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(Jerry Rockwell)

Member Since: Thursday, March 23 2006 @ 02:52 PM CST
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Jerry Rockwell is one of a handful of folk musicians who, since about 1970, have been national and international advocates for the mountain dulcimer. He is an accomplished player, teacher, and custom builder of this American folk instrument.
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Music Background I started guitar in 1963 or so, learning all I could about blues and rock styles. In 1970, I got my first dulcimer, inspired by Richard and Mimi Farina. I started to build dulcimers in 1972, and I still build dulcimers (for myself and commercially). In the late 1980s, I graduated cum laude from The Ohio State University with a BA in Music. My principal instrument was jazz guitar, but I spent a great deal of time and coursework in the Theory and Composition Dept.
Music Skills On guitar, I am a competent back-up player in a number of styles and genres: Celtic, Jazz, Blues, and folk fingerstyle. On electric guitar my specialty is free-wheeling modal improvising, in what you could call a "tie-dye" style. On the mountain dulcimer, I have tried to run the gamut with the many styles and approaches to the instrument: traditional style playing with the melody against the drone, in a very linear, up-and-down-the-string-length way as well as chord-melody style. I tend mostly toward the gentle fingerpicking approach to the dulcimer, which seems to bring out the more subtle and sweet qualities of this traditional American instrument.
Music Hardware M-Audio FireWire 410 audio interface, AdrenaLinn II (beat-synched filter FX - amp modeling - drum box), Audio Technica AT3525 Condenser mic, Bill Lawrence mag. pickup for acoustic guitar (I strap it on to my dulcimers)
Music Software GarageBand '11
Keywords mountain dulcimer, dulcimer, improvisation, modal, new age, healing, relaxation, meditation, celtic