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(Sanity is the playground for the unimaginative.)

Member Since: Thursday, June 29 2006 @ 09:59 AM CDT
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Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/soulmonkmusic
Location: Ft. Myers, FL USA
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Song Votes: 221
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Soulmonk is a collaboration of musicianship and technology, intertwined at the core by a conscience effort to break the tedium of traditional music. Wether it be Funk, Rock, Jazz or Electronic... the unorthodox musician that masterminds Soulmonk, has an obsessive desire to inject life into standardized music and create a sound that is familiar, yet fresh. There is not a conceptual destination for Soulmonk. Through collaborations with other musicians and the "write what you feel" mentality. The project which is Soulmonk, will not be imprisoned by genre... instead will explore the frontier of sub-genres... In search of new land.

Contact me at Myspace - www.myspace.com/soulmonkmusic

soulmonk's Songs (11)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
12.16.08 Testing Logic 9.13 (6) 3006 (18) Alternative Rock 12.19.08 Active
04.17.07 Silent Again 8.91 (8) 3680 (6) Acoustic 05.26.07 Active
04.17.07 Where's Herbie's Hand? ... cock 8.83 (10) 4037 (8) Funk 04.20.07 Active
04.17.07 Tonedeaf shine 8.81 (4) 2083 (4) Alternative Rock 04.21.07 Active
04.16.07 Let You Down 8.86 (7) 3275 (7) Acoustic 04.22.07 Active
04.16.07 Pornographic Memories 8.82 (7) 3064 (8) Funk 04.18.07 Active
04.13.07 Funk the Monk 9.14 (11) 3894 (11) Funk 10.16.07 Active
01.25.07 Ghost of Romance 8.58 (12) 3587 (6) Downtempo 03.26.07 Active
01.25.07 Transcending Love and Sex 8.75 (12) 3821 (8) Downtempo 02.20.10 Active
01.25.07 Lost in Coversation 8.31 (8) 3309 (7) Downtempo 01.30.07 Active
10.24.06 Enamored feat. Ben Green  (---) 3796 (7) NUjazz 03.28.07 Active
Favorite Songs (57)
Title Artist Date Genre
In My Head Again rsorensen 02.26.08 Alternative Rock
Wayfaring Stranger 07 ziti 04.15.07 Gospel
Funeral Shimky 03.22.07 Downtempo
My Soul Alannah + thomasa Alannah 03.18.07 Blues (contemporary)
Poison (Miss Chaos + Regina Zernay) Random 02.18.07 Electropop
The Mist Comes Up The Valley (collab w/Mystified) Ed Hannifin 01.28.07 Folk (contemporary)
In the Dust Doadars Uncle 01.21.07 Other
Electric Stars SecaMode 01.21.07 Electropop
Lost Inside of Me K.I.S.KISMET 01.20.07 Experimental
Dreamer onesweetworld 11.29.06 Pop (mainstream)
Dungeons in the Secret Castle (remixed) Mystified 11.15.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
Acid Bond datafunk 11.14.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
every couch has a silver lining (w/biba_nova) Mystified 11.14.06 Ambient
Escalation (w/Z293) ktb 11.13.06 Jazz Fusion
Each And Every Single Time Ed Hannifin 11.12.06 Folk-Rock
Stomp! FractalGarden 11.11.06 Techno
Soulmonk's Music for Intimacy ziti 11.10.06 Rock (instrumental)
MudBug Boogie Scorpjammer 11.10.06 Blues (contemporary)
Mantra For Mieka GuitarJanson 11.09.06 Acoustic
Meeting At Moot Point Cunniondorf 11.07.06 Experimental
Curry Rag Cori Ander 11.07.06 Fingerstyle Guitar
Beautiful Day GuitarJanson 11.07.06 Acoustic
MusiMorphosis drakonis 11.03.06 Pop Orchestral
World That Breathed The Orbiting 10.27.06 Pop (mainstream)
In A Lobster's Garden Electric Lobster 10.25.06 Trip Hop
the moth jonx 10.25.06 Alternative Rock
Serenity onesweetworld 10.25.06 New Age
Chaos of the Subconscious TobinMueller 10.24.06 Twentieth Century
batteryQ-66 atonalis 10.23.06 Drum n Bass
a dead pantin soul datafunk 10.23.06 Downtempo
Victoria AEROjet 10.22.06 Trip Hop
1001 Lacrime Parichayaka 10.21.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
popkultureliestomE atonalis 10.18.06 Cinematic Soundtrack
doooo wap datafunk 10.18.06 Funk
Dang, You're Looking Sexy (w Hectorious) perceptualvortex 10.13.06 Techno
Kommunikation borisluxx 10.08.06 Ambient
KTB,ZITI,HECTORIOUS- Don Juan ziti 09.28.06 Rock (instrumental)
Love Is onesweetworld 09.24.06 Downtempo
In The Garden (PV Mix) ledebutant 09.20.06 Dance-Club
A Final Moment futzpucker 09.19.06 Jazz (instrumental)
Against the Flow! Gav 09.12.06 Rock
Headful Of Smiles (Massimo Ferrusi feat jiguma) Sil-VER 09.12.06 Alternative Rock
Walk On The Moon Electric Lobster 09.04.06 Ambient
Bridge of Sighs MissChaos 09.04.06 Downtempo
Saturnine PV (w ledebutant) perceptualvortex 09.02.06 Alternative Rock
Run Aground heatherbrooks 08.27.06 Pop (mainstream)
Saturnine The Orbiting 08.07.06 Alternative Rock
rainbowS atonalis 07.25.06 Downtempo
45 Tours de Funk datafunk 07.24.06 Funk
Rockit Superstar datafunk 07.21.06 Art Rock
boogalooskadoo - Hectorious (remixed by plopes) Hectorious 07.04.06 Funk
Sonic Pudding Strut (By Hectorious w/ktb) Hectorious 06.29.06 NUjazz
Neverland (w/illuminati) ledebutant 05.25.06 Pop (mainstream)
Rosalia MissChaos 04.09.06 Downtempo
Fall Away jwoo10 04.03.06 Rock
Fireflies MissChaos 03.16.06 Other
Crossing The Stars Shimky 08.25.05 Ambient
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Music Background I played in several bands in my area... playing different styles and different instruments. I've done countless studio sessions with a variety of people. I've been recording at my home studio since 1993 but didn't venture into computers until 1999.
Music Skills Guitar, Drums, Keys, Bass, Programming and vocals.
Music Hardware Fender guitars and Amps. M-Audio keyboard and I/O. Custom Made Bass. Roland TD6 drums. Proteus 2000. ART Tube PreAmp and Tube Guitar Processor. Pedals Pedals and more Pedals. Alesis Monitors.
Music Software Reason. Cubase. Peak 4. Logic Pro 8. Garageband. Ableton Live 5. Recycle. Various VST's and AU's (which I use mainly for mixing)
Keywords Music, Mellow, Rock, Alternative, Hard Rock, Heavy, Electronic, Jazz, Funk, Ambient, Chill, Lounge, Downtempo, Breakbeat, Fusion, Sex, Love, Pain, Bliss, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Acid Jazz, avant-garde, Unique, Original, Eclectic, Soul, Soulmonk