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Location: manchester, UK
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I've always loved music with my favourite artists being zero 7 Lamb Faithless Massive Attack Groove Armada but also i love dance music. I suppose any music can be good though. My music is a bit experimental with lots of synths and drums.

My other interest is hairdressing as I have been a hair stylist for 11 years. I have my own website dedicated to providing professional hair advice free of charge. View it here:


rachaelxxx's Songs (6)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
02.18.09 Intergalactic Trance 9.33 (3) 2971 (9) Electropop 12.23.09 Active
02.15.09 Tripped out Beats 10.00 (1) 2263 (3) Breakbeat 03.26.09 Active
04.20.08 Oriental Dreamer  (---) 2876 (18) Experimental 10.07.08 Active
03.30.08 Intensity  (---) 4015 (60) Breakbeat 07.18.09 Active
03.23.08 Rhythmatic String special remix 8.75 (3) 2654 (19) Dance-Club 04.06.08 Active
03.03.08 pianobeat 8.91 (8) 2977 (25) Ambient 03.27.09 Active
Favorite Songs (78)
Title Artist Date Genre
Solid Soda AEROjet 02.19.09 Dub
Baragan davajonah 02.15.09 Trip Hop
Lab Rat Enigmachina 12.10.08 Breakbeat
Wake Up - The Orbiting (Dub Reggae Mix) Diviner 06.22.08 Dub
WHAT DO YOU WANT? richardhowardjones 05.01.08 Pop (mainstream)
Cine Sunt Eu? (Who Am I?) Diviner 04.19.08 House
Big Man lengold 04.13.08 Alternative Rock
Black And Gold PDRSTAR 04.07.08 Dance-Club
Lost in Mind (Eva's OP) KgZ 04.06.08 Jazz (instrumental)
Samba Jam dlb 04.06.08 Samba
Preco Pago (Price Paid) ft Leco Diviner 04.06.08 Hip Hop-Rap
imperfect (age w/pinkfreud) ageofthedeathtree 04.06.08 Alternative Rock
Swandiving (ft. Birdmix77) Go_Turtle_Go 04.05.08 Trip Hop
Redemption MKVX 04.05.08 Trance
Daylight Comes lavalamp 04.05.08 Alternative Rock
Angel Convention magnatone 04.04.08 Pop Classical
Half The Blues sloparts 04.04.08 Blues (contemporary)
Spitting Games PDRSTAR 04.04.08 Indie Rock
So HDP Go_Turtle_Go 04.03.08 Experimental
No man's land woofer3 04.03.08 Other
If You Can't Help Get Out The Way.... Soundhound 04.02.08 Funk
Piano Concerto No. 1; III. Allegro gisli 04.02.08 Classical
Gettin Busy collab w karmatoburn FleshFest 04.02.08 Funk
Regret (w/Spitlogic) michael2 04.01.08 Hip Hop-Rap
It's Hard screamalexz 04.01.08 Acoustic
MARY JANE AND THE MAGIC POWDERS Barretok 04.01.08 Blues (contemporary)
529 dabster 04.01.08 Trance
Wake Up (LIOLI7) The Orbiting 03.31.08 Pop (Alternative)
Go Turtle Go! LIOLI 07 (with Justbase) five_extra_arms 03.31.08 Experimental
guilty/march of the indifferent (age w/pinkfreud) ageofthedeathtree 03.31.08 Alternative Rock
An Eternal Love Affair Leon 03.30.08 Ballad
All the time egobandit 03.30.08 Alternative Rock
Intensity rachaelxxx 03.30.08 Breakbeat
Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Feat Mike Hepton) JadeLennings 03.30.08 Pop (mainstream)
Kick Dr LIOLI away (LIOLI 7) Skean 03.28.08 Experimental
Here I come to save the Day (LIOLI7) Diviner 03.28.08 Trance
El Yunque Ibstrat 03.28.08 Samba
16 Years (revisited) dlb 03.27.08 Alternative Rock
A future that is carrying your weight selters 03.25.08 Pop (Alternative)
One of These Daisies (Woodstock-MJ) drakonis 03.23.08 Rock (instrumental)
Welcome! lupiroz 03.23.08 Dance-Club
*Life* (demo) HollywoodJetset 03.23.08 Pop (Alternative)
Darlin Don't Ya Fade paddler 03.23.08 Pop (Alternative)
Flight to Austin somagish 03.19.08 Dance-Club
The Shakespeare Clam Relic67 03.19.08 Trip Hop
Dee is Spaced Out and Chillin' Diviner 03.17.08 Downtempo
The angels share apb 03.16.08 Pop (Alternative)
We Are Home Kenta_and_Linda_Rocks_together 03.15.08 Alternative Rock
Henry Martin F&F(woodstock) Feter 03.14.08 Folk-Rock
Reflections MIRx 03.12.08 Ambient
Lonely Hours cezdor 03.09.08 Drum n Bass
Toxic Desire (Drakonis/BorisLuxx/Roxylee) drakonis 03.08.08 Dance-Club
Track 13 shyre 03.07.08 Breakbeat
What is that Kenta_and_Linda_Rocks_together 03.06.08 Breakbeat
The Lost File easyesteemer 03.03.08 Ambient
pianobeat rachaelxxx 03.03.08 Ambient
halcyon calm and the coffin ultraleft 03.02.08 Ambient
Papageno Groove (feat. Papagena) MIRx 02.29.08 Dance-Club
Crashing Waves lzybassist 02.29.08 Trance
Progressive steps Diviner 02.21.08 Trance
Goa Way Diviner 02.21.08 Trance
Spaced Radar Diviner 02.17.08 Downtempo
rigged atonalis 02.04.08 Trip Hop
Remorso (Remorse) arachnidzone 02.04.08 Pop (Alternative)
Voyage datafunk 01.31.08 Psychedelic
Blue Sky Falling - fishboi:sfo fishboisfo 01.27.08 Electropop
Lockdown (MKVX) dabster 01.19.08 Trance
Death of a salesman danmurrell 01.10.08 Breakbeat
Japanese Dream (Watch your bass bins mix) Diviner 11.18.07 Downtempo
Diviner's Deep House, with Wide Garage and a shallow pool at the back Diviner 11.11.07 House
SpitLogic's Regret Macaudion 11.02.07 Psychedelic
Regret (Remix) acapella version spitlogic 09.28.07 A Cappella
Ionospheric Propagation announcer 06.08.07 Rock (instrumental)
Lace Panties Alannah 05.25.07 Ambient
relaxing (groovine) mikeeroberts 03.11.07 Trance
Rise mikeeroberts 02.20.07 Trance
Walking On The Moon announcer 05.17.06 Other
You Want This (Remix) Leon 04.29.06 Dance-Club
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