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(Matteo Curcio)

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Pan date back to 1998, when the early pop careers of Matteo Curcio (b. 14.10.74) and Marinella Mastrosimone (b. 29.06.75) converged.

They started working together with a psychedelic-rock project called Sunscape (releasing “Sunscape – I” for the Italian indie label Mellow Records in 1999), Matteo on the bass and Marinella on backing vocals.
Then Marinella appears as vocalist on a couple of release of Transonia, an electro-house duo (Luca Baldini, the other half of the project, now is an acclaimed international DJ/Producer).

Later on they joined Giöbia, an alternative-rock project (releasing the single “Caught in Analogic Memories” followed by the album “Beyond the Stars”, both for the UK label Silent Revolution).

The pair then started developing their vision in the intimacy of a duo.

This Micromusic EP has been published thanks to a contest called Creamusica. Pan has been selected from over 2000 bands throughout Italy, and the record is distributed in Italy by the electronics chain store Saturn and Mediaworld.

Pan are currently working on the five next tracks that will make, along the songs of the Micromusic EP, their debut album.
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06.06.05 Ophelia's Song 8.60 (53) 11698 (42) Dance-Club 03.16.08 Active
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Music Background The musical roots of Matteo and Marinella are various.

While Matteo got caught in electronic music since Kraftwerk and has loved music of The Orb, KLF, Orbital, Daft Punk, Cinematic Orchestra, K&D, Fila Brazillia, Marinella was listening the Italian progressive rock of the ’70 such as Area, PFM, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, and later on the Indian classical music, getting a degree in Indian ethnomusicology, then studying at the Benares Hindustani University.

Their common ground is Jazz music, which they both love (Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Paul Desmond, Billie Holiday among their favorites).
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