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(Paul Arenson)

Member Since: Wednesday, January 23 2008 @ 01:45 AM CST
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Homepage: http://www.zcommunications.org/zspace/paularenson
Location: Tokyo, Japan
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I have been writing and singing since the age of 14. A red diaper baby born in 1952, I have lived in Tokyo 1979, teaching alternative media and English at several universities. I am involved in peace and social justice activities, which includes maintaining a website that you can access from my music page listed here.

I have always been somewhat conflicted where music is concerned, alternating between classical, traditional folk, contemporary folk and protest songs. (I have always felt the absolutely worst interpretations of folk and pop music have been by classically trained singers. The (in)famous "3 tenor" versions of contemporary pop music would be one example. Despite the fact that I trained from my early teens to be an opera singer (or, perhaps, BECAUSE of this), I try not to let one style intrude on the other, with mixed success.

I am very interested in any of the following:

(1) Others singing or harmonizing my songs, adding words, arranging for various voices and instruments,etc.
(2) Being invited to sing your songs
(3) Writing music for others' lyrics
(4) Writing lyrics for others' music

I subscribe to COPYLEFT principles, believing that music should be free, as long as the contributions of the creators are recognized. I have licensed two songs by Tom Paxton, on the other hand, because I recognize that not all artists are ready to adopt these same principles and I respect their wishes. That said, his publishers were very nice about it and we negotiated reduced fees. I sell a CD on CD Baby for those who want to get an actual piece of plastic for their audio system, and also sell MP3s on various sites, but the income I get from those is negligible, all of it invested in my progressive website (TokyoProgressive.org). Most of my music is, therefore, available at no charge here:


You can also here a radio show we did at Izzy Young's apartment in the mid 70s
at that site.

Yours for peace,

paularenson's Songs (16)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
06.09.11 Kate's song 0.00 (0) 2576 (5) A Cappella 05.08.12 Active
06.13.08 Kyoko's song 8.75 (2) 3882 (2) Ballad 09.21.09 Active
03.30.08 Colours 8.38 (2) 3670 (3) Classical 09.04.11 Active
03.08.08 Winds of War 9.25 (3) 4483 (2) Folk (contemporary) 03.22.08 Active
01.27.08 I would like to sit down by you 8.63 (2) 3565 (3) Open Collaborations 02.05.08 Active
01.27.08 Amazing Grace 9.00 (3) 3832 (3) Open Collaborations 01.29.08 Active
01.26.08 The tired old trawler 9.13 (2) 3346 (2) Open Collaborations 01.29.08 Active
01.25.08 The Highway 8.83 (3) 3243 (2) Folk (contemporary) 01.29.08 Active
01.25.08 Bar at midnight 9.33 (3) 3275 (3) Folk (contemporary) 02.05.08 Active
01.25.08 Tofu Spaghetti 9.17 (3) 5150 (3) Comedy-Satire-Parody 05.30.08 Active
01.25.08 There's a lesson to be learned in the trees 9.00 (2) 5282 (1) Folk (contemporary) 01.25.08 Active
01.25.08 Strikers Line 9.33 (3) 3934 (6) Celtic 08.07.08 Active
01.25.08 The pressures of the world 9.00 (2) 3274 (1) Folk (contemporary) 01.25.08 Active
01.25.08 Many times I have loved 9.13 (2) 3656 (2) Country-Western 01.29.08 Active
01.25.08 The Good Ship England 9.42 (3) 4118 (6) Political 01.28.08 Active
01.24.08 Go Down You Broken Old Man 9.38 (2) 4342 (9) Folk (contemporary) 01.25.08 Active
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Music Background 1) Early 1960s: 3rd Street Music School Settlement House (music theory, piano) 2) Mid 1960s: Studied voice with Silas Engum in NY, next to the Actors' Studio 3) Early 1970s: In Masters of Music program at Queens College (NY). Switched to Scandinavian studies 4) Late 1970s: MA is Teaching English as a Second Language (moved to Japan)
Music Skills Composition, singing, multitrack recording and some video work I am a terrible sight reader. I am also bad in grammar and math. Must be a learning abilities/disabilities thing!!
Music Hardware Yamaha P250 keyboard, Firepod, various mics, Rainsong 12 string and 6 string nylon guitars
Music Software Metro, Garageband, others (Metro is basically Cakewalk)
Keywords peace, music, protest, justice, Seeger, Rovics, folk, topical