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(Ryan Fox)

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This music thing is a very bad habit; one I've been trying to give up for some time. Sometime's I feel like a little kid that wants to be a major league baseball player or in the NBA...a pipe dream is basically what I'm describing. But despite being completely illogical, I can not seem to get the idea out of my head. It keeps me up at night, destracts me at work, it's my obsession. So, with that said, here are a few tunes of mine. Unpolished, mostly unaccompanied, just me and a some ideas. Give them a listen and help convence me to either keep my day job, or keep on dreaming.
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03.28.06 So Far Away 8.08 (3) 1358 (4) Indie Rock 03.30.06 Active
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the pain of impermanence brb 08.20.04 Alternative Rock
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