 Pop (Alternative)
A Love Song Remark80 03.03.08 Acoustic Rock
After All Granular Re-Mix (w/LeDebutante) michael2 03.03.08 Alternative Rock
The New Birthday Song stacey 03.02.08 Acoustic Rock
Fallen stacey 03.02.08 Acoustic
Mozart's 40th Symphony Vr. 3. thetiler 03.02.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Bouree dirigent 03.02.08 Baroque
Audrey's Lullaby sschedra 03.01.08 Piano
The Angel Visits easyesteemer 03.01.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Little House rac927 03.01.08 Folk (contemporary)
who will I be Scott Carmichael 02.29.08 Acoustic
Fear w/davisamerica bud 02.29.08 Alternative Rock
Crazy (like Gary Busey) CIPHER 02.29.08 Comedy-Satire-Parody
Unlocking Hearts jefferson987 02.29.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
sunflower girl pablatone 02.28.08 Acoustic
Pretty Boy Floyd (w/Roxylee) Feter 02.27.08 Folk (traditional)
Empty LIne - Version 2 (Hero's Dust Series) thetiler 02.27.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
you're such a phony tony sonic_magpie 02.26.08 Electropop
In My Head Again rsorensen 02.26.08 Alternative Rock
Simple Pleasures kclements 02.26.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Always Will droop 02.26.08 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Still Water Doadars Uncle 02.25.08 Acoustic
Worries michael2 02.25.08 Indie Rock
LSP Untitled 27/ with Bud davisamerica 02.25.08 Art Rock
wayfaring stranger/ by feter davisamerica 02.25.08 Folk-Rock
I Thought I Told You davisamerica 02.24.08 Ballad
FEEL with Emily Rohm FEEL 02.24.08 Funk
The Avalon Suite elfdaughter 02.23.08 Ambient
All That You Could Do Remark80 02.26.08 Acoustic Rock
This Is Love Love Love (Bigger Than Me) eleveneyes 02.22.08 Pop (Alternative)
Waiting on American Girls Lennon714 02.21.08 Indie Rock
What Will You Do? (w/michael2) ledebutant 02.21.08 Alternative Rock
Once upon a time Gato 02.20.08 Film Scoring
in winter's spell Mystified 02.20.08 New Age
O Babe (w/Roxy ,Jack and Terry) Feter 02.20.08 Acoustic Rock
The Silent Sea davisamerica2 02.19.08 Folk-Rock
Dreams of Soaring magnatone 02.17.08 Pop Classical
Find Yourself dajama 02.15.08 Alternative Rock
Without You (w/VicDiesel) aclarke 02.13.08 Folk-Rock
Prince Charm Does Exist (lalalala) (edited by DROOP) garner_smake 02.13.08 Children's Music
How The Truth Hurts decentpie 02.13.08 Acoustic Rock
Valentine (by XNovemberX) drakonis 02.10.08 Pop (Alternative)
Today droop 02.10.08 Pop (mainstream)
Moments of You guitaraddict 01.31.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Andes Off! (Take 2) drakonis 01.27.08 Folk (traditional)
I'm Just Fine michael2 01.27.08 Alternative Rock
september sky jonx 01.23.08 Alternative Rock
The Hard Ground by Paddler droop 01.22.08 Acoustic
Eleonore blaky smith 01.21.08 Blues (contemporary)
We Lost Touch SmokeyVW 01.20.08 Other
Heroes apb 01.19.08 Pop (Alternative)
After work, in the night. andreasvanharen 01.17.08 Classical
So Easy To Read michael2 01.15.08 Alternative Rock
Heathen dajama 01.14.08 Rock
1 of us has got to go droop 01.13.08 Country-Western
Shades of Blue (Mcboy collab) Mystified 01.09.08 Acoustic
Deep (w/t Racerat) echoroom 01.08.08 Ballad
You Ain't Sweet Enough droop 01.07.08 Other
HOW I'D LOVE TO eleveneyes 01.06.08 Alternative Rock
Andes Off! drakonis 01.06.08 Film Scoring
Little Delilah HypnotiQ Sorcere 01.06.08 Acoustic Rock
Soft Beat lewisthemusician 01.05.08 Other
Old & New (v.2) thetiler 01.05.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
No Need to Knock (the door's open) Jim Bouchard 01.05.08 Jazz (instrumental)
I Will Move On dreadmon 01.04.08 A Cappella
The Berlin Years (w/Bud) michael2 01.04.08 Experimental
Tailor Made (remix) guitapick 01.03.08 Acoustic
Snow Squall SmokeyVW 01.03.08 Cinematic Soundtrack
Bolivia to Peru Moviz 01.03.08 Latin
Riffage Ibstrat 01.02.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Hearts Alive Aaron David 12.31.07 Inspirational (contemporary)
Oblate Oblivion SmokeyVW 12.30.07 Other
Spread Love HipHopMoses 12.30.07 Acoustic
Stilla Natt Cori Ander 12.22.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Silent Night Humming Bird Fantasy thetiler 12.20.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Fragments Bubowski 12.20.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Where do We Stand(Z) Scott Carmichael 12.19.07 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Eruption of Previous Life TobinMueller 12.18.07 Piano
A Bell In The Valley (by SmokeyVW) Cori Ander 12.18.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
By The Fire Ibstrat 12.17.07 Ballad
A Break From It All Einarus 12.12.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Reverse Folk michael2 12.11.07 Psychedelic
O Christmas Tree (jazz piano trio) John Stebbe 12.07.07 Holiday
Gone rsorensen 12.07.07 Alternative Rock
70 degrees mer 12.03.07 Downtempo
In My Head rsorensen 12.03.07 Alternative Rock
Dove Of Belief (LSP) Feter 12.02.07 Acoustic Rock
God Only Knows (LSP Challenge) michael2 11.30.07 Alternative Rock
kedosk ThroughRivers 11.28.07 Rock (instrumental)
Waller Rag Ibstrat 11.28.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
WALK AWAY jiguma 11.27.07 Acoustic Rock
Define Yourself Peter Greenstone 11.26.07 Acoustic Rock
Fallen from Above ThroughRivers 11.26.07 Rock (instrumental)
As i Walk Godchaser 11.26.07 Pop (Alternative)
Bass-Box VicDiesel 11.23.07 Other
Nocturne Numero Siete Enrique Gil 11.23.07 Classical
North Star Rising paddler 11.22.07 Acoustic
the gospel according to Spalding Gray kingbee 11.23.07 Acoustic Rock
Heartbeat sloparts 11.20.07 Rhythm and Blues
Friends of the Warlocks michael2 11.20.07 Alternative Rock
To Slumber Jim Bouchard 11.18.07 Acoustic Rock
Everyday Wonderpus w/Volcanique bud 11.17.07 Alternative Rock
Dancing with light harald1309 11.21.07 Dance-Club
Lullaby for the Sleepless Joshosh 11.16.07 Acoustic
Miles Down w/bass2x and iG.STUDiO timothy devine 11.15.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Late Night Blues Ibstrat 11.14.07 Blues (contemporary)
Night of the Gypsy Queen krismacqueen 11.12.07 Acoustic
The Free Way Of Light paddler 11.12.07 Art Rock
Bag thetiler 11.11.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
On My Own Slashh! 11.11.07 Acoustic
Quinto Día SecaMode 11.11.07 Ethnic-International
Diviner's Deep House, with Wide Garage and a shallow pool at the back Diviner 11.11.07 House
Ember-assed (w/drakonis/custard) apb 11.11.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Where ever you stand is the center of the universe Outtaorbit 11.10.07 Art Rock
the most beautiful thing Jim Bouchard 11.10.07 Acoustic
alleppey benchod abu 11.07.07 Dance-Club
Father To Son psexnyc 11.06.07 Rock
I'd Rather Be Dead michael2 11.06.07 Pop (Alternative)
Meant To Be paddler 11.06.07 Acoustic
Black Forest Dance, Take 2 drakonis 11.04.07 Romantic
(I'm Not) One of the Many Peter Bauckham 11.04.07 Alternative Rock
The Mirror Gato 11.04.07 New Age
Michael's Fault SmokeyVW 11.03.07 Rock (instrumental)
Anarchy Here 'em Scream peacepiano 11.03.07 Blues (contemporary)
You Think You got the Blues Moviz 11.03.07 Rhythm and Blues
Every Time steck 11.02.07 Pop (Alternative)
Inside Your Skin rsorensen 11.02.07 Alternative Rock
Boulder CO Ibstrat 10.31.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Happy Pappy guitapick 10.30.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Halloween Punch drakonis 10.28.07 Holiday
Dawn Transmission (Rev. 2) dr_how 10.28.07 Art Rock
Perigee kristyjo 10.27.07 Folk (contemporary)
November: Midnight Glade Doug Somers 10.27.07 Classical
Letter Of A Heart(w/Dadai) Feter 10.26.07 Folk (contemporary)
Something Sinister Einarus 10.26.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Colorwash - Landmarks paddler 10.24.07 Piano
Mistakes Of Man (feat. Holistik & Kryptik) Leon 10.24.07 Hip Hop-Rap
Suite: Darker Side of Nowhere Cameron 10.24.07 Pop Orchestral
Arms Of Heaven borisluxx 10.23.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Just waiting rucami 10.23.07 Pop (mainstream)
Scarey.. paddler 10.23.07 Showtunes
I am an old man pablatone 10.21.07 Folk (contemporary)
Waxing lyrical apb 10.21.07 Pop (Alternative)
the turning ahtmenravi 10.21.07 Inspirational (contemporary)
Autumn Roxylee 10.19.07 Pop Classical
Mountain (w/vocals) michael2 10.18.07 Alternative Rock
Cuarto Menguante SecaMode 10.14.07 Ethnic-International
Leviathan obbster 10.14.07 Ambient
Just Pretending brown trousers 10.14.07 Acoustic
Mt. St. Helens (revised) Mystified 10.12.07 Alternative Rock
Welcome to the Dome Reinholt56 10.10.07 Experimental
A Revolution by Night Komrade K 10.09.07 Acoustic
Unkind (remix) michael2 10.09.07 Experimental
I Just Want to Love You Today bowens 10.09.07 Folk (contemporary)
Ultraoverdrive (katchoolik & rschletty) Postludes Trio 10.09.07 Rock
Tryin' to Get It Right (w/ziti) guitapick 10.08.07 Blues (contemporary)
I'm Still Waiting (w/ Michael2 and Birdman Wayne) EZamor 10.07.07 Electropop
Green Doria Feter 10.07.07 Acoustic
Never Coming Home thatcomposerguy 10.06.07 Piano
Glimpses Scott Carmichael 10.05.07 Folk-Rock
Mando Overboard dynoMYSTIC 10.02.07 Funk
soo in love look24hippy 10.01.07 Pop (mainstream)
just wanna say this nevermine 09.29.07 Acoustic
How Ah Ya SmokeyVW 09.28.07 Ambient
I'm ag'in' whirled peas peacepiano 09.28.07 Experimental
Salem Witch Hunt michael2 09.27.07 Experimental
NO CURE ***itiswotitis*** 09.25.07 Alternative Rock
Santiago Plugs In Ibstrat 09.24.07 Classical
Beautiful Morning gail60 09.23.07 Piano
Wanting, Waiting II Mystified 09.23.07 Ambient
Just Smile Moviz 09.22.07 Pop (mainstream)
Sundescend magic matt 09.20.07 Acoustic Rock
Autumn djdrshaman 09.16.07 New Age
Time Bound cjhoose 09.15.07 New Age
Nocturne Numero Seis Enrique Gil 09.10.07 Classical
If You Believe J.A.Stewart 09.09.07 Inspirational (contemporary)
There you go Jim Bouchard 09.05.07 Acoustic Rock
Level of Actual (w/Bud) michael2 09.05.07 Experimental
Black Forest Dance drakonis 09.03.07 Romantic
" One Voice" #1 tcain 09.03.07 Piano
Danser de les marionettes Gato 09.02.07 Ambient
Brighter Days FractalGarden 09.01.07 Alternative Rock
v2: Tale of Two Sons (Schletty-Carmichael session) Postludes Trio 09.01.07 Folk-Rock
My Way ldmac 09.08.07 Rhythm and Blues
Marco moorlandt 09.01.07 Downtempo
If I Only Had A Brain Samba thetiler 08.30.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Sanctuary Parichayaka 08.29.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
The Little Drummer Boy Laluna579 08.27.07 Acoustic
Out of Time Einarus 08.27.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Anthem Gato 08.26.07 Film Scoring
Night Gato 08.26.07 Ambient
Red Dawn Gato 08.26.07 Ambient
Raindrops itsthebean 08.25.07 Piano
Nocturne Numero tres Enrique Gil 08.25.07 Classical
Fragile (Echoroom/Mystified/Rebsie/MissChaos) MissChaos 08.25.07 Downtempo
good to see you pablatone 08.24.07 Acoustic
Behind Sorrow onesweetworld 08.23.07 Ambient
Why We Travel Tiny_Man_Inside 08.22.07 Rock
Firestorm #1 Reinholt56 08.21.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Steel Serpents of Sanagoon Diviner 08.19.07 Trance
Fuzz Hop Diviner 08.19.07 Hip Hop-Rap
The Golden Days jiguma 08.17.07 Acoustic Rock
Ember (Salamander Mix) Lizard*Whistle 08.16.07 Ambient
Live Report timothy devine 08.14.07 Experimental
Times Passing (Transcribed by Paul F. Page) guitapick 08.13.07 Classical
DAWN djdrshaman 08.07.07 Piano
LET ME GO SmokeyVW 08.04.07 Ballad
PLAY! Parichayaka 08.04.07 Electropop
Dreaming (Vocals by Leon) BranDaMan 08.01.07 Ballad
You Haunt Me thetiler 07.31.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Clouds of Wisdom (instrumental) Taruga 07.31.07 Other
schooldays stevewhit 07.28.07 Acoustic
summer thunderstorm warden 07.25.07 Piano
Break Out Roxylee 07.23.07 Folk (contemporary)
Walk Strong Scott Carmichael 07.23.07 Acoustic
Indigo And Red haribo 07.23.07 Classical
Cerulean Dream - Finale Henke 07.22.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
How it has begun amadeus 07.19.07 Ballad
Fisherman blaky smith 07.13.07 Other
who you see Scott Carmichael 07.11.07 Jazz (vocal)
You are amadeus 07.09.07 Pop (mainstream)
Truth slips away w/end credits legato 07.07.07 New Age
Decension jpmusic 06.26.07 New Age
Prelude to my half-birthday DrToasty 06.22.07 Piano
The Last Few Leaves of Autumn (w/ I. Spike) Mystified 06.21.07 Pop Classical
It Comes Down To This (remix) (collab w/jgurner and Macaudion) Ed Hannifin 06.09.07 Experimental
The Glance (Terrace Series) thetiler 05.25.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
Drums & a piano macfreddy 05.14.07 Experimental
Through the Eyes of a Child Axgrinder 05.11.07 Other
Drowning obbster 05.07.07 Alternative Rock
"The Fighter" mvh9591 05.06.07 Rock & Roll
Up and Away AEROjet 04.23.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Nightfall on the Beacon Komrade K 03.31.07 Acoustic
sleep morningcup 03.27.07 Acoustic
Song for you macfreddy 02.28.07 Piano
Heroes Parichayaka 02.13.07 Cinematic Soundtrack
Moderato - Romance Feter 02.11.07 Acoustic
I think of You Lord stevewhit 02.11.07 Inspirational (contemporary)
First Frost of Spring Jon Swerens 02.09.07 New Age
Dance of the Technoids drakonis 02.03.07 Game Soundtrack
orchestra 7 warden 01.25.07 Classical
The Kiss jason.s 12.26.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Prepare the Way of the Lord kristyjo 12.02.06 Holiday
I Wish You All The Best dane 09.23.06 Acoustic
A Final Moment futzpucker 09.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Be a Man Scott Carmichael 09.05.06 A Cappella
You make me feel apb 09.03.06 Pop (mainstream)
Candices' Denial Godchaser 06.10.06 Alternative Rock
Border Merger - Tearing Down the Waltz (new Violin) drakonis 04.22.06 Latin
Sycamore Grove rsolorio 03.21.06 Inspirational (contemporary)
My Hope Scott Carmichael 03.19.06 Folk-Rock
Caroline's Bear Rag (aka Lickety Split) drakonis 01.31.06 Ragtime
Gethsemane Jon Swerens 01.21.06 New Age
Harvest Parichayaka 01.11.06 Pop Orchestral
Still Waters Jon Swerens 01.01.06 New Age
A Bird Flies By The Window dane 11.16.05 Acoustic
CRY GIRL ronnielong 08.02.05 Blues (traditional)
happiness jonx 05.23.05 Alternative Rock
lover lay your lies on me twonicus 05.04.05 Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary
Voice of Suburbia legato 01.16.05 New Age
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