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(Mitra Djalili)

Member Since: Saturday, June 24 2006 @ 01:30 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.mitradjalili.com
Location: London, England
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Persian born and raised in Northern Ireland, Mitra Djalili’s life experience and artistic sensibility stretches the confines of contemporary popular music defying cultural and idiomatic boundaries. Appealing to young and old alike, Mitra’s music blends adult sophistication with youthful exuberance addressing the universal questions of life and love. This is a woman whose music builds from jazz and R’n’B roots to a world music emotional intensity, that coupled with a polished, commercially appealing production aesthetic, makes for a truly unique listening

If you like my songs, please invest in me on www.slicethepie.com in the Invest setion - Go to the Scouts favoutite Showcase where you will find me. I very much need this investment in order to produce another album and with a catalogue of songs now growing and growing, this is a much needed venture!

I'm also now on iTunes!!

Thank you all
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03.16.09 Ambition 10.00 (2) 2698 (13) Pop (mainstream) 10.30.10 Active
12.15.08 Raise the Call 9.45 (5) 2494 (7) Gospel 06.06.10 Active
06.25.06 Rebuild Me 9.17 (28) 6353 (50) Pop (mainstream) 08.06.10 Active
06.25.06 Where is the Love 8.63 (8) 4144 (14) Pop (mainstream) 11.02.07 Active
06.25.06 Tonight 8.60 (10) 5135 (14) Pop (mainstream) 10.25.09 Active
06.25.06 Free 8.52 (11) 5034 (19) Pop (mainstream) 01.04.09 Active
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Music Background well all I've had is the experience of singing from a very young age..am not 'trained' although I am learning guitar at the moment. Have not worked with anyone for a while and feel shy to go for it again but if someone was based in London who I could work with, that would be nice. Also Mark Berry from ATTACK MEDIA GROUP in Canada said he would work with me but for a fee which I can't front - does anyone know him?
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