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(Grant Keller)

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I'm a highschool student from Indiana who loves music. I've been playing piano for 10 years, Trombone for 6 years, guitar for 3 years, drums for 1 year, and I have sang all of my life. I continue to play all of those intruments and look for more to play.
I started a band about a year ago with some of my friends, and we did pretty good for ourselves in terms of local recognition. Most teenagers from the big schools in our county knew our name, and quite a few had seen us at least once. We recorded a crappy CD in our drummer's living room. That didn't cut it, so we recorded a three-track demo at Mohee Studios. That demo never got out to an audience. Shortly after the demo was finished, the band dissolved for various reasons. I figured I could make music on my own. Thus, here I am, an independant musician (at the moment) with a longing to make the music that I want to make. Thanks for listening.
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05.22.06 Super Trance 0.00 (0) 2763 (0) Trance N/A Active
03.20.06 Explode 8.13 (2) 2147 (4) Techno 01.06.07 Active
02.05.06 Change 7.88 (2) 2311 (0) Electropop N/A Active
08.15.05 Poem from "A Cliché Demise" 7.13 (2) 1978 (2) Spoken Word-Poetry 08.18.05 Active
08.15.05 A Cliché Demise 6.75 (2) 1622 (1) Ambient 08.16.05 Active
08.14.05 Stars are Your Friends! 6.50 (1) 1695 (6) Techno 08.22.05 Active
08.14.05 Beats, Loops, Music 7.17 (3) 8914 (6) Techno 12.15.12 Active
08.14.05 Nothin' but Techno 6.50 (4) 2689 (6) Techno 12.15.12 Active
08.13.05 Apocalypse Upon Us 6.50 (1) 1711 (2) Ambient 08.14.05 Active
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Music Background Started taking piano lessons in the first grade. Joined the school band in the fifth grade, playing trombone. When I was thirteen I started to listen to rock, first being influenced by Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas's singing style. Then, my musical ear turned to bands like Blink 182 and Sum 41. That's when I found an interest in the guitar. I received my electric guitar as a birthday present, and I've been playing since then. I still take piano lessons and am involved in the Jazz Band playing the trombone. I was in a band for about a year. We recorded a crappy CD in our drummer's living room, and then later recorded a three track demo at an actual studio. The band dissolved in early 2005 for various reasons. Now I do my own thing, and am quite happy with it.
Music Skills Piano for 10 years Trombone for 6 years Guitar for 3 years Drums for 1 year
Music Hardware Korg Triton LE 61 key Workstation Yamaha DTXtreme IIs Electronic Drum Set Digitech GNX3 Guitar Workstation (Amp/Cab Modelling and FX) Fender Sqier Stratocaster Fender Sqier Bass (w/ P and J pickups) Kay Hollowbody (Gibson-style knockoff) Ibanez Acoustic/Electric
Music Software Garageband 2 (w/ Soundtrack Loops)