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(Jeff M. Miller)

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I've been a "musician" since I was a child. Though my interests have changed/refocused through the years, music has always been there and been the one thing I've constantly been involved with. I have been in ministry since graduation from college. I have been a band director, choral conductor, voice instructor, theology teacher, computer technology instructor, band leader, and worship leader.

I currently serve as the worship leader for a small church in North Texas (northern D/FW area). I've always wanted to write music for use in the church, but have never felt "inspired" until the last couple of years. I don't know if I'm any good at it yet, but I know I've got to keep plugging away in order to get better.

I've been a Mac user since the original 1984 model, and will never use anything else unless under duress (gunpoint, etc.) The blending of music composition with the Mac is wonderful. I'm not sure I would be writing otherwise.

I've been playing guitar for close to two years now, and I'm still a hack. But I love playing and leading my congregation in worship. My wife is an accomplished pianist, and is my strong right hand in the worship setting. I've got a great band and solid praise singers, with quite a few talented soloists to choose from.

If you're ever in the North Texas area and would like to come hear us as we worship, shoot me an email and I'll give you the goods on how to find us.

BTW: Check out the David Crowder*Band for one of the greatest musical/worship experiences you will ever have! He's a fellow worship leader and a Texan as well. He's the man! http://www.davidcrowderband.com
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03.09.05 Seek Ye First (with Canon in D) 6.50 (4) 10929 (4) Inspirational (contemporary) 11.22.05 Active
03.08.05 Experimentiential 5.00 (1) 1991 (2) Experimental 04.18.06 Active
03.08.05 Thirsty v. 2.0 7.56 (12) 3951 (16) Inspirational (contemporary) 05.31.05 Active
03.02.05 New Born Identity 5.96 (6) 3316 (1) Ambient 03.02.05 Active
02.25.05 Thirsty 7.00 (5) 2442 (10) Inspirational (contemporary) 03.07.05 Active
02.25.05 Come, Let Us Worship 6.38 (2) 2453 (1) Inspirational (contemporary) 03.10.07 Active
02.25.05 Shout for Joy 6.80 (5) 2962 (5) Inspirational (contemporary) 10.11.05 Active
02.25.05 Drowning 5.67 (3) 3031 (2) Inspirational (contemporary) 03.02.05 Active
02.25.05 Holy Lord 6.56 (4) 2773 (4) Inspirational (contemporary) 03.02.05 Active
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