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(Marc Ramírez)

Member Since: Tuesday, November 02 2004 @ 08:22 AM CST
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Homepage: http://www.lomarc.net
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-- Some whispers come from the atmosphere … some corruption breaks the
silence, like a water wave in expansion.
Emotions and sensations become sounds as airways draw dreams.
Laboured breath when the beat arrives. Powerful. Something changes
when moving stop being a physic sense to become an emotional state.
Closed eyes, opened mind… feel, and electronic music will do the rest. --

-- I love music production. It allows to fill an empty recipient, with all things crossing my mind, and later remix them to obtain as unforseeable results as exciting. --

In the beginning I used basically GB-Soundtrack. Now I updated my studio to Logic Pro and Ableton Live to sequence/live sessions + VST Instruments + NI and Reason. Hard: PowerBook + KORG Mikrokontrol + M-Audio Soundcard.
lomarc's Songs (4)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
10.13.05 Switch 7.90 (10) 4039 (14) Ambient 10.31.05 Active
07.08.05 Last Night Remixed 7.75 (7) 3993 (7) Dance-Club 07.27.05 Active
07.05.05 Last Night 7.83 (6) 4694 (15) Pop (mainstream) 07.13.05 Active
02.08.05 Apple of temptation 7.50 (5) 3356 (6) Dance-Club 07.27.05 Active
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Home From War cormacbrenock 09.24.05 Classical
Bailin' on me tristan 08.12.05 Dance-Club
Antarctic cormacbrenock 07.05.05 Other
Folded selena 11.28.04 Other
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