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(Paul Henry Schwebel)

Member Since: Wednesday, February 18 2004 @ 07:30 PM CST
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Homepage: http://www.agingbohemians.com
Location: Sebastopol,, California USA
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Overeducated and underemployed. The perfect formula for happiness.
paulhenrys's Songs (10)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
02.17.07 voices from nowhere 8.75 (3) 2714 (3) Ethnic-International 02.17.08 Active
12.15.06 Jennifer 8.17 (3) 3643 (8) Acoustic 01.11.07 Active
03.27.06 another day with you 8.32 (7) 4297 (10) Acoustic 05.30.07 Active
03.09.06 The Walk Back Home (collab. w/futzpucker) 8.71 (19) 5785 (21) Soft Rock-Adult Contemporary 09.01.06 Active
01.28.06 Same Old Story (collab w/stevel) 8.00 (3) 2973 (7) Rock & Roll 11.02.06 Active
11.12.05 The Prince Of Peace 8.83 (16) 5865 (18) Holiday 12.24.08 Active
10.31.05 Style 7.80 (5) 3270 (6) Jazz (vocal) 11.04.05 Active
10.10.05 words for this 8.68 (14) 4410 (10) Acoustic 12.28.07 Active
10.01.05 being the man 8.40 (20) 5273 (23) Acoustic 11.15.05 Active
09.18.05 a house of strangers 8.22 (17) 4344 (16) Acoustic 03.30.06 Active
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Music Background Guitar lessons during childhood. Played the Boston folk circuit with a partner, playing horrible versions of great songs during the Folk Fizzle of the 70's that followed the Folk Boom of the 60's. Born too late, I guess. Music degree from Wesleyan U. Got big into non-Western musical traditions. Played in the school's Gamelan and touring West African Drumming and Dancing group. Some ambivalent years at Berklee and New England Conservatory. Occasional lessons with real musicians. Drummed and danced with Tufts based W. Aftrican ensemble, Agbekor. Got into construction. Bartered carpentry for audio engineering internship. Built my own studio in the analog days. Got a Mac Plus and MOTU Performer. Started recording clients. Picked up some limited pluckability on mandolin, banjo, a tiny bit of flute, a tinier bit of piano. Gave it all up out of severe lack of confidence, marriage and the arrival of children. Or is that just an excuse? Many years of songwriting after midnight, when everyone was in bed. Diverted by computers. Got the day job. Released a couple of independently produced albums with good songs, but low budgets (to this day a voice keeps telling me, "recut the vocals!"). Try not to write or read music if I can help it (this is a character flaw). Still chasing that elusive note. This keeps me happy. Living with my best friend and our kids helps, too.
Music Skills Guitar, voice. Less: mandolin, banjo, piano, hand percussion, kazoo, pennywhistle, ukulele.
Music Hardware Presonus Firepod (wonderful). Behringer UltraGain Mic200 (cheap, but useful). Mics: Marshall MXL 990, Shure KSM 32, Studio Projects C4 stereo pair, AKG D330BT, Sony ECM-23f. Roland Sound Canvas, Easy MIDI EM100 (Sound canvas knock off). Guitars: Tacoma archtop (the workhorse), Collings D-1AV dreadnaught(the best dreadnaught in the world), Weber florentine cutaway acoustic (2nd best, no wait, best, no...hmmm).
Music Software GB3, Logic Express 7. Jam Packs, useful free plugins, Audacity, Band-in-a-box, Harmony Assistant, TextEdit (really).
Keywords ambivalence, folk, jazz, pseudo, lyrics, paul, henry, schwebel, soundmile