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Member Since: Friday, July 22 2005 @ 02:39 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.portlandtotaiwan.com
Location: Taipei, Dirty Formosa (not R.O.C.)
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25, from portland, oregon. Played music since 17. recently became a country music fan, talking about the old school like gram parsons. Like pretty much all music but am most interested in folk, rock, hip hop, reggae, funk, blues, r&b, soul, gospel and latin. Believe music is in a terrible place right now and would like to see a revival of musical goals, liberations and values that surpass that of the 60's strength. Love my country, hate my government(s).
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12.20.05 Down on me 8.25 (4) 3331 (4) Folk-Rock 01.15.06 Active
12.05.05 what I've sown 7.92 (3) 2569 (1) Rock & Roll 12.07.05 Active
12.04.05 all I need is... 8.35 (5) 3357 (6) Rock 01.30.06 Active
07.25.05 anna 7.88 (4) 3015 (8) Alternative Rock 01.31.06 Active
07.22.05 fortune and freedom 7.80 (10) 3408 (14) Reggae 09.29.05 Active
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Music Background mom has played piano with me since I was 2, played recorder in grade school, father supplied intense, classic rock history lessons, older sister exposed the raw side, grandfather was a wicked jazz pianist, got first guitar in mexico when I was 17. 1st band: The Authorities, a old school rock/rap band with one song. 2nd band: Anubis quatro, a brief, stony, month long creative odyssey with the most talanted people I ever played with. 3rd band: Means of Ignition, heartfelt, conscious, self-empowered college pop. More theraputic than anything else. 4th band: The laughing trees/mother superior's musical machine band. Yet to take flight off the island of madness.
Music Skills guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion, harmonica, beat box, lyrics, beats, rythms, life, i know...i know...it's cheesy.
Music Hardware eurorack mixer, audiotechnica 3034 condenser mic.
Music Software garageband 1
Keywords love, rock, soul, change, heart, music, wicked, snap!, trying, fight, people, roots, marley, women, oregon, taiwan, portland, self, struggle, deal, war, overcome, choose, choice, knowledge, power, discovery, grow.