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(Guenivere Jardin)

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Location: Ladue, St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.
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        Forever I shall keep trying.
Oh yet not to become the laughing stock of all the land.
Not being with forked tongue as so being bound and tied with it.
        (sounds like) : Nikah - Kate Bush - Mia Zapata - Judy Collins - Nancy Sinatra - Grace Slick - Bjork - Clannad - Loreena McEnnitt - Edie Brickell - Candice Night . . .       (resembling): Paulette Goddard
        Inherent Comedienne * * * Festive Dance* * Comic * * * Interpretations * * * Songbird * * * Claviers * * * Ukulele * * * Parasailer * * * English Equestrian Country Jumper * * * Lutes * * * Melodica * * * Zither * * * Cherango * * * Recorder * * * Harmonicas * * * Music Box Connoisseur * * * Vocals * * * Softball * * * Festive Dance * * * Acute Fashion Coordinator * * * Collector of Goods * * *
        "Albatross" ~ "Ride" ~ "Court of Kings" ~ "Whistle" . . . composed and set forth by myself and partner, Ratweiller P. Dodge, come dawning of our year 2010. . . his chosen recording device being Ensoniq ZR76 Clavier.
         * Expressing myself for coffee shops and venues in and around these two cites, oft donning festive attire appearing with the gut-wrenching Ratweiller P. Dodge. combining a few show standards with originals ~
        Indeed fortunate are we moving about upon coaches and caravans requiring no horses or oxen whatsoever !
Face to grindstone at MacPhail Center for Music.
    Yes there is a friend, Ratweiller P. Dodge, virtuous with hammered dulcimer, percussive articles, dreams of dark and ivory clang and so too those lutes of wood. Rat takes to all instruments heard while I sing melodies originating vastly from my own soul and heart *The Canyon *Someone to Watch over Me *Aint Misbehavin' *Fools Rush In *Greensleeves *Fly *Baskerville *Shrimptown *Rise of the Dragon *Desperado *Alone *Pirate's Cove *Under A Violet Moon *Benzai-ten *Unstung Bee is Me *Play Minstrel, Play *Magical World *Homeless Children *Drunken Sailor *Lorelei *Lacka Symmetry *The Ship near Cape Cod *A Butterfly So Perfect *Time Passages *Over the Rainbow *Tammy *Crowning of the King *The Swan *Read it and Weep *Pathetique' *Virtual Sandwich *Behold *Wake Up *Open Arms *Neerdowell *Take the Long Way Home *Take On Me *Withered Soul *Wind in the Willows *Our Day Will Come *Moon River *Babe *Auntie Vairuss *Sunrise, Sunset *Both Sides Now *Ohio *The Thinker *Take Five *Unscheduled-Near-Earth-Gamma-Ray-Burst *Babylon *Done-Deal *Leather and Lace *Gypsy *My True Lover *Beyond the Trees *Bluebird *Avalon *March Waltz *As much as I Wanted to Stay *The Merchant *Dog and Butterfly *Medusa's Head in G sharp minor *Beautiful Distant Memories *Course of Time

then not to slip asunder - swarms of song and perpetual musical mission.

Oh but I, unfortunate soul, though proud to me own makings, was long before wrongly accused ousted and cast forth. And so I now find myself farther ahead and far away. I find myself locked inside a distant block of time, henceforth onto a far barren land by none but the hand of arch marmaduke V of wales Oh bitter duke of such envy. Ahh the colossal gaul of his miserable carcass !

Some of my performances include : Coffee Grounds in Falcon Heights, Border's Books in Calhoun Square, Marrion Center Retirement Home, Dunn Brother’s Coffee Snelling and Grand, Bicko's, Minnehaha Falls Park (Minneapolis Park Board), Santorini's, Nicklow's, New Bohemian, Gallagher's, Susan’s on Cedar & 42nd, Camp Coffee, Betsy's Back Porch, Dunn Bros. on 34th, E.P. Atelier, Walker Methodist Church, Riverview, Hodroff Funeral Home, Chatterbox in Minneapolis, Munkabeans Cafe & Coffeehouse - Hopkins, MN, Cedar Cultural Center, and others. Co-hosted open stage at Dunn Brothers Freighthouse location near 2nd and Washington. Former 'Peacock Player' - Renaissance Festival.
      See Pictures captured by wizard's window box of sweet magic, should you desire. They say of my tale true.
      So be it, having writer's block of hand ~ so I now shall nap. And so I too gather portions of vittles and grog.        
Grateful for approaching and gazing into this my mirror of wonder.

Pirate Van De Camp

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