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I started out on piano (classical), since my best friend was taking lessons too. I later found out he got the cool teacher who taught pop songs. At the time he was playing "Joy to the World", and I had to play Mozart. Anyways, did that for 4 years, dreading my tough teacher, Mrs B. I do thank her now, for her then, sternness, since it definitely helped me in music later on. Around the same time my cousin was learning drums and when I visited him, he gave me a few lessons. So I later got a small kit, stopped piano and started playing drums. (sorry Mrs B) My dad wanted me to play sax in the school band, so I picked that up on the way too. Then at 11 I joined a local band to play rock music. The guitar player taught me a few things, so I then started learning guitar too. Thanks to Mrs B being such a hard ass, all that theory came in handy for understanding notes on the all the other instruments... so that began me living a 3 instrument life, sax, drums, guitar. I'm still learning as the whole music world keeps changing and am grateful to everyone (musicians/music lovers) who I meet (virtually or in real-time) along the way... Cheers
PS. I met this fellow when I was really young, and he told me if you learn to play music, you can do it for a lifetime, and no one can take it away from you.
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