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(Mori Behar)

Member Since: Wednesday, December 27 2006 @ 01:32 AM CST
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
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mbehar's Songs (11)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
04.28.11 Naked Joy v.2.2 8.75 (2) 2743 (8) Jazz Fusion 04.30.11 Active
02.10.08 I Only Have Eyes For You 8.63 (4) 3918 (13) Jazz (instrumental) 12.17.10 Active
04.20.07 Feather Rain  (---) 4292 (16) Jazz (vocal) 06.17.10 Active
04.03.07 Funky Fox  (---) 3416 (10) Jazz Fusion 04.21.07 Active
03.26.07 Salida Del Sol  (---) 2893 (6) Latin Jazz 01.28.11 Active
02.16.07 The Adventures of Miss Bea  (---) 4347 (8) Jazz (instrumental) 04.17.07 Active
01.24.07 Mercy,Mercy,Mercy  (---) 2099 (4) Jazz (instrumental) 06.30.07 Active
01.15.07 Come Sunday (solo piano)  (---) 2143 (3) Jazz (instrumental) 01.17.07 Active
01.03.07 Bass Ballad  (---) 3944 (7) Jazz (instrumental) 05.13.07 Active
12.31.06 The Dance Of The Jungle Snakes  (---) 2700 (5) Jazz Fusion 01.27.07 Active
12.29.06 Driving Rain  (---) 2516 (5) Jazz (instrumental) 02.10.08 Active
Favorite Songs (45)
Title Artist Date Genre
Optimistic Strut iG.STUDiO 10.11.08 Jazz (instrumental)
No Such Thing As Love BossHook 04.01.08 Rock
Bouree dirigent 03.02.08 Baroque
Whiskey and Old Records BossHook 03.01.08 Blues (contemporary)
After Burn Grathy 02.24.08 Dance-Club
Club Member yohmar 02.24.08 Jazz Fusion
Hero's Dust Iraq (Empty Line) thetiler 02.19.08 Fingerstyle Guitar
Tell Sophia BossHook 02.16.08 Rock
Light of Love KCsGROOVE 02.14.08 Rock
Your Shining Eyes (w/dirigent & ddball) Heightened 02.14.08 Inspirational (contemporary)
Last Call (alt. take) iG.STUDiO 01.29.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Tailor Made (remix) guitapick 01.03.08 Acoustic
Gorgeous Mystery / with Mbehar Tadashi Togawa 10.09.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Tryin' to Get It Right (w/ziti) guitapick 10.08.07 Blues (contemporary)
Funky dancing Tadashi Togawa 07.30.07 Funk
Naked Joy / with Mbehar Tadashi Togawa 07.18.07 Rock (instrumental)
Dream rainbow YsaeK 07.16.07 Jazz Fusion
Blue Bossa Sirjon1989 05.13.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Then the Rain guitapick 05.04.07 Fingerstyle Guitar
We Are The Ones TobinMueller 04.24.07 Children's Music
Rainy Day (w/mbehar, iGSTudio) Joanna 04.22.07 Jazz (vocal)
Ornette - a tribute bud 04.06.07 Jazz (instrumental)
The fifth street Tadashi Togawa 04.04.07 Jazz Fusion
Resolution guitapick 04.03.07 Alternative Rock
Cloud Nine FrankAxtell 04.02.07 Jazz Fusion
Lunar Eclipse Filmscorz 04.02.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Hyperspace FrankAxtell 03.28.07 Jazz Fusion
Sea breeze from the east Tadashi Togawa 03.27.07 Ethnic-International
ANGEL OF MERCY BAMPOT 03.25.07 Ambient
Endings & Beginnings Cameron 03.21.07 Classical
Last Call iG.STUDiO 03.18.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Study Of Doubts iG.STUDiO 02.28.07 Jazz (instrumental)
Song for you macfreddy 02.28.07 Piano
Modown peacepiano 02.23.07 Jazz Fusion
Havin' Fun (scottydude/ktb/edhara collab) edhara 02.19.07 Jazz (instrumental)
A Summer with You 1rwhite1 02.16.07 Smooth Jazz
Winter rabbit Tadashi Togawa 02.14.07 Jazz Fusion
Time Steps FrankAxtell 02.12.07 Jazz Fusion
The Misty Mall of Avalon composerclark 02.03.07 Classical
Karma 4 Brecker(futzpucker/karmatoburn/edhara/tadashi/ricky s./mcboy) Mcboy 01.29.07 Jazz Fusion
My Junk, Your Trunk edhara 05.27.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Border Merger - Tearing Down the Waltz (new Violin) drakonis 04.22.06 Latin
Interboro iG.STUDiO 02.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Late-Night Music composerclark 01.22.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Secret of Life (w/ bbarner) TobinMueller 10.07.04 Jazz (instrumental)
Favorite MacJammers (19)
Fans (20)
Music Background I started playing the guitar at age 10 and moved onto electric bass soon after because I wanted to join the local "garage band" By 14 I was playing Acoustic Bass in the district orchestra as well as gigging with local party and dance band in the NYC area. I wanted to get deeper into music and enrolled at Berklee College of Music in 1977. Where I studied piano and composition. After college I toured with many large production groups.
Music Skills I play guitar, electric/ acoustic bass, piano, drums/percussion, and various woodwinds. Bachelor of Music degree in Composition 1981
Music Hardware Knilling acoustic bass. Hofner acoustic bass. Fender jazz bass. Fender Strat guitar. Various acoutic guitars. bongos, snare drum, Pedulla Buzz Bass, Baby Guitar, M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, M-Audio Keystation 49e, Logitech USB microphone.
Music Software Garage Band 2 Logic Pro 8
Keywords jazz, jazz rock, bass, fusion, progressive, funk, stravinsky