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(John Tolley)

Member Since: Monday, March 24 2008 @ 03:25 PM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.sngwrtr.com
Location: Orange, CA United States
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NSAI Coordinator, Orange County, CA
sngwrtr's Songs (10)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
05.10.12 Wanted Man 0.00 (0) 1257 (1) Country-Western 05.11.12 Active
01.26.11 Money Tree 9.75 (1) 2522 (10) Country-Western 08.17.11 Active
09.24.08 Long Legs Of The Law 9.88 (2) 1869 (4) Country-Western 01.16.10 Active
08.26.08 The Ones Who've Loved You 8.15 (5) 2192 (5) Country-Western 09.19.08 Active
07.21.08 Reno Ain't Hell 8.50 (4) 2140 (6) Country-Western 09.19.08 Active
04.24.08 New Pair Of Boots 8.58 (3) 1819 (5) Country-Western 07.14.08 Active
04.13.08 How Guilty Do They Gotta Be? 9.13 (2) 2187 (4) Country-Western 07.22.08 Active
04.03.08 That's The Stuff 8.92 (3) 1882 (6) Country-Western 07.15.08 Active
03.29.08 The Pickup Song 9.00 (4) 2240 (7) Country-Western 09.19.08 Active
03.25.08 God Has A Plan 8.33 (3) 2316 (5) Country-Western 07.14.08 Active
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Music Background Selt-taught guitar player. Pickin' skills are probably no better than average. Played multiple instruments as a child including piano, flute, drums, and guitar, but as I started writing songs back in 1974 at the age of 13, I began to focus exclusively on guitar.
Music Skills As stated above, fairly pedestrian skills. I've picked up some tricks watching better pickers at live performances and learned some from "Licktionary" which I highly recommend to songwriters looking to improve their performance "chops." "Licktionary" is a product of Nashville songwriter/musician, Denny Sarokin and can be found at www.licktionary.com. I gain nothing from your interest in the product, personally - I simply mention it here in the hope others may find it helpful, such as I have.
Music Hardware I have three acoustic-electric guitars (Martin, Fender, Takamine)and an M-Audio 49e controller. Various microphones and other sundry devices.
Music Software These days, I am solely focused on Garageband. I have tried other softwares that simply required too steep a learning curve for my tastes. GB was so easy to get into and I can produce an end result that, while not quite of the caliber needed, say, to submit songs for Nashville publishing consideration, are strong enough to satisfy me.