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(David Pollard)

Member Since: Friday, December 16 2005 @ 01:52 PM CST
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Location: Odessa, Texas USA
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I'm an old dude 54. Been playing guitar on and off for over thirty years. Just got into the home recording thing a few years back. I love this website.
stratcat51's Songs (12)
Date Title Rating Hits Genre Last Comment Status
03.25.06 Hope 7.54 (7) 3861 (11) Acoustic 02.02.07 Active
03.13.06 A New Dawn 7.67 (3) 2523 (7) New Age 05.04.06 Active
03.04.06 Livin' Them MacJams Blues 8.13 (8) 4344 (15) Blues (contemporary) 11.18.06 Active
02.14.06 The Lost Highway 8.17 (9) 3512 (17) Folk-Rock 03.06.06 Active
02.06.06 Mr Max's Opus 7.25 (2) 2729 (1) New Age 02.07.06 Active
02.04.06 With Apologies To TBone 8.13 (4) 3199 (10) Blues (contemporary) 03.21.06 Active
01.29.06 A Walk In The Park 8.17 (3) 3119 (7) Acoustic 02.26.06 Active
01.28.06 Max's Lament 7.38 (2) 1957 (2) Rock (instrumental) 02.01.06 Active
01.27.06 Maiden Voyage 7.75 (5) 2248 (10) Blues (contemporary) 02.18.06 Active
12.31.05 Miss You Blues ( ReMix ) 7.91 (8) 3095 (16) Folk-Rock 01.06.06 Active
12.19.05 Molassas 7.58 (3) 3040 (6) Blues (traditional) 01.10.06 Active
12.16.05 Eugene's Blues 7.96 (7) 3612 (13) Blues (contemporary) 01.29.06 Active
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Music Background I started out with three chords and a cheap acoustic guitar. Been in six or seven bands in the last 25 years or so. I'm as much a fan as a player. I'm not the greatest guitarist or singer or songwriter but I invest a lot of passion in what I do.
Music Skills Play acoustic and electric guitar, a little slide guitar as well as Bass and a decent harmonica player. I love all genres of American Music Rock, Folk, Country. I'm a huge fan of the Blues ( The Bedrock of all other forms of music ). I love some of the old big band Jazz tunes as well.
Music Hardware Two Fender Strats, A Tex Mex Telecaster and a Tele made of Warmouth parts an Epiphone Casino, A PRS Standard. I have three acoustics an A Taylor 314ce, A new Epiphone Mastertone that I love as well as an old Ibanez 12 string. Various amps and pedals too many to name. Just bout in the last three weeks. a new Edirol UA-25 an ART Tube Pac compressor/preamp A Rode NT1a ( Great Condensor Mic ). Bought most of my gear off the Zzounds link found on Mac Jams. It helps to support this great music resource.
Music Software Just Acid 4.0 plan on upgrading to Pro Tools Le7 and using Garage Band in the future. I now have Garage Band 2 and Logic Express which I haven't used yet. Still learning GB2.