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(Matthew Moore)

Member Since: Wednesday, April 19 2006 @ 03:06 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.matthew-moore.co.uk
Location: Kings Lynn, Norfolk UK
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04.19.06 Power On 8.22 (8) 2809 (15) Techno 05.04.06 Active
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pocket lizard Stun Nutz 01.09.06 Comedy-Satire-Parody
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Music Background No formal instrumental tuition (as yet). BA Hons. Music Technology and Innovation (De Montfort University). Now doing an MA at the same place.
Music Skills Bit of everything really. I started producing dance music, but have engineered and produced more traditional stuff (guitar / vocal material). Done live electronic performances using Max/MSP and Audiomulch. Have also had an audio/visual installation in the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester. Also like to think I've got a reasonably good ear!
Music Hardware Outboard: Lexicon MPX110 Effects, Samson S-Com Compressor, Novation Drumstation, Korg KAOSS Pad Synths / Samplers: Korg X3 Workstation, Korg EA-1 Monosynth, Stylophone (of course), EMU ESI2000 Sampler Mics: Rode NT1 Condenser, Shure SM58 Dynamic. Monitors: Alesis MK1 (Active) Misc: Yamaha Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha Electric Guitar, Marshall Amp.
Music Software See computer setup.