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Homepage: http://www.jay-i-bee.com
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***Jay-I-Bee music is based off the past,present,and future of his extistence for a new generation***

There is no secret as to why Jay-i-bee continues to make his mark on the national music scene. However, there is a magic formula which continues to see this bonafide star win new fans from coast to coast; and that secret is the south+soul+r&b= a new genre called Southern R & B.

This formula was inspired by the likes of David Ruffin, Elvis Presley, and Marvin Gaye. Since the age of 6 he performed in front of large crowds. This enhanced and influenced his singing abilities. Jay-i-bee has always put his heart and soul into his performances, thus being dubbed the names JB, Black Elvis, and now, “King James”, which opened the beginning of his musical journey.

One day while experimenting with his music, Jay-I-Bee, discovered his own musical style called "Southern R&B". This music consists of love and passion with sexual vibes. On the King James Album songs such as "You're My Girl", "Work Da Body", and "I Really Love U" tends to make individuals understand the importance of real love. The single entitled, “You’re My Girl" is turning heads Jay-I-bee’s way as well. Jay-i-bee wrote, performed and produced all tracks on the King James Album.

Jay-i-bee’s states, “The Album King James mission is to elevate real meaning of love to who ever is ready to receive it; and love is nature for mankind and should be embraced. Loving is what we are born to do; without love it will never be a true creation of mankind
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